28 August 2022

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The final mix for August and it's still in the realms of House music. This time it's back to the deeper and atmospheric side of things, although Beatport also label some as Melodic Techno, so there is that.

You'll find the tracklist below the player, linked to where you can pick up the tracks. As always, I'd encourage you to support the artists and labels if you find something you enjoy. I'd also ask, if you can, please consider a small donation to the Sue Ryder charity who I support and am currently trying to raise some funds for by posting a new mix every week. Any shares across social media would also be a big help to me in boosting the total as much as possible. Everything helps, everything is appreciated.

Find out more or donate at my Just Giving fundraising page. 100% of funds goes directly to Sue Ryder.



Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Hubert Kirchner Remix) (White Label) << Can't find the source unfortunately >>

Adriatique ft. Delhia De France - Home (Mind Against Remix) (Siamese)

Andrea Olivia - Rio (All I Need)

Yotto - Moving On (Extended) (Odd One Out)

Rüfüs Du Sol - On My Knees (Cassian Remix) (Rose Avenue / Reprise)

Ben Böhmer - Fade To Blue (Matador Extended Mix) (Anjunadeep)

Monkey Safari - Safe (Joris Voorn Remix) (Spectrum)

DJ Pone - Heart Swing (Ponar)

Konstantin Sibold - Madeleine (Innervisions)

Acid Pauli - Nana (Pampa Records)

Tal Fussman - It Was Misunderstood (Innervisions)

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21 August 2022

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Continuing on the house music theme, this week we go down the path of jazzy, deep and soulful influenced sounds. Some new, some not and some re-imagined.

As ever you will find a linked tracklist below the player and I ask you support the artists and labels through buying their work if you find something you enjoy. I'd also ask, if you are in a position to do so, please consider a small donation to support the excellent work of the charity Sue Ryder who I am a supporter of. The year of music, posting a new mix every week through 2022, is my small effort to raise some much need funds. Any and every donation is much needed and hugely appreciated - details on my Just Giving fundraising page.


Soulstatejazz - The Ministry Of Universal Redemption (Banoffee Pies)

Crackazat - Nominee For Love (Freerange)

Lief - Dream Come Twice (Loop Recordings)

Max Marinacci - Tape Layer (Jazz In Da House)

Snips - Think About It (Barbershop Records)

Scruscru - Riders On The Calm (LTDBLBL)

Jehan - Good Place (Star Creature)

Goldboy - Game Show (Sofa Lounge Records)

Daniel Dexter - Work Your Body (Mother Recordings)

Danny Howells - Psychotic Bump (Andreas Saag Deep Mix) (Dig Deeper)

Fantastic Man - Subject To Decay (22Tracks)

Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa - Come On Baby (Moulton Music)

Delfonic & Kaptoe - Maison Rejam (Toy Tonics)

The Absolutes ft Suzanne Palmer - I Believe (Harry's Golden Era Dub) (Glitterbox Recordings)



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14 August 2022

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20 mixes to go. I'm not sure I can believe we're so far into the year and I certainly can't believe I've managed to keep this weekly mix going to this point - yet here we are, and I have more lined up ready to go too!

This week continues with the month of various shades of House and if you'll allow me to say so, I think this one is a bit of a belter! I've really been enjoying this atmospheric side of House lately, along with what Beatport has coined as 'organic house'. To me it's just House music on the deep side of things, but I have to go with the labels to try and garner interest, which still isn't really happening, but I've been enjoying this lately so that's kept me going.

As always, the linked up tracklist is below the player, but if you enjoy the mix, or any of the mixes I've been posting this year, please consider a small donation to the brilliant work of Sue Ryder via my fundraising page on Just Giving. It's a charity worthy of your donation and your attention and any support is much needed and appreciated.



LP Giobbi ft. DJ Tennis & Joseph Ashworth - All In A Dream (Counter Records)

Rebelski & Madraas - Leaving Places (Erdi Irmak Remix) (Where The Shadow Ends)

K-os Theory - Hirayat (Kamai Music)

Nico de Andrea ft. Lola Melita & Cherry Lena - She Don't Love Me (Black Circle Remix) (Radiant.)

