Merry Mixmas with Added Dusk Dubs

24 December 2015

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As those of you who know me will be well aware, I have been reposting my Mixmas mixes these past few years and haven't done a fresh one since 2010. I had planned on doing one this year, but time ran away from me and I've had to put it off for another year.

Never fear though, Jon at Dusk Dubs has given me the all clear to post up his DDXmas 2015 mix alongside my own, so you will have plenty to see you through Christmas Day.

There will be one or two posts before the New Year arrives, so keep an eye out for those over the coming days. In the meantime, be kind to each other, eat well, drink sensibly and create life lasting memories.

Merry Mixmas!


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Make Your Soul Dance

16 December 2015

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I've been on quite a roll with the amount of mixes I've been posting lately. I'm putting that down to no longer being bound to the chore of burning of cd's to use in the CDJ's. I really do not miss that at all.
This latest mix is basically a selection of some lovely music I've bought over the course of this year. I do hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please support the artists and labels by buying their music.


01. Jascha Hagen - Soldier  -  (Stamp Records)
02. Junktion - Visions Of You  -  (Razor n Tape Reserve)
03. Kejeblos - Autobahn Dub  -  (Phantom Island)
04. NY*AK - Laid  -  (Karakul)
05. Khotin & Dane - IMHO  -  (Common Edit)
06. Throwback Zack - Coolin' Out  -  (Star Creature)
07. Yse Saint Laur'ant - Crying Woman  -  (Whiskey Disco)
08. Todd Terje - Preben Goes To Acapulco (Prins Thomas Remix)  -  (Olsen)
09. Andy Gibb - Across The Floor (Deadly Sins Rework)  -  (Giant Cuts)
10. MermaidS - I  -  (Goodship Records)
11. Keyboard Masher - Astral Playground  -  (KM Editions)
12. Mugwump - Until You're Worth It (Andrew Weatherall Remix)  -  (Subfield)
13. Basso - Sorry Richard  -  (Joe's Bakery)
14. Eirwud Mudwasser - Ziggurat  -  (Balearic Social Records)
15. Gryningen - Från Andra Hand Till Stränderna I NIce  -  (Aficionado Recordings)
16. The Loose Control Band ft, Ray Stevens II - Doin' It  -  (Golf Channel Recordings)
17. Napoleon Cherry - Morning Song  -  (Music From Memory)

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Winter Chill

11 December 2015

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Chillout, lounge, downtempo, ambient. Whatever you wish to call it, I'm a fan of the genre(s). I have a fair amount of it in my collection, whether it be albums and artists that are dedicated to the genre(s), or the odd track here and there that you often find within albums from other genres. I've long intended on making a mix that fits into that pigeon hole, and today wasn't going to be that day.

When I got up this morning I had thought about doing a mix along the lines of my Summer Slowdown / Dedicated To The Summer We Never Had mixes, but perhaps a little deeper and a little more influenced by ambient sounds. I posted a comment to that effect on my Facebook account this morning. However, Andy Pye from the Balearic Social mix series/occasional night and now record label suggested that he'd be interested in doing a part 2 to my own mix, but with a stipulation - it should be beatfree. So I set about digging through my collection to have a few tracks ready to hand and to get me started, I settled in and clicked record and this is the result.

This mix was recorded live in one take, mostly from vinyl (so expect the odd pop or crackle) but with a couple of digital only tracks and a CD only track thrown in the mix too. You'll figure that out from the links provided in the tracklist.
A few others picked up on the plan for a couple of ambient mixes and suggested they'd like to join in, this then grew arms and legs and it turned into a series of mixes from a variety of selectors. You'll find links to the other contributions at the foot of this post.

I do hope this is something you can enjoy, I'm well aware that ambient is a fairly acquired taste of music, but if it encourages even a handful of new listeners to the genre, then I'm happy with that.



