Chilled Spring - Part 10 - Mixamorphosis

29 May 2016

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It was initially intended that there would be twelve mixes in the Chilled Spring series, but it looks like Part 10 (from myself) will be wrapping up this series.

The mix ended up having more beats in it than I'd intended, but what is posted is a live mix, done without any pre-planning, and although it wasn't as ambient as I'd intended, it's still in keeping with a chilled out vibe, so I let it run.

Before I get on to posting my mix and tracklist, I just want to thank George Mihaly (Quality Music Lovers Society) for taking over the reigns when the Winter Chill series came to and end and curating this series so well, and of course to Andy Pye (Balearic Social) for kindly hosting the mixes from everyone on his reliably excellent radio show. George has now handed over the reigns to Andy who will curate a Summer series of mixes, so I look forward to hearing what is coming down the pipeline. 

As usual, if you enjoy any of the music, please purchase it and support the artists!


01. Cass. - Moiré
02. Land of Light - Flares
03. Seahawks - Didn't Know I Was Lost (Black Peaches Remix)
04. Nev Cottee - If I Could Tell You
05. Suso Sâiz - La Mano Transparente
06. Land Of Light - Bell Rock Outpost (Seahawks Remix)
07. Shammen Delly - Sumer Is Icumen In
08. Floating Points - Silhouettes (I, II, & III)
09. Gaussian Curve - Red Light
10. Jack Cutter - Serpent Strut
11. A Reminiscent Drive - Life Is Beautiful
12. Hatchback - Paradise Drive
13. Füxa - Cool Breeze
14. Appo ft. Jon Elliott - Always (The Drop Mix)
15. Gryningen - Slöa Dagar I Rymdlaboratoriet
16. Trabant - Happy Sunny Song
Imperfect Product - Solina
18. Cantoma - Early Till Late
19. Craig Smith - Let Love Live
20. Incognito - Out Of The Storm (Carl Craig Planet E Mix)

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Chilled Spring - Part 9 - Marc Godin

24 May 2016

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The 9th part of the fabulous Chilled Spring series is brought to you by Marc Godin, and what a wonderful journey it is too. Marc is another new addition to the line-up of those who provided the Winter Chill mixes, and just as the case was with Woodzee, his addition has been well worth the inclusion.

Marc has a wealth of experience and background in the world of DJ-ing and has played at events ranging from a Po Na Na residency to festivals such as Glastonbury and T In The Park, alongside the likes of Andy Cato and Carl Cox. As well as this he has dabbled in the world of promotion and of running a record label, so it's fair to say, his musical C.V is impressive.

A quick word about Part 10 before I go on to share the links where you can find Marc, and of course his Chilled Spring mix and tracklist.... Part 10 will see my own contribution being aired. It's fair to say there are more beats in my own mix than the other Chilled Spring mixes have had so far, but it's all still very downtempo and chilled out. More details to follow.

In the meantime, check Marc Godin out on the following links and enjoy the journey of Chilled Spring Part 9 - 


01. Harold Budd & Brian Eno - Against The Sky
02. Monty Adkins - Memory Box
03. Marsen Jules - Chanson du Soir
04. Mountains - Blown Glass Typewriter
05. The Green Kingdom - Kalimba Sketch
06. Minilogue - Stations I
07. Monty Adkins - Suspended Edges
08. Kane Ikin - Oberon
09. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Illuha & Taylor Deupree - Movement 3
10. Goldmund - Threnody
11. Another Fine Day - That Path
12. Nils Frahm - Keep
13. Keith Kenniff - Flow & Branch
14. Inch Time - Suspensions (Intro)
15. Nils Frahm & Anne Muller - Duktus
16. Inch Time - Suspensions
17. Little Dragon - She Walks Alone
18. Underset - Rubik's Cube
19. Orla Wren - She Smiles When He Calls Her Friend
20. Cliff Martinez - Is That What Everybody Wants
21. Another Fine Day - Strange Waves
22. Blair French - Before Mornings Arrival
23. Michael Brook with Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois - Midday
24. Global Communication - 12.18
25. Plaid - Ralome
26. Stanley Clarke - Concerto For Jazz Rock Orchestra (Part 1)
27. Ashley Slater - Private Sunshine

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Chilled Spring - Part 8 - Andy Hickford *Updated*

23 May 2016

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A double hit of Chilled Spring coming up now. Due to DJ-ing commitments Andy from the Balearic Social radio show was unable to air part 8 of the series a couple of weeks back, and as a result gave us a double dose of the series in one show on Sunday just past.

Part 8 comes from the hugely talented selector Andy Hickford of Downtown Science. If you don't already follow Andy on the various music platforms, then I'd encourage you to get on the case with the links I'll provide in this post. He regularly posts a fabulous variety of music spanning across many genres, so there is likely going to be something in amongst his mixes that will appeal to your ears.

