Autumn Chillin'

1 November 2016

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The weekend just past saw the final two mixes in the series of seasonal mixes that we have been putting out over the past year between this blog, Balearic Social Radio Show on Purple-Radio and the Quality Music Lovers Society. 

Thanks go out to Andy Pye, George Mihaly, Jon Brent, Matthew Foord, Richard Tovey,  Woodzee, Salvatore Muscat, Marc Godin, Andy Hickford who have contributed the bulk of the mixes, but a shout out to Benji Selbatron, Tom Green (Another Fine Day) and Steve KIW (BAOL) who also contributed a mix each.

Although we've reached the end of this seasonal series of mixes, keep your ears open for more selections from the same team in the coming year where you will be treated to a series of Back To Mine styled selections.

Part 9 - Mixamorphosis


01. Parks - The Breath Of Autumn << Please use the links in the post
02. Quinn Lamont Luke - Invierno
03. Commodity Place - Life Is A Gorgeous Lie
04. Ai - Archaic Iftar
05. Wolf Muller & Cass. - Aiolos (Cass. Version)
06. Bartosz Kruczynski - Supplement 1
07. Sasha - Linepulse
08. Paolo Morena - Oh Yeah (Black Chapel 6am Remix) << Via 'Touched' Bandcamp
09. Cantoma - Claudio's Theme
10. Krakatau - Apogean Tide
11. Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger & The Trinity - Season Of The Witch


 Find the other Autumn Chillin' contributions on the following links

Part 01 by George Mihaly

Part 02 by Matthew Foord

Part 03 by Original Gidman

Part 04 by Sequenchill

Part 05 by We Are Multiphonic (aka Richard Tovey)

Part 06 by Martin De La Woods (aka Woodzee)

Part 07 by Andy Hickford

Part 08 by Marc Godin 

Part 10 by Andy Pye

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The Mix With No Name

22 September 2016

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I've been meaning to get this one posted before now, but better late than never. It's an off the cuff mix after a few alcoholic beverages had been consumed, so bear that in mind when listening. 

I'm finding that as I get older (perhaps due to the blurring of lines between genres) my ability to pigeon hole music is lessening, so call it what you will, but I'm going with shades of deep house with a little bit of deep techno-ishy thrown in. Who cares? If you like it, great! If not, you move on to something else. Hit play and find out.

I'm going to take this opportunity to plug the upcoming Chillin' Autumn series which kicks off this weekend with mixes from George Mihaly and Matthew Foord. Keep an eye out for it and I'll share them on here as and when I get the chance.


01. Contours & Yadava - Pistachios
02. Soul Of Hex - Jynmu
03. Walter Jones - A Night In Newark
04. Vin Sol - Atlantic Avenue
05. Todd Terje - Bonysh
06. The Heartbreak Kids - Walking Into A Prior Dream
07. Samo DJ - Tai Po Kau
08. Dude Energy - Renee Running
09. Apple Jazz - Church Street
10. Barnt - Is This What They Were Born For?
11. Bot ‘Ox - Basement Love (Pachanga Boys Remix)
12. Marvin & Guy - Targa (Long Drive Version)
13. Caribou - Leave House (MCDE Remix)
14. Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You
15. Hardway Bros - Pleasure Cry (Tuff City Kids Remix)
16. Tee Mango - Time Is Up
17. MZKBX - Dumm Beat (Samo DJ Remix)
18. Junto Club - Leaving Forever
19. Red Axes - Der Sexa
20. Unknown - Lapi (Edit Service 002)

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Weekend Funk Up

16 September 2016

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This mix was one I recently put together, just for the fun of it, on a Friday evening. A couple of Mojitos, hit record and press play, and this is what came out the other end. Seeing as it's Friday evening, I thought I'd get it up on the blog. 

Have a good weekend, and enjoy!



