Mixamorphosis - A Postcard From Reality

28 March 2016

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As those of you who have kept in the loop with my mixes and posts over the years will know, I tend to post a mix before I head off on a trip (see my On Vacation mixes on Hearthis).

At the end of this week I am heading off on my motorbike for a trip. I have no idea how far I am going, nor how long I am away for. I have a set of motorcycle panniers ready to pack, my passport and an International Driving Permit - but only one destination planned - Leeds. Yes, I know I don't need a passport for Leeds, but it's just my first stop off point. 

All being well, I'm going to be joining some friends to listen to some good music and have a few beers at The Outlaws Yacht Club for the Balearic Social 5th Birthday. The event flyer is below, and as you'll see, it takes place over the course of 3 days. I'm aiming to travel down on the Friday, and at the very least, make it along on the Saturday for my first night out in a very long time. If all goes well, I'll try get along for the Sunday too, so if you're in the area, I'll maybe catch you there!

As I was saying, I like to post a mix before I head off on a trip. This time I've changed things up and aborted the On Vacation series, and gone with 'A Postcard From Reality'. There are a few bits in the mix I'm not overly happy with, but that's normal for me.... most folk won't care two hoots, so I'm posting it up, warts and all. If you happen to listen, download and enjoy, then do feel free to share it around to anyone you think might also enjoy it.

Whilst I'm away, I will try and keep up with the Chilled Spring posts - but if it goes a little quiet on here, you'll know that I'll catch up on my return.

Hope you enjoy this little journey whilst I head off on mine.


08. Boule Noir - Aimes-tu a Vie Comme Moi (Noodleman Rework)
12. Jona Saucedo - Look At Me
13. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge (Dynamicron Edit)
14. Rhythm Heritage - Barettas Theme (Jack Sparrow Edit)

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Chilled Spring - Part 1 - George Mihaly

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For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, Spring has arrived, and with it, a fresh series of mixes. 

The Chilled Spring series of mixes sees the 10 selectors that compiled the popular Winter Chill series return, with the addition of two fresh contributors. As you'll see from the schedule below, Woodzee and Marc Godin are joining in the fun... if you don't know the names, then I assure you that you'll be in for a treat.

Each mix will be aired on the excellent Balearic Social Radio Show each Sunday on Purple Radio, and will then be available to stream or download via the dedicated Chilled Spring page on Hearthis and Facebook.

This series is being curated by the fabulous George Mihaly, who has kicked off the series with the first part yesterday. George runs The Quality Music Lovers Society group on Facebook and has a regular show on Box Frequency, as well as featuring as a guest selector all over the place, like [HERE] and [HERE].

Next up in the series is Woodzee, who you may know from the Chill Out Sessions show on Box Frequency. Don't miss it!

01. Rooks in the Tree Tops (Intro)
02. Washed Out - Entrance
03. Chris Coco - Portmerion Tide Flow (instrumental)
04. Kaya Project - The Flow (Ambient Mix)
05. Bent - On The Lake
06. Zero 7 - The Colour Of Spring
07. Fuxa - Cool Breeze
08. Mandrax - Melting
09. Kuniyuki Takahashi - My Dear Friend
10. Blank & Jones - Interstellar (Marc-George Infinite Reprise Mix)
11. J.Viewz - Prelude
12. Troels Hammer - Father Space
13. Carlos Nino And Friends feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Mezame (Awakening)
14. Jean-Pierre Mirouze - Tandoori Dance
15. William Orbit - Drift so Far
16. Visage - Fade to Grey (Cinematic Mix)
17. Finis Africae - Luna
18. Land of Light - Higher Love
19. Troels Hammer - Azur
20. Water Running in Brook North Beach Park Seattle (Outro)

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