3 July 2022

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I wasn't intending on posting much in the way of words this week and in fact I had already scheduled my post, tweet and Soundcloud post in advance. I have had to edit my post in account of the fact that inexplicably I pushed through my Just Giving goal of £250.

Granted, a chunk of the total has come out of my own pocket. That's come from me selling some of my records on Discogs, and any orders over a certain amount, I've put a percentage over to my fundraising. But this week, and really it's been a bit out of the blue, I've had 2 donations come in that pushed the total up. If the donors happen to read this, thank you. I've really been struggling this year, not just with this mix per week thing, but generally, so hitting the total and occasional kind word has given me a rare lift of spirits and I appreciate it a lot. More importantly though, Sue Ryder will appreciate your support and believe me when I say this - it really is needed. There is truly not enough support for people with neurological conditions, there are lengthy waiting lists for the services they provide and not enough funding from taxation finds its way through. So, on behalf of Sue Ryder, thank you too.

Another wee thing I'd like to mention is a project that a friend of mine has undertaken. I've never met David Kenney in person, we struck up a friendship after I had stumbled across an early release on his label Audio Parallax and shared it on my blog, probably around 10 years ago now. In the time since we've both had a similar dislike and an 'arms length' approach to social media, so we keep in touch with a wee email back and forth now and then. Recently he has been dabbling in the world of blogging (a link is on the side menu), so not just a canny label head honcho, a clever website dabbler, an artist and architect, but also a writer... and of course, a good guy too! During this foray into the writing world he has written a short story - The Post-it Note Man. It's a story about grief, loss and the fragility of memory. These are issues none of us can avoid in our life time, so we can all identify with the subject matter. This is a very limited run (9 left at time of typing this) with all of the funds being given to the NHS. Click the image below to find out more or buy a copy.

Finally, back on the topic of the mix / future mixes. This week I put together a mic of house / tech house kind of stuff. The first couple of mixes might be a bit ropey, but keep in mind I'm using a temperamental Traktor software (it freezes and glitches quite often) and I'm a bit rusty with the 4/4 stuff. Also, even though I've hit the target, I'm still carrying on with this for as long as I can. The mix per week thing was a bit of a personal challenge and I'd like to complete it. No promises but I am trying. I already have the next 3 weeks lined up and set to auto post - the next 3 weeks look something like this - 1) A Reggae selection, 2) an ambient mix and 3) a mix of what Beatport calls Organic House / Melodic Techno - whatever they are. I won't be posting much in the way of words - but as usual I will have linked tracklists and really hope that I can add to my total on Just Giving, it would be amazing to keep that moving up!


Caribou - Never Come Back (Morgan Geist Remix) (City Slang)

KH (aka Four Tet) - Only Human (Text Records)

Radiohead - Reckoner (Chambord Remix) (Around Midnight)

Orbital - Belfast (Yotto Remix) (London Music Stream)

Bicep - Closing Sequence (50WEAPONS)

Ahmed Spins - Anchor Point (MoBlack Records)

Axel Boman - Eyes Of My Mind (Studio Barnhus)

FYI Chris - Pizza Dust (Black Acre Records)

Phran - Transformen (Hivern Discs)

DJ Koze ft Sophia Kennedy - Drone Me Up, Flashy (&me Remix) (Pampa Records)

Dr. Feel ft Philasande - ITHONGO (Hanna Hais Donkela Remix) (Bosom)

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26 June 2022

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This week has been in the same vein as most weeks of 2022. Not great, but it is what it is and anyone who has visited on regularly or even on the odd occasion won't be surprised to hear that my Just Giving page is still where it was last week. I did make a reasonable sale over on my Discogs store and I'll add a percentage of it to my fundraising myself - which is where the last 3 have come from. I suspect that will be the way of things from here on; nobody's interested and the world is skint. I'm okay with that, of course I wish it was different, but as I say, it is what it is.

I'm not altogether sure how you'd describe this selection, so I won't go too far with that. It's chilled out and it has guitars and occasional vocals. You can pigeon hole it as you see fit. What I will say is that I enjoyed putting it together and also listening back to it. As always, the linked up tracklist is below the player and I encourage you to purchase any of the music that you may like and support the artists / labels. Also, if you enjoyed the selection, and are in a position to do so, perhaps you might consider a very small donation to my Just Giving page which is raising funds to support the excellent work at Sue Ryder.