01. The Starkiller - Here Come Ol' Flat Top
02. David Bowie - Golden Years (Luxxury Edit)
03. Late Nite Tuff Guy - Pull Us Apart
04. Roy Ayers - Running Away (Noodleman Rework)
05. Billy Ocean - Loverboy (Drvg Cvltvre Edit)
06. Latimore - Out To Get'cha (Soulist & DJ Vas Edit)
07. Tugboat Edits - Love Sound (TZ Intimate Strangers Edit)
08. The Gino Fontaine - Revnorev
09. Lonely Smoker - Frontin'
10. James Brown - Mind Power (Mr Mendal Edit)
11. Groovedown - Walk To Mississippi
12. Ojah with Hugh Masekela - Afro Beat Blues (The Owl Edit)
13. Pillow Talk - The Real Thing
14. Chicago - If You Leave Me Now (JP Source Edit)
15. Dr Packer - Contemplating
16. Stevie Wonder - I Wish (Spaghetti Legs Re-jig)
17. LTJ Xperience - Want (LTJ for Midnight City Edit)
18. It's A Small World Disco - Love Extra
19. Disco/Very - Get It On (Dr Dunks How We Do In NYC Edit)
20. Mary Clark - Take Me, I'm Yours

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Chilled Summer

13 September 2016

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Chilled Spring

29 May 2016

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It was initially intended that there would be twelve mixes in the Chilled Spring series, but it looks like Part 10 (from myself) will be wrapping up this series.

The mix ended up having more beats in it than I'd intended, but what is posted is a live mix, done without any pre-planning, and although it wasn't as ambient as I'd intended, it's still in keeping with a chilled out vibe, so I let it run.

As usual, if you enjoy any of the music, please purchase it and support the artists!


01. Cass. - Moiré
02. Land of Light - Flares
03. Seahawks - Didn't Know I Was Lost (Black Peaches Remix)
04. Nev Cottee - If I Could Tell You
05. Suso Sâiz - La Mano Transparente
06. Land Of Light - Bell Rock Outpost (Seahawks Remix)
07. Shammen Delly - Sumer Is Icumen In
08. Floating Points - Silhouettes (I, II, & III)
09. Gaussian Curve - Red Light
10. Jack Cutter - Serpent Strut
11. A Reminiscent Drive - Life Is Beautiful
12. Hatchback - Paradise Drive
13. Füxa - Cool Breeze
14. Appo ft. Jon Elliott - Always (The Drop Mix)
15. Gryningen - Slöa Dagar I Rymdlaboratoriet
16. Trabant - Happy Sunny Song
Imperfect Product - Solina
18. Cantoma - Early Till Late
19. Craig Smith - Let Love Live
20. Incognito - Out Of The Storm (Carl Craig Planet E Mix)


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A Postcard From Reality

28 March 2016

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As those of you who have kept in the loop with my mixes and posts over the years will know, I tend to post a mix before I head off on a trip (see my On Vacation mixes on Hearthis).

At the end of this week I am heading off on my motorbike for a trip. I have no idea how far I am going, nor how long I am away for. I have a set of motorcycle panniers ready to pack, my passport and an International Driving Permit - but only one destination planned - Leeds. Yes, I know I don't need a passport for Leeds, but it's just my first stop off point. 

All being well, I'm going to be joining some friends to listen to some good music and have a few beers at The Outlaws Yacht Club for the Balearic Social 5th Birthday. The event flyer is below, and as you'll see, it takes place over the course of 3 days. I'm aiming to travel down on the Friday, and at the very least, make it along on the Saturday for my first night out in a very long time. If all goes well, I'll try get along for the Sunday too, so if you're in the area, I'll maybe catch you there!

As I was saying, I like to post a mix before I head off on a trip. This time I've changed things up and aborted the On Vacation series, and gone with 'A Postcard From Reality'. There are a few bits in the mix I'm not overly happy with, but that's normal for me.... most folk won't care two hoots, so I'm posting it up, warts and all. If you happen to listen, download and enjoy, then do feel free to share it around to anyone you think might also enjoy it.