01. Floating Points - Elaenia  -  (Pluto)
02. Cass. - Emotioncode  -  (Emotional Response)
03. youAND:THEMACHINES - Desire  -  (Ornaments)
04. Dave Harrington ft. Tamara - Things Behind The Sun  -  (Other People)
05. Drvg Cvltvre - Moment 03  -  (New York Haunted)
06. Joan Bibiloni - Val, I Vuw Ya  -  (Music From Memory)
07. Gigi Masin - Tharros  -  (The Bear On The Moon Records)
08. Karamika - Ton 9  -  (ESP Institute)
09. Luke Wyatt - Time For Thick (Not Waving Remix)  -  (Emotional Response)
10. Chrome Canyon - Light  -  (Throne Of Blood)
11. Vangelis - Love Them From Blade Runner  -  (Off World / East West)
12. Gigi Masin - Consequences Of Goodbyes  -  (The Bear On The Moon Records)
13. Commodity Place - Clouds Inside Me  -  (Pocket Panther Records)
14. Vermont - Sharav  -  (Kompakt)
15. Proton Kinoun - Peripheral System  -  (Omnitropic)
16. 55 Cancri e - Belsebubs Tårar (del 1)  -  (Music For Dreams)
17. A.R.T. Wilson - Sarah's Theme (Air)  -  (Growing Bin Records)
18. Jonny Nash - A Shallow Space  -  (Melody As Truth)
19. Secret Circuit - Easter Island Electric Brain  -  (Emotional Response)
20. ambientsketchbook - A New Star  -  (Self Released)
21. Gunnar Haslam - Discouraged  -  (Mister Saturday Night Records)
22. Suzanne Kraft - Renee Sleeping  -  (Melody As Truth)
23. Hatchback - Horizon  -  (Be With Records)
24. Kettenkarussell - Drift  -  (Giegling)




Part 02 -  Andy Pye

Part 03 - Matthew Foord

Part 04 - George Mihaly

Part 05 - Original Gidman

Part 06 - Richard Tovey

Part 07 - Sequenchill

Part 08 - Andy Hickford

Part 09 - Faction

Part10 - Another Fine Day


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On Vacation III

22 November 2015

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At the start of November I managed to get the opportunity to have a much needed week away in the sun. A week wasn't really enough, but then I guess that is a normal sentiment considering how grey, cold and damp it often is in my neck of the woods.

The two previous 'On Vacation' mixes were made just prior to going to the USA, hence the title. Even though this holiday wasn't to the States, I think the title will stick for all mixes I make around a trip away.

I promised before I left that I'd post up a tracklist for anyone that is interested so apologies for just getting round to it now. 

There's a good chance the next mix I put out will be a very chilled out vibe, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, keep your eyes out for it in the usual places.

In the meantime, here's On Vacation III and that linked up list.


01. Unknown - I Can Dub Anything You Like (Trent Edit)  -  (CockTail d'Amore Music)
02. Unouzbeck & Venturi - Manjula Doll  -  (Ostra Discos)
03. Funkyjaws - World Spin  -  (Diggin' Disco Deep)
04. Takuya Matsumoto - Filo  -  (Fina Records)
05. Luvless - Algier Ego  -  (Diggin' Disco Deep)
06. Junktion - Hot + Bothered  -  (Razor N Tape Reserve)
06. Closed Paradise - You Got It Goin' On  -  (Long Weekend Records)
07. Four Walls & Funkyjaws - Bring Me To Space  -  (Shadeleaf Music)
08. Unknown - Eros 01x (Track 3)  -  (Eros)
09. Lyn Christopher - Take Me With You (Out Of The Basement Edit)  -  (To Rack & Ruin)
10. Tim Zawada - Do Me Like  -  (Tugboat Edits)
11. Deadly Sins - Shave A Pair  -  (KAT)
12. Selvy - Pięć Minut Łez  -  (The Very Polish Cut-outs)
13. Eddie C & Seahawks - Say Hello To My Love  -  (Red Motorbike)
14. Fouk - Ken Sent Me  -  (Heist)
15. Thatmanmonkz - Got 2 Get  -  (Shadeleaf Music)
16. Axel S - Riesenglied 95 (Fur Nano)  - (Box Aus Holz)
17. Saine - Daze  -  (Shadeleaf Music)

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5 October 2015

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This selection was intended for a radio show I'd been asked to contribute to. I was really pleased to have been asked and it came at a time when I felt really flat/down, so it was a much needed confidence boost. However, when I submitted the mix the host decided they didn't want it anymore. No reason given, I was just  told it wouldn't be used. Disappointing and annoying, but I can still post it here.

The tracklist is below the player as usual, everything has come from vinyl (apart from track #16) that I've picked up from the excellent Ed Davies from Disque 72. If you enjoy any of the tracks featured, please support the artists and consider going via Ed.

Hope you enjoy the selection!