Sante & Re.you ft. Bishop - Road To Nowhere (Ae:ther Remix) (LSF21+)

Yotto ft. Sansa - Silohuette (Reflections)

Mattias Herrera - Naeza (-102°c)

Royskopp ft. Alison Goldfrapp - Impossible (&me Remix) (Dog Triumph Profound Mysteries)

Sebastien Leger & Tim Green - Duel (For A Memory)

Sina Bathaie - High Bridge (Hoomidaas)

Hidden Empire - Comoja (Stil Vor Talent)

Stimming - Alpe Lusia (Robag Wruhmes Troi Sdett) (Tulpa Ovi Records)




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7 August 2022

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It's been a good few weeks since I last posted any blurb with my music post so I thought I best put something up other than just a tracklist.

If you've been here before then you'll perhaps know that these numbered mixes are being posted weekly throughout 2022 and it is my small effort to try and raise a modest amount for the excellent service provided by the UK charity Sue Ryder. I initially set the target at £250, which when I look at other fundraising efforts is quite a low target, but I don't have a huge amount of friends / family so I figured that would be a tough target to reach. The total raised now stands at £270, so I've raised the bar, just slightly because I don't really expect to get there nevermind any higher, and the goal now stands at £350. So, if you happen to enjoy the mixes I've been posting, and you're in a position to do so, please drop whatever you can or would like over on my Just Giving page - it's honestly a very worthy charity and is much needed and appreciated.

Other than that, I've been gearing up for a motorbike trip which I've got coming up. I'll save the details until I get back so I have something to share. With how I have been feeling this year it's very daunting and I have to be honest and say I'm very much looking ahead and feeling anxious more than any sense of excitement and some days I'm not looking forward to it at all - mostly because of how I feel with health matters. That said, I'll be pushing myself on but it won't be the easiest thing under current circumstances. Fingers crossed that once I get on with it I'll be so focussed on what I'm doing that I'll get a break from my brain and body telling me they're broken. First world problems etc etc etc.

One more thing to mention. I'm gradually going to be replacing all my old mixes on the blog from being Soundcloud hosted over to Mixcloud. In terms of play counts etc there isn't much difference between them, both have been consistently poor this year but Soundcloud is more expensive and just feels like it's really gone downhill. So once my current subscription runs out I'll be down to the basic account on there and all my older mixes will only be found on Mixcloud (although a lot are also on Hearthis I don't update there anymore).

So, now onto the music. I decided to make the month of August a month of House mixes. It'll be be varying shades of House but I'm kicking off with a heavy dose of Disco influence, some might called it Funky House, some might call it cheese. Call it what you like, I've always felt the funky and cheesy stuff works well during the summer months, so this week it's definitely got summer written all over it.

As usual, a linked up tracklist is below the player (Soundcloud for now) and the mix is also posted to Mixcloud.




Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (Dimitri From Paris Remix) (Glitterbox Recordings)

First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Dam Swindle Remix) (Salsoul Records)

Purple Disco Machine with Bosk! ft Kaleta - Wake Up! (Columbia Local)

Sugar Hill - 4me (Transa Records)

Bohannon ft. Dr Perri Harris - Let's Start To Dance Again (Dimitri From Paris Remix) (Unidisc Music)

DJ Manuel - Oh Baby (Disco Machine Records)

Hotmood - Taste The Music (Pina Colada Records)

Marvin - I Know Your Ego (V Gentle Edit) (Vehicle Recordings)

Chic - Le Freak (Dimitri From Paris Remix) (Glitterbox Recordings)

Durand Jones & The Indications - Witchoo (Supertaste DJ Edit) (The Basement Discos) << Free Download >>

Supertaste - What D'You Know About Me? (The Basement Discos) << Free Download >>

David Penn ft Romona Renea - Stand Up (Defected)

Purple Disco Machine - Emotion (Club Sweat Records)

Sylvester - Over & Over (Kon Found A Friend Remix) (Kontemporary)



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