Brecht Ameel - Tropico Fantasma (Hands In The Dark Records)

Good Weather For An Airstrike - Little Rain (Sun Sea Sky Productions)

Massimo Amato - All Related (Electronique.it Records)

WW Audio - Field Recording (Self Released)

Suso Sáiz - Linda Cubana (Music From Memory)

WW Audio - Field Recording (Self Released)

Cass. & Gianni Brezzo - Helge (Growing Bin Records)

Jonathan Fitoussi - Oceans (Obliques / Transversales Disques)

Air - Caramel Prisoner (Virgin)

Jack Cutter - Gift Of Our Fathers (Claremont 56)

Juana Molina - ¿Quien (Domino Recordings)

Ezra Feinberg - Aquainted With The Night (Related States)

Ferdi - Night Talk (Claremont 56)

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Sea Of Vapours (Real World Records)

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19 June 2022

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This week I've pulled together some downtempo, ambient and contemporary jazz, a different pace from last weeks techno mix. As expected, last week didn't get much interest but the spam and porn bots did offer their services. It's a problem that has been around on Soundcloud for years now and they have never dealt with it. Soundcloud is 15 years old now and I still can't help but feel it's a platform that has really lost its way over quite a long period of time. I'll be sticking with it for the moment, but unless it moves in a different direction I can't help but feel it won't be around in another 15 years time.

On a personal note, things are still pretty static. Discogs sales have been pretty slow, I don't feel like I'm moving forward and the fundraising efforts remain stalled. The biggest positive of the week was receiving a Cornish Cream Tea Pack (scones, jam and clotted cream) in the post from my cousin who was visiting Cornwall. I've yet to dig in to it, my stomach hasn't felt great this week, but I'm looking forward to when I do!

As ever, a linked up tracklist is below the player. Please support the artists and labels if you enjoy any of the music and you are in a position to do so. Also, (flogging a dead horse here) if you do enjoy the selection, or any of the mixes I've posted, perhaps you'd consider a small donation to my Just Giving page which is supporting the excellent work of Sue Ryder. Find out more on my Just Giving Page.


Emily A. Sprague - Water Memory Poem (Rvng Intnl)

Phi-Psonics - First Step (Nightnote Records / Gondwana)

Alif Tree - Rain River (Compost)

Melissa Pons - Around The Water (Self Released)

Colorlist - Where Will We Go (Serein)

Olga Wojciechowska - Lazy Indifference (Time Released Sound)

Damm - Just In The Moment (A Strangely Isolated Place)

Alfa Mist - Mulago (Sekito)

Andrew Wasylyk - Awoke In The Early Days Of A Better World (Athens Of The North)

ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ - Paus (141201) (Omena Ltd)

Tenderlonious - Journey To Thra (22a)

Max Ananyev - Proportion & Reaction (Whitelabrecs)

Sofie Birch ft. Nana P - Observatory (intercourse)

Chocolate Weasel - The Nonsensical Rambling Of A Lunatic Mind (Ninja Tune)



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11 June 2022

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For the most part I've been posting my 'year of music' mixes / selections on a Sunday morning. #29 isn't really Sunday morning music, it's more Saturday night music, so I thought I best post it when it would be best suited.

In all the years I've been messing about with turntables, mixers, vinyl, cd's, digital, controllers, I've never put together a mix of full on techno. So I decided to go down the rabbit hole. I went online and picked up some tracks, had a dig around my hard drive, hit the record button and this came out. Is it any good? Probably not, who am I to judge in any case? I'm posting it anyway, it was fun to put something different together and jump out of my comfort zone. It was done in one take, no planning and no practice either 😬. I'm still pretty rusty with the 4/4 stuff and probably don't have a clue what I'm doing for the most part anyway. For all the folk that will likely listen, I'm happy to stick it up in any case.