01. Gigi Masin - The Word Love  -  (Music From Memory)
02. Tempelhof - Nik  -  (Throne Of Blood)
03. Darkside - Golden Arrow  -  (Other People / Matador)
04. Mark E - Kultra Kafe  -  (Spectral Sound)
05. Telespazio - Nuvolari  -  (Hell Yeah Recordings)
06. Eddie C & Seahawks - Make Your Mind  -  (Red Motorbike)
07. Klaus Lunde ft. Phoenix - Fight Fear With Hope  -  (Drum Island Records)
08. Cass. - Mont  -  (Emotional Response)
09. Farbror Resande Mac - Hagringen  -  (Aficionado Recordings)
10. Len Leise - Asmat Images  -  (Aficionado Recordings)
11. Duncan Gray - Now We Eat  -  (Bird Scarer Records)
12. Anzano - Movements II  -  (Throne Of Blood)
13. Balearic Gabba Soundsystem - Groove Me  -  (Throne Of Blood)
14. Kettenkarussell - Drama  -  (Geigling)
15. Innerspace Halflife - Galaxy Dreaming  -  (Synapsis Records)
16. Julius Papp - Are You Really Listening? (Mixa Light Edit)  -  (NeoDisco Music)
17. Gaussian Curve - The Longest Road  -  (Music From Memory)
18. The Phantom - Across The River, Beneath The Trees  -  (Emotional Response)
19. Leonardo Ceccanti - (It's A) Long Way  -  (Aficionado Recordings)
20. Spinning Motion - Blue  -  (Notes On A Journey)

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Summer Slowdown

21 September 2015

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Update - I really tried to push the jump to Hearthis, and it should have happened because it remains a far better / more functional website than Soundcloud which despite having seriosly lost its way over recent years, still generates more traffic than it's competitors, or at least in my own experience.

With that in mind, my eggs are now reluctantly in the basket of Mixcloud.


I've been championing the cause of for a good while now. Mainly because I've been keeping a close eye on events surrounding Soundcloud and I felt that this clampdown on DJ mixes and Edits was coming. In all honesty, I'm surprised it's taken this long for the shit to really hit the fan. Until the most recent batch of Sony strikes and subsequent account deletions over on Soundcloud, it was pretty slow over on Hearthis. Things are really beginning to pick up now though, and in future I will be embedding the Hearthis player on the blog, rather than the Soundcloud player.

If I'm being totally honest, I do still prefer the Soundcloud interface, although I still wish we had 'Classic Soundcloud', and I will likely keep my feet in both camps (as well as Mixcloud) for as long as my Soundcloud account remains open. I'm sure like many others, it's a matter of time before I am forced to jump fully into the other hosting sites, and who knows how long those will last?

As a way of kick-starting the new focus on Hearthis, I put together a wee chillout mix at the weekend, and as is the way of things, it was unplanned and played live. Please support the artists by picking up any of the music you may enjoy from the mix.




01. Scrimshire ft Matthew Halsall - Saltwater  -  (Wah Wah 45's) <<< Free via Bandcamp>>>
02. Stateless - Bloodstream  -  (Studio !K7)
03. Fila Brazillia - In The Kingdom Of Sound  -  (Twentythree)
04. Nic2Birilli - Il Mio Brano 14
05. Handsome Boy Modelling School - Sunshine (Groove Armada Sunset Dub)  -  (Tommy Boy)
06. St Germain - Montego Bay Spleen  -  (Blue Note)
07. Tim 'Love' Lee - Everybody Loves The Jungle  -  (Tummy Touch)
08. Turquoise Summers - Cuando Tocamos  -  (Omega Supreme Records)
09. La Vogue - Eternal  -  (Shiny Disco Club)  <<<Free via Soundcloud>>>
10. Dust Brothers - Searchin'  -  (Mo Wax)
11. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Dadamn Traffic  -  (Combination Records)
12. Hexstatic - Telemetron  -  (Ninja Tune)

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Network Guest Mix - September 2015

12 September 2015

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The first time I bumped into Matthew Foord on this world wide interweb thing was after he had left a series of very warm and complimentary comments on my 'Is Anybody Listening?' mix, 2 to 3 years ago. Since then I've kept tabs on his own mixes and radio show output, which I have always thoroughly enjoyed. It seems we share a fairly eclectic taste, so when he asked me to share the airwaves with him during his Network show on Box Frequency, there was only ever going to be one answer.

