My Favorite Things Radio Show (March 2013)

3 December 2023



Being asked to do a guest mix is an occasion that is few and far between for me, certainly these days (and I doubt it'll come my way again), but once upon a time, I was doing things like this on a semi-regular basis and it was great!


Johnny Burns was probably the main driving force behind the online radio station Box Frequency, he spent hours putting shows together, forming relationships with people, chasing folk up who'd committed to providing shows and probably a lot more besides.


When I was asked to put a mix forward I was so pleased, like genuinely over the moon. I don't think it's a stretch to say that I've never been a confident chap, in many aspects, but certainly with "DJ-ing". Before I got my first set of turntables I loved the world of dance music, the DJ culture, and I really wanted to find a way to be a part of that... the buzz of finding amazing new tunes and when I got my first set of decks I loved just playing around and trying to find good tunes to put together; but I never felt confident in it, and still don't. Putting myself out there is not a comfortable place, even posting my mixes online feels an uneasy thing to do. When Johnny got in touch with me it was such a confidence boost and I'll be forever grateful for it. On the nights where I had shows and mixes being aired, and when it was the turns of others, the chat box was a really great place for me personally. There was so much positivity and boy did I need that, and feel very thankful for it. I miss it, but I guess it was of it's time.


Johnny... if you happen upon this post, thank you! Can we do it all again?


Anyway, there will be a few more Box Frequency related mixes posted. The latter ones on my part weren't my best, it was a time of upheaval with house moves and the weight of dealing with the care system started to take a toll on me, but I'll post them anyway. I plan on putting all my mixes up and will be trying to make sure I leave them on, once and for all. The good, the bad and the ugly mediocre. As I say, this was my first guest mix, it was from March 2013 for the now (sadly) defunct BoxFrequency.FM. 


I'll link the tracklist up as best as I can, but given it's heavy on the edits, some won't be easy to find and you might need to dig around online yourself.




The Dead Rose Music Company - Chaka Can't (Unknown Label)
Kon & The Gang - Strong Love (Everlasting) (Basic Fingers)
Lay-far - Gimme (Amplified)
Angelillo Et Hamel– Je Veux Te Dire Une Chanson (DJ Steef Edit) (Biomix)
78 Edits - One Way (Editorial)
Letta Mbulu - Normalizo (Onur Engin Edit) (OE Edits)
Heion - Let It Shine (Editorial)
Low Slung - Mama Day Ooh (Midnight Riot)
Curtis Mayfield - Gimme Your Love (78 Edits Gimme Some Dub Edit) (Unknown Label)
Mannmademusic - Private World (Unknown Label)
Toomy Disco - Outstanding (House Of Disco)
Mondo Edits - Golden Shower (Aural Graffiti)
The Beatles - Come Together (Lazy Kiss Edit) (Self Released)
Minimatic - Hello, I Love You (Self Released)


 Download available via [HEARTHIS]

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