If you have a listen, and do happen to enjoy it, why not throw a couple of quid into my Just Giving fundraising page? The funds raised are going to Sue Ryder who do an excellent job providing care and support around the country. Some day you or someone you care about might need to lean upon their services, supporting them now makes sure they are around if that time should come.


The Burrell Connection - Acid Rapids (Craigie Knowes)

Confidential Recipe - BLP1 (RSPX)

Kontal - Discord (Setaoc Mass Rework) (Revolt)

Drunken Kong - Spark (Tronic)

Christian Smith - Turn The Lights  (Alessandro Grops Remix) (Tronic)

Danniie - Desordem (Primitive State Records)

Risa Taniguchi - This Guy (Kneaded Pains)

Drunken Kong - Ichi (Tronic)

Aiken - Drive Unit (Non Series)

Stefan Vincent - Renunciation (Symbolism)

Linear System - Static Position (Illegal Alien Recordings)

Keith Carnal - Ape Shit Crazy (Bpitch)

Laurent Garnier - Flashback (F Comms)

Flug - The Punisher (DCLTD)



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5 June 2022

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It's a been a funny old week this week. The world somehow manages to continue down a very scary path. Whether that be ongoing conflicts and international political shenanigans or the endless stream of reports and studies that show we are heading into the oblivion with regards to climate and the environment more generally, or the mindless madness that is gun ownship and (the lack of) controls in the US. Not to mention here in the UK, Chief Clown in charge, Bozo Johnson somehow clinging on to power, despite the endless stream of lies, deceit and general charlatan behaviour, and the Tory party in general who can't see beyond the edge of their own self interest, greed and profiteering - with the odd sex pest criminal in there for good measure. The Royal Family throwing a puke inducing soiree for Old Lizzie on the one hand while bailing out the Grand Old Paedo of York to the tune of many millions of our diminishing-in-value (not so) Great British Pounds. They're so far out of touch with reality, never mind the average man/woman on the street, all whilst we're in the midst of so many different crises and things visibly crumbling all around us. Pardon my Francais, but what the fuck is going on? That's without even mentioning Gorilla Herpes or the improving (because nobody is being tested anymore) Covid situation. Hey, as long as Ricky Gervais gets cancelled though and people with zero connection to whatever the Depp / Heard nonsense was about get to kick off their next witch hunt, that's the main thing, eh? So much distraction, so little time to deal with the existential issues at hand.

So, having gone a bit gung-ho there (out of frustration), allow me to offer up some more of my own inane nonsense to distract you for the briefest of moments. Mix / Selection number 23 of the year. I'm quite surprised to have got this far given I feel like I've been banging my head against a wall for the most part. I've felt like knocking this on the head so often, yet here I am again, typing into the void. I still don't know where I'm going with this, or much else really. I feel detached from the world; I don't really feel like I have a place, or fit into it anywhere. I don't feel or see how I am able to change that either.

So far, there has been over 26 hours of music posted by the way of mixes / selections. Mostly from my record shelves with a good chunk from my digital collection, across multiple genres, collected and curated over many years. Each cover image has been a photograph I have taken myself (aside from the peace lily / pale blue dot) and manipulated / edited through various apps or programs. Even the ones that don't look like a photograph started out as a photograph that has been chopped, altered and spat out in a different form. I've sat for hours typing out the tracklists and mumped and grumped my way through the blog (it's where my headspace has been unfortunately), doing my best to find and link up where you can buy the music legally, supporting the artists and labels that feature here each week. Not to mention the social media nonsense, the setting up an Instagram account to promote this effort only to be kicked off for no apparent reason.

When I started posting mixes online many years ago now, it was generally for myself and one or two friends who pushed me to do it. Even this blog was started off the back of that encouragement. Over time others tuned in and I thought I had somehow started to find myself within a network of like minded souls - for someone that's always been on the outside that was a big thing. But it appears to have gone full circle, and really, I'm back to posting them for myself in the most part - although that was far from the aim for this at the start of the year, it seems to be where I find myself.

