Sunday, 29 May 2011

Gil Scott-Heron Sunday #01

Gil Scott-Heron Sunday #01

A normal Sunday would see me compiling a list of my favourite tracks picked up through Soundcloud over the previous week. Today should have been Soundcloud Sunday #19. Following the sad and untimely passing of Gil Scott-Heron a couple of days ago I've decided to give up the usual Soundcloud Sunday post for this week and instead give you a Gil Scott-Heron Sunday.

Some of you may not realise Gil Scott-Heron had an understanding of Scottish people. This was perhaps down to the fact that his father played football in this country, playing for both Celtic FC and the now defunct Third Lanark, although I've heard it said that Gil Scott-Heron was a football fan himself and followed Rangers; how true that is I do not know. It is reported that Gil Scott-Heron said during a book launch in Glasgow "two things Scots love is football and music and they got one representative from each from my family".

I won't go on writing about Gil Scott Heron, I'm not here to write, I'm here to share music and you can visit many sites on the internet if you want to learn more about him (the picture at the top links to the GSH Wikipedia entry). What I will say is - music lost another of it's great inspirational figures as well as a major influential force for positive social change when Gil Scott-Heron passed away. He may be gone but his legacy will be around for a very long time to come. R.I.P Gil Scott-Heron.

Gil Scott-Heron - Home Is Where The Hatred Is ( Ramsey Hercules Tribute ) by Ramsey Hercules

Gil Scott-Heron - Johannesburg (Pied Piper Disco Mix) FLAC by PiedPiper

Gil Scott Heron - The bottle (Pepe Mariachi Edit) by Pepe el Mariachi


Today's Soundcloud Sunday post was going to feature Jay Negron, Appo, Shimi Sonic, Eugene Tambourine, DJ Stereo 77 and a great mixtape from Scratch and Sniff - click those links if you'd like to check them out.

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Apple Scruffs Download Bonzanza....

The Apple Scruffs have featured on the blog quite a lot since I started putting up Soundcloud Sunday posts. A constant stream of good edits of an excellent selection of tracks have meant that The Apple Scruffs has quickly established a large following on Soundcloud and to celebrate breaking through the 1,000 follower threshold all 37 tracks on Soundcloud have been opened up for a free download. Jump on this now because come Monday the majority will be available to stream only.

Here are a couple of tracks you'll find there.....

Bill Withers - Sweet Wanomi (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

The Rolling Stones - Gimmie Shelter (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

James Brown - Body Heat (The Apple Scruffs Edit) by The Apple Scruffs

So, what you waiting for..... go on to The Apple Scruffs page on Soundcloud and get downloading!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Doc Severinsen - I Wanna Be With You (Leftside Wobble Edit)

I've featured the rather excellent Leftside Wobble on the blog before, both in Soundcloud Sunday posts and in mixes. Well, this time I've giving him a post of his own. The reason? Well, the reason is that Leftside Wobble is giving away a fantastic edit to celebrate him hitting 400,000 plays on his Soundcloud profile. So, congratulations going out to Mr Wobble for that landmark; now sink your teeth into this.....

Doc Severinsen - I Wanna Be With You (Leftside Wobble Edit) [Download]

Links to Leftside Wobble: Soundcloud / Blog / Facebook

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Soundcloud Sunday #18

Soundcloud Sunday #18

Where the hell has the past week gone? It doesn't seem like 7 days since I last sat here to type out a Soundcloud Sunday post. The blog has been quiet but I've had a lot to do this week and I've been taking care of the finishing touches to my recent re-decorating and got my Daft Punk 'Tron' poster framed amongst other things.

I say that the blog has been quiet, it's never really quiet. I get quite a lot of e-mails each week from artists, labels and promoters, all seeking some space on the blog and some feedback on the things they send. Although I do have a very open mind when it comes to music I find a lot of what I get sent to be very similar and formulaic and the most predictable genres for me tend to be Dubstep and Electro House. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with a lot of dance music genres; I love it, I love electronic based music, but sometimes I just wish it would surprise me. Although it's not always the case, all too often I feel like I'm just sitting listening to the latest series of band wagon jumpers who flood into each genre-of-the-moment with poor imitations of tracks that have gone before.

Clearly that's not how everyone thinks, because the two genres I used as an example are probably the two most congested genres in dance music at the moment and have been for some time now. For me though, if people are to send me music to be posted on the blog, and if they want me to sit in my free time typing a review - it has to be music that speaks to me.

