Recommended: Hampshire & Foat - Saint Lawrence

22 March 2019


I've been hooked on Hampshire & Foat material since I first stumbled across the debut album 'Galaxies Like Grains Of Sands' on Athens Of The North. Hampshire & Foat are otherwise known as Warren Hampshire who is part of the group The Bees and Greg Foat, who you may know from The Greg Foat Group. I have to confess to not knowing their previous works, it was down to following the label that I came across them, and I'm glad I did.

This, as the previous releases takes in influence from ambient, jazz and folk genres which makes for a lovely combination. This LP was recorded live in two churches on the Isle Of Wight with the tracks named after local landmarks. Have a listen, if vinyl is your thing, don't sleep on it. There are only 500 pressed and no represses.


Hampshire & Foat - Twitter / Soundcloud

Athens Of The North - Bandcamp

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Recommended: Jonny Nash - Make A Wilderness

2 March 2019

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The new release from Jonny Nash on the Music From Memory label takes his sound to a new level for me. I've always enjoyed his work, especially his solo work and his collaborations with Suzanne Kraft, but this is his best yet. For me, this is a much more refined piece of ambient music, it is much more subtle and emotive. I won't drone on about it, as I often say... I don't do reviews. This is thoroughly recommended though. Click play, enjoy and pick it up. It's available on vinyl as well as digital; seek and you shall find.


Jonny Nash - Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp (Melody As Truth)

Music From Memory - Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / Bandcamp

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