Considering the lack of traction, the lack of engagement and my "circle" having been exhausted a long time back, I think it unlikely there will be any further donations to my page, the last one (aside from my own donations from a percentage of selling some of my vinyl) was over 3 months ago now. I see other people posting Just Giving links to Twitter and I contribute to them when I have seen any, target goals that are set significantly higher than I have set for my page get smashed in days - for great efforts like runs, or just because it's their Birthday and want to raise money because it's their Birthday, not actually doing anything. It's really disheartening and as I think I've mentioned before, it's a constant reminder, week in, week out, of just how small my circle / support network actually is, that's pretty spirit crushing to be honest.

Before I post this weeks mix, I want to say one more thing. I genuinely only wanted for people to chip in a small donation IF they enjoyed this mixes I was posting and of course they were in a position to do so. I really didn't want people donating out of pity and I definitely didn't want people pretending to engage with my posts. If it's not sincere, then I don't want it. I'd sooner have 1 or 2 plays / engagements that are genuine. At least that let's me know where I stand, rather than giving me false hope or the impression that anyone is interested in what I'm doing.

That was a fair rant and ramble today, apologies, clearly needing to get some things off my chest. 

Now. Anyone for a marmalade sandwich?


Andrew Lang - Stark Light (Rusted Tone Recordings)

A Veil Of Water - I Walk With Ghosts (Hidden Vibes)

Endless Melancholy - Still (Hidden Vibes)

Gamardah Fungus - Life Long Journey (Hidden Vibes)

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - There Is One Of Which Your Never Speak (Artificial Pine Arch Manufacturing)

BMRN - Going Down Fighting (eilean rec.)

Brusgenerator - That Was Then, This Is Now (Whitelabrecs)

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Submerged (Self Released)

Penelope Trappes - Nervous (Houndstooth)

Jo Johnson - Discontent Arises From A Knowledge Of The Possible (Self Released)

Dag Rosenqvist - Leave Everything You Love Behind (Hidden Vibes)

Porya Hatami - Restless (DRONARIVM)

Domenique Dumont - Watching Boats Pass By (Leaf)

ZH2 - Ocean Waves (Self Released)

Jörgen Kjellgren - Evening Lul (Past Inside The Present)

Robert Cole Rizzi - Water Stream Skamling (Self Released)

Claire Deak - Dampen The Waves (Past Inside The Present)

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22 May 2022

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An eclectic, ambient, acoustic, jazz, spoken word, neo classical selection for this week, the 21st mix/selection of 2022.

It's not been a great week, as I mentioned last week, it would have been my Mum's Birthday on the 19th so that throws up all sorts of emotions, but also I just haven't been doing that great this year with my own health and well-being. I'm not complaining, it's just the challenges that life can put in front of you and when it is constant it can grind you down. That's pretty much where I'm at. 


There was added disappointment of Rangers losing the Europa Cup Final on penalty kicks. We didn't play anywhere near as well as we can, so that adds to the disappointment, knowing we could have won that game if we had even reached a fraction more of the levels we are capable of. That said, the conditions in Seville were really bad in terms of the heat and supporters were treated terribly, which is often the way when football supporters travel to Spain. All in all the team did us proud and when you consider how much the odds are stacked against Scottish clubs in a financial sense, it has been a remarkable achievement.

Aside from the football and how I've been doing this week, interest in this attempt to raise some funds for Sue Ryder started off poorly, had a couple of good weeks, but generally remains disappointingly poor. Last weeks post to Soundcloud has achieved the grand sum of 3 plays, and even though Mixcloud suggest 6 plays, that is for the grand total of 46 minutes in total, around 7-8 minutes per listener. Donations have been limited to a handful of sympathy pledges rather than what I had hoped and aimed for which was a trickle of small donations from people who perhaps listened and enjoyed what they heard. Of course, we are in the midst of a cost of living crisis at the moment and I do take that into account, but given how things like Mixcloud subscriptions to DJ pages operate, I didn't think I was setting the bar particularly high. Perhaps I was, perhaps it's also down to having a very small circle. Well, no circle really, it's how it's always been, I should probably have realised that things like this require at least a reasonable sized firm and reliable base of friends and family to help achieve a goal. The only thing that prevents me from hanging up the headphones completely is that I feel I would be letting myself down by not carrying on, but then I also wonder what the point is? Mental health eh? It's a complex thing.