Andy DJ's under his own name and through Downtown Science with regular slots in and around Leeds, with guest slots for various online platforms on occasion too. Keep up with him via the following links - 

Twitter  //  Blog  //  Mixcloud  //  Hearthis 

Downtown Science (Twitter) (Facebook)

** Update **

You can catch Andy at the following venues / dates:

26th May @ Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds - Pre/Post Talk with Alice Nutter (Chumbawumba).

3rd June with Downtown Science @ Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds.

17th June @ North Bar, Leeds.

18th June with Downtown Science @ Northern Monk Brewery, Leeds.

24th June @ Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield - Opening party for Stanley Spencer exhibition.


01. CFCF - Lighthouse On Chatham Sound
02. Laurel Halo - Out
03. Cinematic Orchestra - Child Song
04. Illa J - Sounds Like Love (Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood Ferguson's In Space Mix)
05. Weldon Irvine - Gloria
06. Richie Havens - Sugarplums
07. DK - High On The Sea
08. Coco, Steel & Lovebomb - Harlem
09. Future Sound Of London - Journey to the Centre
10. Future Sound Of London - Glacier Pt.2
11. Nightmares On Wax - Rise
12. 55 Cancri E - Vaggvisa
13. Cantoma - Pandajero (Unreleased Ruf Dug Mix)
14. The Seahawks - Islands (No Man Is Remix)
15. Leon Vynehall - Midnight On Rainbow Road
16. D* Note - The Garden Of Earthly Delights (X-Press 2 Inner London Ambience)

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Chilled Spring - Part 7 - Sequenchill

10 May 2016

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I had intended on getting this post up before now, but sometimes plans go awry, and that was the case here. It's given me the opportunity to re-listen to Part 7 of the Chilled Spring series, this time from the fabulous Sequenchill. So every cloud has a silver lining.

I have to say, I hadn't come across Sequenchill's mixes until George invited him to get involved with the Winter Chill series, and I'm very grateful to George for that, and to Salvatore for getting involved and embracing the idea so warmly. If you didn't catch his Winter Chill mix click [HERE] and you can catch up! 

As usual, the tracklist is below the player and I link it up as best as I can. You can also keep tabs on Sequenchill via the following links; his Mixcloud is a particularly good treasure trove!

Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Mixcloud  //  Hearthis


01. Ernest Hood - Saturday Morning Doze
02. Liquid Mind - The Joy Of Quiet Rain
03. Anthony Hopkins - The Lake Isle Of Innisfree (by W.B. Yeats)
04. Gert Blokzijl - In Sequence
05. Coco, Steel and Lovebomb - Ice Cream We All Scream For (Mark Archer Remix)
06. Danielle de Picciotto - Home Sweet Home
07. Sutekh - Unstabile
08. Spoken word - Solace
09. Saffron Keira - Gregueria (with Siavash Amini and Idlefon)
10. Dasha Rush - Life Time Poem
11. Mkwaju Ensemble - Ki Motion
12. Bliss (Spoken Word) - Wish You Were Here
13. Yosi Horikawa and Daisuke Tanabe - Calinawan
14. Sigur Ros - Se Lest
15. Kat - Feeling Underwater (Surfae Isn't What Used To Be Remix)
16. Roger Waters - Outside The Wall
17. Andre Rieu & his Orchestra - And The Waltz Goes On

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Chilled Spring - Part 6 - Richard Tovey

4 May 2016

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With this post, I'll now be caught up with the Chilled Spring selections and all being well, I'll be on top of it from here on in.

The 6th Part is the halfway point of the series and it is contributed by Richard Tovey, or perhaps you know him as FunkThump, LessFences or even We Are Multiphonic. If none of those names ring a bell, then now is the time to get to know. His contribution to the Winter Chill series was very popular, and no doubt this will be too.

Before I get on to sharing the mix and tracklist, I'm just going to give you a quick heads up on Richard's new show 'We Are Multiphonic' which recently joined the Box Frequency family. Coming up on the 11th of May he will be joined by Claudio Iacono, a DJ from Italy who plays out regularly, not just in Italy, but around Europe. Having spoken to Richard, he speaks very highly of him and is clearly delighted to be hosting his guest, so going by what I'm told, it's a show you're going to want to catch if you can. Keep tabs on the We Are Multiphonic show via the Box Frequency page, not just for this show but future shows too.

Keep tabs on Richard via the following links - 

Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Hearthis  //  Mixcloud  //  Soundcloud


01. Moondog - Fujiyama 2
02. Coco, Steel & Lovebomb - Great Ocean Road
03. Susumu Yokota & Rothko - Lit By Moonlight
04. Hang Massive - Omat Odat (Edit)
05. Alt-J - Warm Foothills
06. M83 - Until The Night Is Over
07. Krystal - Would You Like To Seduce Me
08. Mark Barrott - Essene
09. Guillaume and The Coutu Dumonts - Intermede (Breaking The Forth Wall)
10. Bonobo - Black Sands
11. Luiz Carlos Vinhas - Tanganica
12. Chill Pill - Africa (Savannah Mix)
13. Groove Armada - Edge Hill

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Chilled Spring - Part 5 - Original Gidman

3 May 2016

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I'm almost caught up with the Chilled Spring series (hurrah), with one more to go after this and I'll be at the same point as everyone else.