Please don't take offence if I don't post/review the music you've sent me and don't be discouraged from sending things in the future. If I like it enough, I'll post it.

Glad I got that off my chest. Considering the amount of music I've been getting sent, and how little I've been posting - something needed said. Job done. Now on with Soundcloud Sunday.


Come Together by Matthew Kyle

Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out (Matthew Kyle Edit) by Matthew Kyle

Show You Something (Matthew Kyle Mix) by Matthew Kyle

Regular visitors to the blog will know that I'm a fan of Matthew Kyle's work. In fact he's possibly been featured on these pages more than any other artist, whether under the guise of Matthew Kyle, M.K or No Requests. The standard of his work is high and is amazingly consistent which is why I keep plugging him.

There is a good interview (and guest mix attached) from Matthew over on The House Of Disco blog and it's well worth a read. In the meantime though, enjoy the tracks above and look forward to the DJ mix from Matthew I will post at the end of this Soundcloud Sunday post.

Links to Matthew Kyle: Soundcloud


CLYDE BROWN "you call me back" (EL edit) by Eoin Long

Eoin Long, the man behind this edit, began his career in New York but now DJ's and runs a studio out of Dublin, Ireland. He has a real nice selection of tracks on his Soundcloud page so it's well worth your time popping on for a listen to his other stuff. This particular edit is a touch of class to me - true to the original but lightly touched to make life a bit easier for the DJ.

Links for Eoin Long: Soundcloud / Myspace


Donna Summer - State of Independence - the Free At Last re-edit by Ed Zone

Although this has been labelled as a 're-edit' by Ed Zone, I think I'd go one step further and say 'Remix'. It does stay true to the Donna Summer's original version, but I think it has enough work put into it to class it as a remix. Incidentally, the Donna Summer version is actually a cover of the track written and produced by Jon Anderson & Vangelis, and like a comment left on the youtube page says, this track is like Marmite, you'll either love it or hate it, but either way, it has a fairly unique quality to it that can't be denied.

Links to Ed Zone: Soundcloud


Lykee Li-Little bit-Appo remix by appo

It's been a while since I've posted something from Appo on the blog. That's not down to not liking what he's put out lately, it's down to missing it in my Soundcloud feed. As much as I love Soundcloud, there are quite a few things I'd like changed to make it more user friendly. That's a moan for another day though.

If you aren't familiar with Appo, then head over to his website. He recently entered into the world of commerce, something I mentioned the last time I featured his work, and his most recent product is a compilation of some of his finest Remixes & Edits - surprisingly enough it's called 'The Edits'. I already own most of them and can thoroughly recommend them. You can listen to the either on Appo's website or his Soundcloud page.


Patti Austin - Baby Come To Me (Brendon P's 'Dubbed Out' Edit) by brendon p

This 'edit' is another that I'd class as being more of a remix - and what a remix. Brendon has taken this from being a nice Soul / Ballad into a deep, chugging, lush slo mo house track. Really top work that has transformed the original, and in my opinion, that transformation is for the better.

Links to Brendon P: Soundcloud / Facebook / Myspace


Gayle Adams - Lifesaver Plain Outta Luck (Jski Extended) by Jay Negron

Whenever you see the name 'Jay Negron', you know you are going to receive some quality sounds. and more often than not it's going to be an edit/remix of some of the finest disco to have been produced. He know's his stuff and you really must check out his other sounds over on Soundcloud, where you'll also find a comprehensive biography that makes for a great read.

Links to Jay Negron: Soundcloud


As promised, I'm signing off today with a DJ mix from Matthew Kyle. For me, it's the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon. Crack open a beer, kick your feet up and listen up.....

Sunday Slow Down - Soundcloud Mix 012 by Matthew Kyle


6th Borough Project - Settle
dbo - This Track
Ben Houghton - Next To Nothing
OOFT! - Mazin'
Cuetec - Early Sun
MannMadeMusic - In Space (Heavy Dub)
Mark E - Happenin'
dbo - Keep Turning
Nicholas - Down Low
SE62 - Wax Pencils
Volta Cab - Watch Your Back
D-Pulse - Velocity Of Love (Hot Toddy Mix)
Derek Dunbar - Love Of Mine
UB40 - Don't Break My Heart (Matthew Kyle Rework)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Soundcloud Sunday #17

Soundcloud Sunday #17

The blog is back in action. I had a week out because I have been decorating the room which houses my decks and computer etc. We are all done now though, so I can get back to posting and it's quite nice to be returning with a Soundcloud Sunday post.