So, having moaned and groaned my way through another post (sorry), I have another selection of genuinely lovely music to post into the void. Below the player you will find a tracklist that I link to places where you can buy the music and support the artists. Of course, I am trying to raise funds for Sue Ryder, if you can, please visit my Just Giving page - the charity is very worthy of support.


Yumiko Morioka - おだやかな海 (Métron Records)

Akira Ito - Praying For Mother Earth (Part 1) (Light In The Attic)

Andrew Wasylyk - Lost, Aglow (Athens Of The North)

Twigs & Yarns - Sanyu (eilean rec.)

Ishmael Ensemble - First Light (Severn Songs)

Snow Palms - You Are Here (Village Green)

David Boulter - The Cherry Blossom Tree (The Spoken Word)

Polaroid Notes - Oh Dear Heart (Büro für Erdrotation)

Scrimshire ft. Pie Eye Collective - Discussion (Albert's Favourites)

Green-House - Chysis (Leaving Records)

Chip Wickham - Astral Traveling (Gondwana Records)

Vega Trails - Tremors In The Static (Gondwana Records)

Susumu Yokota - Tears Of A Poet (Leaf)

The Green Kingdom - Sky Trails (Hidden Vibes)

Emantive - Dawn Child (Sunrise) (Jazzman)

Alice Coltraine - Prema (Antartica Starts Here)

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15 May 2022

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It's been a very strange couple of weeks at Mixamorphosis HQ in deepest, darkest Aberdeenshire. It's been, and continues to be, a mixture of good and bad, happy and sad.

Last weeks mix on Soundcloud, the blog post here and the Twitter promo were all created in advance and scheduled to post automatically, and that all went smoothly and as planned. I was down in Norwich collecting my new bike on the Friday, stopped to visit family for the day in Grimsby on the Saturday and the music/posts went live on the Sunday whilst I was riding home - I was around Scotch Corner when it would have all went live at 9am.

This coming week takes in what would have been my Mum's 68th Birthday, on the 19th of May. I contemplated a selection of music that could have been heard from her stereo through the years but for the most part it isn't really music I have much of myself. She loved pop music for the most part and was a very big fan of Annie Lennox who she went to school with in Aberdeen, but you might also have heard some Barry White, ABBA, Elton John and Madonna being played, among others. Having said that, she liked a lot of music I would play to her and talk about with her in latter years, so I'm sure she would approve of at least some of the tunes in this weeks selection.

This coming week also sees my football team appear in the Europa League Final on the 18th. I've been a Rangers fan since I was a wee boy. My Granda was born a couple of minutes walk from where Ibrox Stadium stands and my father was also a Rangers supporter, although he did try and get me to support Aberdeen (my local team and where I am from), but I wanted to be the same as him and I liked to be different from the rest of the kids around where I grew up. So, it was Rangers for me, and it still is. Last year was a big step forward by winning the league title following a decade of turmoil and some terrible custodianship stretching further back than that. This year we were pipped to the title by the team that shall not be named, but we have done amazingly well to reach our first Euro final since 2008 and it's an achievement I'm sure I am not alone in thinking we would never see again, at least in my liftetime. The odds are stacked so heavily against Scottish teams - we have some terrible and useless people running our game, there is next to no investment in the game from media and sponsors and even though it is our national sport it is very parochial and could be viewed as hating itself to death. The politics in the game holds us back, no doubt. But, you know what? I don't think I would want it to change, well, perhaps a wee bit... not too much. Perhaps I am too old school, but I like my football to have a bit of passion, playing for the shirt (or against another), pride with a healthy mix of blood and thunder. So, that's something I'm looking forward to this coming week - fingers crossed for the win - what and achievement that would be!

Now, how do I tie all this up and tenuously link it in to my weekly musical post? Well, first let me say, the numbers of listeners have been slightly up recently, until last week when it fell off a cliff again. This is the 20th week in a row I have posted a mix / selection and that in itself is a bit of an achievement for me, but I am doing it with a goal of raising some funds for Sue Ryder and that's dried up completely. The largest portion of donations so far have come from my own household, including a portion of some of my recent Discogs sales of records from my shelves. It is hard enough to keep motivated and stick with this... when you struggle to garner much interest, or raise funds which it is ultimately about, it makes it all the harder.

