Chilled Spring - Part 2 - Woodzee

30 April 2016

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As you will see, I didn't get around to posting on the blog whilst I was away on my recent travels. Apart from enjoying some sunshine, beers, cocktails and poolside lounging, I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the Stephen King book 11.22.63, which I very much enjoyed. If you're thinking on watching the TV series of it that is currently running, I suggest you go with the book first... I've not been too impressed with the TV show in comparison. It's been good, but it doesn't do the book justice.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the music.

Whilst I've been away from things, I've missed a few of the Chilled Spring mixes that have been airing on the wonderful Balearic Social Radio Show on Purple Radio. My aim had been to post weekly as the shows aired, but that's gone out the window so far. You can expect a flurry of activity whilst I catch up, and hopefully I'll get back into posting weekly when I'm caught up.

The first show I missed was Part 2, which comes from Woodzee. I know some of the regular visitors to the blog will already be familiar with the name as in the previous life of the blog I had posted one or two of his mixes having listened to his shows on the Chillout Sessions on BoxFrequency.FM. For those of you not familiar with the name, I'd urge you to check out his shows, which you can keep tabs on by following Box Frequency on Facebook. You'll also find him over on the Sun Is Shining blog.

You can also follow Woodzee on Mixcloud  // Hearthis  //  Soundcloud


01. Futurology - Kodex
02. Woob - Intermission Transmission
03. Bersarin Quartett - Rot Und Schwarz
04. Subheim - Berlin
05. Astropilot - Millions Of Light Years Away (Story 02)
06. Liquid Stranger - Zeal
07. Tripswitch - Tachyon
08. Alpha Wave Movement - When We Roamed The Stars
09. Kaya Project - Deep Kaya (Zen Baboon Ambient Edit)
10. Animat - Lost In The Valley Of Scintalla Strings (Misled Convoy Remix)
11. Bardo State - Seneca

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