Whilst I'm away, I will try and keep up with the Chilled Spring posts - but if it goes a little quiet on here, you'll know that I'll catch up on my return.

Hope you enjoy this little journey whilst I head off on mine.


08. Boule Noir - Aimes-tu a Vie Comme Moi (Noodleman Rework)
12. Jona Saucedo - Look At Me
13. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge (Dynamicron Edit)
14. Rhythm Heritage - Barettas Theme (Jack Sparrow Edit)

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Vide Cor Meum

22 February 2016

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It feels like forever since I last posted. Probably because there was a glut of posts for the wonderful series of Winter Chill mixes (which I'm still listening to by the way). Whilst I'm on the topic, a reminder that there will be a new series starting in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for it.

As for this mix, it was an impromptu mix where I hit the record button and played music. Nothing planned, no idea where I was going with it, and this was the result. I offered it up on my Facebook for any of my podcast / radio show hosting friends who may need a mix to plug a gap in their schedule, and Simon Cox from Saturo Sounds spoke up first, so that's where it went.

I've got a few other mixes to sort out in the coming weeks, so hopefully it won't be as long until the next post. In the meantime, here is the mix and linked up tracklist.... if you enjoy any of the tracks, support the artists and labels and buy the music!


06. Mark E - Horn Jam  --  (Merc)
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Winter Chill: Peractio

24 January 2016

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Peractio Definition:
last act (of drama)

Officially speaking, the Winter Chill series ended at mix #10 from Another Fine Day. However, I had prepared a mix to fit into the Winter Chill series as a back up, just in case one of the other contributions fell through. It seems like a bit of a shame to waste the mix, and as a means to put the series to bed, at least for now, I'm sharing it with you here.

Keep an ear open for a new series towards the tail end of March.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this selection and if you enjoy any of the tracks from this, or any of the other mixes, please buy the music and support the artists and labels.



01. Robert Burns - Winter Dirge (Poem read by David Anderson)
02. Thunderstorm Sound Effect
03. Jon Hopkins - Luna Moth  --  (Just Music)
04. The Phantom - Across The River, Beneath The Trees  --  (Emotional Response)
05. UNKLE - Glow  --  (Mo Wax)
06. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Requiem For The Static King Pt 1  --  (Erased Tapes Records)
07. That Black - Ocean 1  --  (Citadel Records)
08. Zoe - Scarlet, Red & Blue (Untitled Remix)  --  (Not On Label)
09. Steve Moore - Arp 188  --  (Throne Of Blood)
10. Cass. - From Bay To Meadow  --  (Shhhh)
11. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra - Daan Park  --  (Gondwana Records)
12. Snow Storm Sound Effect
13. Tempelhof & Gigi Masin - Session One  --  (Hell Yeah Recordings)
14. Labi Siffre - Down  --  (Mr Bongo)
15. Funki Porcini - Last Night Over Norway  --  (Ninja Tune)
16. Commodity Place - Soils  --  (Pocket Panther Records)
17. Jose Manuel - Summer Wind (Jonny Nash Remix)  --  (Above Machine Records)
18. Seconds - Another Day (Slo Remix)  --  (Above Machine Records)
19. Jokers Of The Scene - A Night On The Town  --  (Throne Of Blood)
20. Olan Mill - Cultivator (Live)  --  (Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support)
21. Lord Of The Isles - Rising Sun  --  (Ene Records)
22. Heights Of Abraham - Love Flows Down  --  (Pork Recordings)
23. Koji Kondo - Song Of The Storms (Tim Sane Ambient Mix)  << Free via Soundcloud
24. Alexander Aultman - Today, One Year Ago  --  (Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support)
25. Nigo - Too Much (Reprise)  --  (Toy's Factory)
26. Rain Into Spring Birds Sound Effect
27. Nohelani Cypriano - You Are So Beautiful  --  (Be With Records)

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