Anyway, I digress. I was talking about how to tie together the ups and downs, the happy and the sad. So this week I am posting a selection of music that centres around the Blues, taking in what most people would consider "Blues" music with some Soul Blues and Jazz Blues in there to mix it up a little. I'll leave you to decide how I arrived at the tenuous link. As ever, I will try to provide some links where you can buy the music, but I would encourage you to support the artists / labels where possible and as ever, if you enjoy the selection and are in a position to do so, perhaps you could chip in a wee donation to my fundraiser for Sue Ryder via my Just Giving page. All donations are much needed and much appreciated, no matter the size.


Shuggie Otis - Gospel Groove (Epic)

Esther Phillips - Scarred Knees (Kudu)

Gary Burton - Pain In The Heart (Atlantic)

Marlena Shaw - Call It Stormy Monday (Cadet)

Messengers Incorporated - Rebecca (Jazzman)

Francis Coppieters - Blues In The Basement (Be With Records)

Dudley Moore Trio - Blues For Boots (Decca)

John Heartsman & Circles - Everyday I Have The Blues (Jazzman)

Nina Simone - Brown Baby (Coolpix Records)

The Deirdre Wilson Tabac - The Other Side Of Life (Be With Records)

Isaac Hayes - Hyperbolicsyllabicesquedalmistic (Stax)

Donny Hathaway - Tryin' Times (Rhino Records)

Marlena Shaw - Liberation Conversation (Cadet)

Wilbert Harrison - Let's Work Together (Sue / London)

Baby Huey - Running (Curtom)

Willie Wright - It's Only Life, That's All (Numero Group)

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8 May 2022

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For number #34 I've taken things back to the world of Ambient, and this week it is very gentle and abstract ambient at that. Wonderful, gentle and calming music, which I think would sound very nice channeled through your earphones on a warm, sunny day, taking it easy outdoors in amongst nature.

No big long spiel this week. As always, the tracklist can be found below the player, linked up so you can buy some music and help support the artists and labels who treat you to new and interesting sounds. Of course, I'm also hoping that if some of you should enjoy any of the mixes I have been posting, then perhaps you might consider a small donation to my Just Giving page which is raising funds for the great work being done by the Sue Ryder charity here in the UK. If you want to find out more about the charity, or why I am trying to raise funds, have a read through some of the other blog post or visit my Just Giving page..... Many Thanks!



Melissa Pons - Around The Water (Self Release)

Jeff Bridges - Feeling Good (Self Release)

Padang Food Tigers - Rise Before The Rain (Under The Spire)

Part Timer - Myr (Home Normal)  << This release is supporting UNICEF >>

Hinako Omori - Cloud Painting (Headphone Commute)  << This release is supporting displace Ukrainian Families through rescue.org >>

anthéne - The Traveler (Distant Bloom)

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch - Ruby's Dance (Headphone Commute)  << Supporting rescue.org >>

Ben McElroy - Bed Down In The Murk (The Slow Music Movement Label)

High Skies - The World Forgotten (Self Release)

Hinako Omori - The Richest Garden In Your Memory (Houndstooth)

Jon Hopkins - Arriving (Domino Recording Co.)

Jonny Nash & Ana Stamp - For You I Am Missing..... (Melody As Truth)

Letna - Sava (Whitelabrecs)

Rose Riebl - Near Dark (Headphone Commute)  << Supporting rescue.org >>

Morimoto Naoki - Into (Whitelabrecs)

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1 May 2022

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I haven't put together a mix of mainly "edits" for a good 3 or 4 years now. That was probably the last time I had a few ciders too. For a period, edits and house music based around that concept was what I mostly played but it went into overkill and for a while it seemed like every aspiring DJ / Producer jumped onto that wagon, which made me want to jump off.


So, last night I dusted off the edit folder and took a dive in. What I would say before you hit the play button is -


(1) - I'm a bit rusty and haven't played much of this stuff for a loooooong time so some of the mixes might be a bit rough around the edges and it was completely unplanned and live (as all the mixes I post are).