Matthew asked me for a mix a good few months ago now, but between one thing or another, I just never got the time to do it. Buying some new equipment also held things up and to be honest, I should be spending time getting to grips with the Traktor Kontrol S4 and setting it up correctly rather than just diving in and making mixes. That's me all over though, and I couldn't help myself.  My mix for this show was only my third time on the S4, so it's not perfect, but not the worst for being a newbie. (PS - Yes, I did slow the Jonny Nash track down a lot..... simple reason, I quite liked the way it sounded, no more, no less).

I'll have some more new mixes to share soon, so keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, here are both parts of the Network show broadcast last Thursday evening (10th September), linked up for you to grab the tracks you enjoy.

To keep track of Matthew Foord, visit the following links:

Network - September 2015 - Part 1: Matthew Foord



01. Joan Bibiloni  - Pinzells  -  (Aficionado Recordings)
02. Len Leise - Call Of Kati Thanda  -  (Cutters Records)
03. Volta Cab - Caribbean Undercover (Mark E Remix)  -  (Seven Music)
04. Steve Cobby & Trudie Dawn Smith - We Start Over (Tuff City Kids Private Acid Mix)  -  (International Feel)
05. Don Carlos - Alone (Paradise Version)  -  (Calypso)
06. Talamanca System - Balanzat  -  (International Feel)
07. Delicious - Moto  -  (Tretmuehle)
08. Little Big Bee - Searchin' (Atjazz Remix)  -  (Yellow Productions)
09. Vakula - Muspel  -  (Leleka)
10. Steve Cobby - Mahalo  -  (Declasse)

Network - September 2015 - Part 2 - Mixamorphosis


01. Nick Mackrory - Zulu  -  (Colona Records)
02. Scientific Dreamz Of U - Mystic Revelation Of Science  -  (Bokhari Records)
03. Ford Inc. - Delirium  -  (Throne Of Blood)
04. Cetranger - Spear Words  -  (Vernal Records)
05. Farbror Resande Mac - Drakryggen  -  (Is It Balearic?)
06. Jonny Nash - Phantom Actors  -  (Melody As Truth)
07. Gunnar Haslam - Ajapajapam (Version)  -  (L.I.E.S)
08. Mugwump - Doobie Shine Trouble  -  (Subfield)
09. Gaussian Curve - Impossible Island  -  (Music From Memory)
10. Cass. - Forest + Deer  -  (Emotional Response)
11. The Unknown Cases - Masimbabele (Justin Van Der Volgen Remix)  -  ([Emotional] Especial)
12. Stratus - Axis  -  (Aficionado Recordings)
13. Mushrooms Project - Obsession  -  (Uber)
14. Holy Other - Yr Love  -  (Tri Angle)
15. Baby Alpaca - Sea Of Dreams (Turbotito Remix)  -  (Music For Dreams)
16. Len Leise - Ryoshi's Garden  -  (Aficionado Recordings)
17. Eddie C - The Touch  -  (Red Motorbike)

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Mixamorphosis - Dedicated To The Summer We Never Had

30 August 2015

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It's not been much of a summer in the North East corner of Scotland. It's fleetingly teased us on occasion, but never really settled in to a steady pattern you could call Summer. Now that we are staring Autumn in the face, I figured I'd tip my hat to the season that never was, and break up the stream of older posts with a fresh mix.

I'm still getting to grips with Traktor and I've still to get it all set up correctly, but I can't help myself from having a a wee session here and there. This is one of those sessions, recorded 100% live and on the hop.

I should have some news shortly on a guest mix or two, so keep your eyes peeled for news on that via here or over on the Mixamorphosis Facebook page.

As usual, linked up tracklist can be found below the player. Buy the tunes you enjoy and support the artists.