I've listened to a lot of great tracks on Soundcloud lately and I could literally be here all day and beyond typing up this post if I posted everything that I really liked so I'm afraid I have to filter it to feature what I've picked up on that I've really enjoyed or feel I'll have a use for in a DJ set.

Before I head over on to post today's tracks I'll just take the opportunity to say, if you have any tracks that you think would fit in to the blog and you'd like posted here, please don't hesitate to get in touch at mark_em-sea[@] (without the brackets) - I'm always happy to hear from people with similar tastes :)

So, now that's out the way, onto the good stuff....


Rakim : Kalabuley Rhythm (Nirobi Remix) by robertluis

Lauryn Hill: "Repercussions (Nirobi Re-Edit)" by robertluis

The 2 tracks above have been available on Soundcloud for 3 & 6 months respectively, but I thought I'd post them up regardless. The Lauryn Hill edit is the only one of the two that can be downloaded (I know, I'd love a copy of the Rakim track too), you can grab the Lauryn Hill track on Soundcloud or by clicking [HERE].

One of the things I love most about music is that all music is new until you actually hear it. The music might have been available for weeks, months, years or decades, but it's new to you the first time you hear it. I don't go with trends or fads, if I like something, I like it - it could be from the 1950's or a promo sent to me that isn't due for release for several months; if I like it, I like it, and that is the only thing that matters to me.

Robert Luis, aka Nirobi, is the Co-owner and A&R man for the excellent label Tru Thoughts - their site is well worth a visit if you like free music! You can also catch more from Robert Luis at the following links - Soundcloud / Twitter / Myspace / Official Website


Family - How Hi The Li (Ole Smokey's Road To Reality Edit) by Ole Smokey

Ole Smokey has featured in Soundcloud Sunday previously and with good reason - the selection of tracks he has chosen to edit are fantastic, as are the edits. I hadn't heard this track in it's original form but I'm glad I caught onto it via this edit - it's a track the somehow manages to successfully fuse elements of Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Soul and Jazz into one track. Quite an achievement.

Downloads are limited to 100 on this one and as I type almost 2/3's have been taken, so jump on it quick if you like it and be sure to keep an eye on Ole Smokey on Soundcloud for more great edits.


Sly & The Family Stone - Family Affair (BP's 'Blood's Thicker Than Mud' Edit) by brendon p

I really love Sly & The Family Stone, as must a huge amount of producers because they are sampled very, very frequently. This edit from Brendon P is a brave choice of track because not only is it a classic, but it's a track that I've heard a few people describe as being a "nightmare" to edit. I think it's fair to say Brendon has carried it off very successfully and respectfully.

Download it either via the Soundcloud player or by clicking [HERE]

You can catch more on Brendon at the following links - Soundcloud / Facebook / Myspace


The Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood (Debonairs Too Much Dub) by Debonair

This great edit of the 1983 Rolling Stones track comes to you thanks to Conor Bevan, aka Debonair. This edit he has done has proved to be popular having been played almost 4,000 times and downloaded almost 1,000 times since it was posted 2 weeks ago - stats that are pretty amazing, and even more so when you consider he only has just over 200 followers on that Soundcloud profile.

If you like this, jump on it fast before it vanishes. Once you've hit download, hit follow too and show the man some support!

You can follow Debonair on Soundcloud or check out his other project - CBEAT, Facebook and Twitter.


Spacesoulretreat (jamie L remix) by NY*AK

NY*AK has been featured here a few times now, mostly through his work with Audio Parallax Records.

This is a really deep and fantastic piece of house. It's a real shame that this is not downloadable because I'd love to be playing this now. It will be available at the end of July on NY*AK's forthcoming 'Broken Promises EP'. Keep an eye out for it!

In the meantime you can keep up to date with NY*AK at Soundcloud


Cuetec&Christine Hoberg-Nom 3(updated final) by cuetec

This is another really nice piece of house music. This is Cuetec's interpretation of Christine Hoberg's track 'Nom 3' which was posted to Soundcloud 9 months ago. Check out the original and you can see how well Cuetec has done to take this track to a completely different place. The original has gone from being a gritty, emotional sounding folk track into something amazingly deep and lush. I'm not sure whose idea it was for Cuetec and Christine to team up, but it's worked and I for one would like to hear more.