(2) - I'm still having ongoing issues with the Traktor software, and to be honest I'm not technically minded enough to be able to really nail down the problem and find a solution. I get lag quite often, so sometimes the software will freeze during a mix or the play button is a fraction slower to engage, an issue which presents in the use of effects too. (I really need to spend some time trying to iron out this, or change the set up if need be.... it doesn't make the"year of music" an easy task).


(3) - Ciders had been consumed, it may have impacted on me pushing the levels a little and so the sound quality might be a little impacted in places. Call it over exuberance. 

Having said all that, I had fun putting this together and that was the main thing, so I'm posting the results, warts and all. For all the plays it'll get, it wouldn't matter if every mix was a train wreck. As ever, I'll link up the tracklist (many are long deleted from the likes of SC or Juno) as best I can and would encourage you do some digging around the internet yourself to support the artists, labels and editors.

Also, keep in mind I've been doing this in the hope that if you enjoy any of the mixes I post, you might find the time and effort that's gone into it worthy of a small contribution to my Just Giving page which is in aid of the Sue Ryder Charity. Any and all donations are gratefully received and much needed. That's the garble for the week over and done with, onto the music....


Sir Owned - Hooked (Kon's Night Time Mix) (Gold Finger)

Deadly Sins - Mary's Red Hot Groove (Kat)

Donna Allen - Joy & Pain (Em Vee Meditation Edit)

Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework) (White Label)

Lionel Ritchie - All Night Long (The Reflex Revision) (Revision Records)

Dr Packer - Contemplating (DiscoDat)

Sly & The Family Stone - Family Affair (Late Nite Tuff Guy Edit)

The Owl - It Was Gonna Be Good (Editorial)

McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stopping Us Now (Unknown Rework)

Black Heat - The Jungle (Pied Piper Redux)

The JB's ft. James Brown - Hot Pants Road (Hansi's Slam Dunk The Funk Edit)

Wild Cherry - Play The Funky Music (The Reflex Revision)

Dolly Parton - 9 to 5 (Surecut Kids Re-edit)

Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love (Redrum Edit)

Fingerman - The Happy Track

Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby (JF's Remix)

Tugboat Edits - Love Sounds (TZ's Intimate Strangers Edit)

Golden Flamingo Orchestra - The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us (Golden Flamingo Records)

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23 April 2022

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This week brings me to #36 in the 'Numbers' series, the year of mixes and selections I'm aiming to post whilst trying to raise some funds in aid of the UK charity Sue Ryder


At the very outset of this project I had it in my mind that when I reached number 36 I would use it to showcase one of my favourite ambient artists who goes by the name '36'. It would seem like a bit of a missed opportunity if I didn't.


I first came across 36's music on the compilation 'Europe' which is from one of my favourite ambient labels 'A Strangely Isolated Place'. Unfortunately, I've never been able to grab an affordable copy of this compilation on vinyl, though I do have the digital release, it's not quite the same. 


36 has appeared on ASIP a few times now and one of the things that makes this an excellent combination is that both the artist and the label clearly pay attention to detail and go to great efforts to provide great quality in terms of production, mastering and the physical product. Such is the level of quality in my eyes,  that I judge other ambient releases I buy, particularly on vinyl, based on what I've received when I buy from 36/ASIP. The form of ambient music has to be treated with care because imperfections are so easily noticed and really harm the listening experience.


Aside from ASIP, 36 has appeared a number of other labels, most regularly his own label 3six Recordings, but also another consistently good and another favourite label of mine 'Past Inside The Present'. You may also know his work under the guise of SYNE which is geared more towards the dancefloor with a deep techno edge to it.


The artwork this week features the artwork from the releases I've featured in this mix. As ever, if you enjoy the sounds on this mix, I'd encourage you to support the artist(s) and labels via the links on the tracklist below which will take you to the Bandcamp pages where you can buy the music directly. 


Also, if you do happen to enjoy the mix, or any of the other selections I have posted, please consider a small donation to my Just Giving page, where you'll find out a little more about why I am doing this and trying to raise a little money for the great work done by Sue Ryder. If you aren't in a position to do so, perhaps you could consider sharing this on your social media channels.... I've really struggled to get much traction with this so any help in that regard is very welcome and appreciated.


