5 October 2015

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This selection was intended for a radio show I'd been asked to contribute to. I was really pleased to have been asked and it came at a time when I felt really flat/down, so it was a much needed confidence boost. However, when I submitted the mix the host decided they didn't want it anymore. No reason given, I was just  told it wouldn't be used. Disappointing and annoying, but I can still post it here.

The tracklist is below the player as usual, everything has come from vinyl (apart from track #16) that I've picked up from the excellent Ed Davies from Disque 72. If you enjoy any of the tracks featured, please support the artists and consider going via Ed.

Hope you enjoy the selection!


01. Gigi Masin - The Word Love  -  (Music From Memory)
02. Tempelhof - Nik  -  (Throne Of Blood)
03. Darkside - Golden Arrow  -  (Other People / Matador)
04. Mark E - Kultra Kafe  -  (Spectral Sound)
05. Telespazio - Nuvolari  -  (Hell Yeah Recordings)
06. Eddie C & Seahawks - Make Your Mind  -  (Red Motorbike)
07. Klaus Lunde ft. Phoenix - Fight Fear With Hope  -  (Drum Island Records)
08. Cass. - Mont  -  (Emotional Response)
09. Farbror Resande Mac - Hagringen  -  (Aficionado Recordings)
10. Len Leise - Asmat Images  -  (Aficionado Recordings)
11. Duncan Gray - Now We Eat  -  (Bird Scarer Records)
12. Anzano - Movements II  -  (Throne Of Blood)
13. Balearic Gabba Soundsystem - Groove Me  -  (Throne Of Blood)
14. Kettenkarussell - Drama  -  (Geigling)
15. Innerspace Halflife - Galaxy Dreaming  -  (Synapsis Records)
16. Julius Papp - Are You Really Listening? (Mixa Light Edit)  -  (NeoDisco Music)
17. Gaussian Curve - The Longest Road  -  (Music From Memory)
18. The Phantom - Across The River, Beneath The Trees  -  (Emotional Response)
19. Leonardo Ceccanti - (It's A) Long Way  -  (Aficionado Recordings)
20. Spinning Motion - Blue  -  (Notes On A Journey)

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