01. Ptaki - Krystyna - (The Very Polish Cut Outs)
02. MK - I Want Marvin - (Diner City Sound)
03. Marvin Gaye - Where Are We Going? - (Blue Note / Motown)
04. Quincy Jones - Summer In The City (Onur Engin Edit) - (OE Edits)
05. Darondo - Didn't I? (Dave Allison Rework) - (Ubiquity)
06. Khotin & Dane - Josephina's Groove - (Common Edit)
07. Chorus & Disco Company - Słoneczna Promenada (Eddie C's Very Polish Motorbike Version) - (The Very Polish Cut Outs)
08. Toto - Georgy Porgy (Ed Zone Land Of Oz Edit)
09. Pools - Sew Brand New - (Razor N Tape Reserve)
10. Taggy Matcher - Rappers Delight (Dub Version) - (Stix)
11. Bing Ji Ling - Thought Our Love Was Strong (Romanowski vs Bing Ji Ling Mix) - (Uber)
12. Cherry Garcia - Sol Floresta - (Golf Channel Recordings)
13. Faith Massive - Shelter (H-Track Edit) - (H-Track)
14. Brian Bennett - Solstice - (Star Gazer)
15. Eddie C - So Remoteman - (Red Motorbike)
16. Vins - Dear Clay - (Whiskey Disco)
17. David Batteau - Spaceship Earth - (How Do You Are?)

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Mixamorphosis - Down The Rabbit Hole (April '14)

24 August 2015

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I'm hoping to have a few fresh mixes to share with those who are interested in the coming weeks, possibly one or two guest mixes in the pipeline too, but in the meantime, I'll keep moving older things on to the blog as and when I can.

Today I'm posting a mix which was originally intended for airing on Box Frequency back in April 2014, but due to a technical hitch, it never actually went out as intended. It's been on the rotation list for the Automatic DJ that runs the station when there aren't any live shows on, so you may have caught it there. If not, then it's a worthwhile post for me to be sharing. As a side note, this mix was cobbled together the day before I moved house. My CDJ's and mixer were the last things to be packed.... not something I'll do again in a hurry!

As always, I'd encourage you to buy the music legally should you enjoy any of the music featured and support the artists.


01. Forgotten Corner & Khidja - Tatooine Moons (Cassini Division Remix) - (Forgotten Corner Records)
02. Khidja - Mustafa - ( [Emotional] Especial )
03. Commodity Place - Multifrequency Behaviour Of High Energy Cosmic Sources (
04. Eden Ahbez - Full Moon - (Del-Fi Records)
05. Negra Branca - Duro - (Ono Tesla)
06. Kauf - Relocate (Psychemagik Remix) - (Cutters)
07. Frederick - Episode Of Love - (Fifty Fathoms Deep)
08. Casino Royale - Vivi (Johnny Paguro Bootleg Mix) - (Not On Label)
09. Last Waltz - Tipping The Gulf (Jamie Blanco Remix) - (Tusk Wax)
10. Frederick - An Artists Struggle - (Fifty Fathoms Deep)
11. Wild Beasts - Wanderlust (The Field Remix) - (Domino)
12. Dr Beat From San Sebastian - Acid Water - (Jolly Jams)
13. Desert Dwellers - Union (Whitebears Groove Mix) - (Self Release)
14. Chimes & Bells - The Mole (Trentemøller Remix) - (In My Room)
15. London Grammar - Interlude - (Metal & Dust Recordings)
16. Darkside - A1 - (Clown & Sunset)
17. Almunia - Meaning Of Time (Coyote Sunset Mix) - (Is It Balearic? Recordings)
18. Amidis - Überflieger (Extended Remix) - (Self Released)
19. Maurice & Charles - I, Carpenter (Piers Harrison Remix) - ( [Emotional] Especial] )
20. Vermont - Cocos - (Kompakt)
21. Applescal & Ryan Davis - Creatures (Ambient Version) - (Atomnation)
22. Flying White Dots - There Is Hope - (Self Released)

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Down The Rabbit Hole - Softmore (Now MMCD) & Mixamorphosis

18 August 2015

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The 3rd and final Down The Rabbit Hole show I was involved in saw me joined by the seriously talented Softmore. You might know him as MK, Matthew Kyle, Matthew McDonald, MMCD, In The Woods (the record label) or even as one half of his new project Reticent (along with Stephanie Grace). However you know him, you have to agree that he has real skills when it comes to music, whether that be edits, sample based tracks or original productions and DJ sets. Safe to say, I'm a big fan and have been since I discovered his work on Soundcloud a good few years ago now.

This show came in 3 parts, but really, the star of this is the Softmore mix in part 2. Feel free to check my own contributions too, but you really should check out *and download* the Softmore's a keeper!

By the way, I'm going to link up the tracklist as much as I can, but some tracks aren't going to be easy to find (or not possible at all) due to the nature of edits / soundcloud and the fact that Softmore created a number of these himself. 