For more on 36, here are some links you might find useful - 


Twitter //  Bandcamp  //  Discogs  //  Spotify  //  Apple Music  //  Instagram 




36 - Goodbye Yesterdays World / Music For Isolation (Part 1) (3six Recordings)

36 - Lahaina Noon (Past Inside The Present)

36 - Shadow Play (After Dark Reprise) (A Strangely Isolated Place)

36 - Diamond Rain (3six Recordings)

36 - Room 2 (A Strangely Isolated Place)

36 - Apartment 451 (Reinterpreted) (A Strangely Isolated Place)

36 - Moravian Fields (Special Species Records) also on this <<compilation>>

36 & Duenn - Built On Lies (Past Inside The Present)

36 - Pulse Drive (3six Recordings)

36 & Zaké - (Stage 2) (Past Inside The Present)

36 - Time Without Motion (Version) (3six Recordings)

36 & Awakened Souls - Past Self (Past Inside The Present)

36 - London (A Strangely Isolated Place)

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17 April 2022

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Week 16, selection #37, and it is another selection rather than a mix. This week it sounds like Soul, Funk and Northern Soul.... all the good stuff!


It's been a bit of an overwhelming week with what felt like more crammed into the last 7 days than during the previous 4 months. After lots of hesitating and research before taking the leap I have a new bike waiting to be picked up from Norfolk, team McLeod started planning a bike trip to Europe later in the year with Ferries and some hotels booked and dates locked in. I've still not been feeling great but still pushing on through and have been chipping away at some jobs that have been on my 'to do' list for a while, and I'm very nearly at the end of the process to get my vinyl all recorded and backed up to my hard drive... a process I started around 2.5 years ago, recording on average 3 to 5 LP's every day!


For the most part, it's been positive, although I'm still not feeling positive about the fundraising effort, which this is a part of. The numbers are still not good. I have that scene from 'I'm Alan Partridge' where Lyn, his personal assistant, is role playing as the commissioner for the BBC and in giving a reason as to why Alan Partridge won't be securing a second series she says "well Alan, the numbers started off badly and got worse from there". I've honestly been considered refunding the donations received so far out of my own pocket, adding to the total to hit the goal and then just calling it a day. I'm going to keep going, but it really is a struggle to motivate yourself when 60% of the terrible play counts come from within your own household (of 2). I've put it out there (without reply), several times and on several platforms, that if anyone could give me some ideas or pointers on how to gain some traction with this, it would be very welcome and much appreciated. 


That's the news of the week out of the way, so now onto the music. As ever, if you enjoy the selection, please buy the music and support the artists and labels. The links in the tracklist this week will directing you to Discogs as I doubt most will be available digitally unless you go to Amazon. As ever, any donations to my Just Giving page (in aid of Sue Ryder) or any shares to your social media are appreciated.



Darondo - Do You Really Love Me (Kent Dance)

Marvin Gaye - Woman Of The World (Blue Note)

The Deirdre Wilson Tabac - I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes (Be With Records)

Willie Hutch - You Can't Miss Something You Never (Be With Records)

Esther Williams - Last Night Changed It All (Jazzman)

Lyn Collins - Wheels Of Life (Get On Down People / Universal)

Inell Young - What Do You See In Her (Soul Jazz)

Mike James Kirkland - What Have We Done (Luv N Haight)

Curtis Mayfield - Beautiful Brother Of Mine (Curtom)

Gloria Ann Taylor - Jolene (Luv N Haight)

Pearl Dowdell - Good Things (Mukatsuku)

Little Gregory & The Concepts - Get Away (Tramp Records)

Marlena Shaw - I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) (Cadet)

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Feeling Free (Timmion Records)

Edwin Starr - Time (Motown)

Carrie Cleveland - Love Will Set You Free (Funky Planet)

Billy Butler - Right On Track (Okeh / Epic)

Don Thomas - Come On Train (NUVJ)

Betty Davis - My Soul Is Tired (Light In The Attic)

Alice Clark - You Hit Me (Right Where It Hurt Me) (BGP)

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - The Night (Motown)

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