Part 5 in the series comes from Original Gidman (aka Jon Brent) who you may know from the wonderful world of Dusk Dubs. If you're not familiar, then do check out the mixtapes that are on their Hearthis page. It's a wonderfully eclectic world for you to explore.

You can keep tabs on Jon via the following links - 

Dusk Dubs  //  Twitter  //  Hearthis  //  Mixcloud  //  Soundcloud


1) Zbigniew Preisner – Reprise (Flute)
2) Nonkeen – The Invention Mother
3) Makoto – Sapphire Eyes
4) Daniel Avery – Spring 27
5) Pink Floyd – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
6) Ulver – England’s Hidden
7) Susumu Yokota – I Imagine
8) Build An Ark – Sunshine
9) ESKA – This Is How A Garden Grows
10) Cloud Boat – Told You
11) Art Garfunkel – Waters Of March
12) Sasha – Vapour Trails
13) Jordan De La Sierra – Music For Gynamstics
14) Mark Pritchard – Sad Alron
15) Sun Ra – Springtime Again
16) Pete Josef – Spring At Last

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Chilled Spring - Part 4 - Matthew Foord (With Added Dusk Dubs)

1 May 2016

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I'm going to double up on this post. Not only am I posting the 4th instalment of the Chilled Spring series from Matthew Foord, but I'm going to share Matthews guest mix for the good people at Dusk Dubs which was released today.

First things first, here's the links you'll need to keep up with Matthew - 

So, first up I'm going to share todays Dusk Dubs selection that Matthew has put together. The concept of the Dusk Dubs mixtapes is that the tracks should be more of a 'Back to Mine' vibe and that they should carry some meaning to the selector. If you head over to the Dusk Dubs website you can read exactly what each track means for Matthew and why he included the track.


Moving on with what I'm really supposed to be sharing now; the 4th instalment of Chilled Spring. At the time of writing this, I don't have a tracklist for you, but if it comes I will add it in. What I will say about the mix is this - I'm a fan of the selections Matthew puts together normally but this selection is on another level. The track choices and the flow in particular make this my favourite mix to date from Matthew. Download the mix and play it at your leisure. You won't regret it.


01. This Mortal Coil - Velvet Belly
02. Vivaldi - Transition / Spring
03. Matt Coldrick - Throat Blue Unity
04. Larkin - Two Souls Dance
05. David Sylvian - The Song Which Gives The Key To Perfection
06. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma - Raag Pahadi
07. Natacha Atlas - Adam's Lullaby
08. Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda ft. Pharaoh Sanders
09. Pink Floyd - Grantchester Meadows
10. The Naturals - Babblin' Brooke
11. Alucidnation - Spring
12. Simon Peter - Arc Of Lark
13. Paul Hunter - Peaceful Morning
14. D-Note - The Garden Of Earthly Delights
15. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Steady State
16. Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - Life Story
17. Sensorama - Aspirin (Global Communication Remix)
18. A Man Called Adam - Easter Song

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Chilled Spring - Part 3 - Andy Pye

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The process of catching up with the Chilled Spring series continues with Part 3 courtesy of Andy Pye.

As most of the contributors for the Chilled Spring series remain the same as those from the Winter Chill series, I'll keep the intros short and just share the usual key links and important bits like upcoming shows etc.

As you will know already, Andy is the man behind the ever reliable Balearic Social brand. This includes the long standing and very popular radio show hosted on Purple Radio, music events in partnership with the fabulous Outlaws Yacht Club (which I visited last month), a long list of guest slots both online and out there in the real world and of course now also a record label which is preparing to drop a HUGE second release from Zmatsutsi on the world in June (see the video below).

You'll be able to order the record from all the usual places, but your best bet for getting a copy would be to go through Ed Davies either via his Facebook or his Discogs page. A word of advice though.... don't sleep on it. These are going to fly out.

If you want to keep up to date with what's going on with Andy and Balearic Social then follow via these links - 

Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Hearthis  //  Mixcloud  //  Soundcloud  //  Blog


01. David Axelrod – The Signs Pt 3
02. Dolphins Into The Future – Lone Voyager
03. Bill Wyman – Emerald Guitars
04. Dolphins Into The Future – On The High Seas
05. Nobuyoshi Ino – To Chi Ka
06. Boz Scaggs – Can I Make It Last
07. Edgar Froese – Scarlet Score for Mescalero
08. Tangerine Dream – Invisible Limits
09. Dan Siegal – Epilogue
10. Andrew Pekler – Samba De Cherbourg
11. Roedelius – Geradewohl
12. Paul Horn – Mumtaz Mahal
13. Suso Saiz – Ya Son Dos Los Cielos
14. Double Fantasy – Children Of The Universe
15. Steve Tibbetts – Wish
16. Daniel Lanois – Fisherman’s Daughter

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