You can check out Softmore (Now known as MMCD) via the following links - 



Part 1 - Mixamorphosis - Tracklist

01. Matthew Kyle - Check It On Out - (78 Recordings)
02. Jona Saucedo - When I Do Love - (Unknown Label)
03. Ned Doheny - A Love Of Your Own (Softmore Version) - (CBS)
04. The Isley Brothers - Footsteps In The Dark (Vins Edit) - (T-Neck)
05. Pistolpuma - Ain't No Love - (Not On Label)
06. Latimore - All The Way Lover (Disco Tech Edit) - (Glades)
07. Isaac Hayes - Walk On By (Prozak Morris Flip, Trip & Acid Flip) - (Stax)
08. Mathieu Clé - Black Mysteries - (Apersonal Music)
09. LNTG - You Abandonded Me - (Lightspeed Recordings)
10. Rhye - Open (Softmore Dub) - (Polydor)
11. BB King - Thrill Is Gone (RocknRolla Soundsystem Edit) - (Geffen)
12. War - Slippin' Into Darkness (Gazeebo Edit) - (United Artists)

Part 2 - Softmore - Tracklist

01. Softmore - Air Traffic (Intro) - (Not On Label)
02. Softmore - Weather Watcher (Interlude) - (Not On Label)
03. Andras Fox - Erskine Falls - (Home Loan Records)
04. Greg Paulus & John Camp - Remo - (Wolf + Lamb)
05. Jesse Boykins III - Show Me Who You Are - (Empire)
06. Greg Paulus - Daisy Duke - (Wolf + Lamb)
07. DJ Cam - Bounce - (Inflamable)
08. DJ Cam Quartet ft. InLove - Everybody Loves the Sunshine - (Inflamable)
09. Softmore - In Flight (Interlude) - (Not On Label)
10. GB ft. Steve Spacek - Simply So - (Sound In Color)
11. Joseph Terruel - The Jazzy Dub Sensation - (In The Woods)
12. Softmore - Coastal Drift - (Not On Label)
13. Robin Hannibal - Transit - (Circulations)
14. Softmore - Harp Chord (Interlude) - (Not On Label)
15. Modlee & Vlooper - All Matter - (Heavenly Sweetness)
16. The Rurals ft. Irantzu - Hermosa Blues (Softmore Edit) - (Peng)
17. Erlend Øye - Every Party Has a Winner and a Loser - (Source)
18. Shy Girls - When I Say I Love U - (Hit City USA)
19. Vital & Hubb - The Art of Alone - (Fokuz)
20. 6th Borough Project - Deep C - (Delusions Of Grandeur)
21. 6th Borough Project - The Callback - (Delusions Of Grandeur)
22. BRS - Lovin' Me - (Imperial Dub)
23. Phonique ft. Erlend Øye - For the Time Being - (Dessous Recordings)
24. Kola Kube ft. Choklate - Break My Heart (Session Victim Remix) - (Surround Sounds)
25. Navid Izadi - On My Mind - (Double Standard Records)
26. Harvey Sutherland - Nexus - (This Thing Records & Tapes)
27. Jerome C. - Heart & Soul - (Double Standard)
28. Baby Prince & Navid Izadi - Missing You - (Soul Clap Records)
29. Softmore - Air Traffic (Outro) - (Not On Label)

Part 3 - Mixamorphosis - Tracklist

01. Hanny Dottaway - Talkin' 'Bout (Dimitri From Loisada Edit) - (Ebo Records)
02. Phreek Plus One - La Spirale (J's Lovebeat Mix) - (Strut)
03. Secret Society - Doe's Playas - (1Trax)
04. Lay Far - Many Sided - (Shadeleaf)
05. U - I - (ManMakeMusic)
06. Munk & Rebolledo - Surf Smurf (Munk Version) - (Gomma)
07. Gang Of Wolves - Universal Children - (Stupid Human)
08. Cheek - Venus (Sunshine People Mix) - (Versatile)
09. The London Heavy Disco Revue - The Balloon Room - (Out Hear Audio)
10. The Bucketheads - Got Myself Together (Kenlou Remix) - (Big Beat)
11. Mark E - Khan - (Merc)
12. Theo Vaness - Love Me Now (The Noodleman Dub) - (RCA Victor)
13. Goody Goody - It Looks Like Love (Sleazy McQueen Edit) - (Atlantic)

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