If you enjoy this track you can grab it for free via Soundcloud or by clicking [HERE]

Links -

Christine Hoberg - Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter


Heaven 17 - Let Me Dub (SirBilly ReCutt) by SirBilly

What a great little edit of this classic Heaven 17 track! The edit comes from Sir Billy, aka Michelle Benetello, who either comes from the North Italian town of Treviso or Anchorage in Alaska, depending on whether you believe his Myspace or his Facebook. I don't think I'll spend time typing up information on Sir Billy that I gleam from his various profiles - just in case I get caught out with something that has been written tongue-in-cheek.

You can check out more from Sir Billy yourself by checking out the following links - Soundcloud / Facebook / Myspace


I'll round up this weeks Soundcloud Sunday with a few more tracks I enjoyed. I'm off to watch the final game of the SPL Football season. If you enjoy any of the following tracks, be sure to click through to the artists profile to find more music and information.

Juggy Murray Jones - Inside America (Jski & Pied Piper Groove Classic Mix) by PiedPiper


Feelin' Jillish (bydesign build) by bydesign


Mazin' [FREE RUFFJAM] by aliOOFT


Laberge and Nikademus - So far by laberge


MyKill - Falling [Free Download] by MyKill


High PKWY - Flat Erica by Champagne Records

Friday, 6 May 2011

Madonna - Vogue (Gareth Cheshire's Edit4JT)

It's Friday, it's the start of the weekend, and I've got a treat for all the ladies out there thanks to Gareth Cheshire (and Madge).

I don't think I've met someone from the fairer sex who doesn't like Madonna's track 'Vogue'. If you are a fan of this classic track then you NEED to jump on this cleverly worked Edit which comes in at over 11 minutes long.

Madonna - Vogue (Gareth Cheshire's Edit4JT)

Grab the download via Sendspace: 320 MP3 // Wav

Check out Gareth Cheshire at Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Vandal - Big Dog (Vandal Bites Dog)

To celebrate the release of Benefit Recordings compilation album 'One Year On Benefit' we have a track from the excellent Vandal for you to grab for free. I've been keeping tabs on Vandal since I hammered his remix of a Them:Youth track last year.

If you like this track then be sure to check out the full compilation over on Juno.

Vandal - Big Dog (Vandal Bites Dog Mix) [Download]

Check out Vandal on Soundcloud / Official Website / Facebook / Twitter

Check out Benefit Recordings on Soundcloud / Facebook

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

2 Free Remixes From Specimen A

I'm going to try and post to the blog a bit more frequently (again), and I'm kicking it off today with a couple of free downloads in the shape of 2 Specimen A remixes.

Chase & Status ft. Delilah - Time (Specimen A Remix) [DOWNLOAD]


M.O.P. - Ante Up (Specimen A's 'The Bass Face Mix) [Download]

You can catch more from Specimen A by visiting the following links -

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Soundcloud Sunday #16

Soundcloud Sunday has taken on a slightly different look over the past few weeks, mainly because I've been a little unwell with this and that. I'm feeling a bit better than I have in recent weeks, so I'm going to aim to get back into the swing of things with the blog.

If you didn't catch the mix from J.P. Source I posted yesterday then I suggest you check that out after you are done with this weeks 'normal service resumed' Soundcloud Sunday...


Sandie Shaw - Your Time is Gonna come (Ole Smokey's One Of These Days Edit) by Ole Smokey

I'm kicking off this week with an excellent Ole Smokey edit of this Sandie Shaw track. I say Sandie Shaw track, but it is actually a cover of a Led Zeppelin track from back in 60's. This cover is from Shaw's album 'Reviewing The Situation' which was released back in '69 but was re-issued around 2004-2005. So if you like this, check that out, you'll probably be able to pick it up cheap enough from Amazon or Ebay.

You can catch more of Ole Smokey's excellent selection of edits over on his Soundcloud page where you'll also find a great bio, or check him out over at Mixcloud.


April afternoon live looping jam by eleventhirtyeight

Some of you may know eleventhirtyeight, or at the very least recognise the name. If you don't, and you visit the blog regularly, then you aren't paying enough attention. I used an eleventhirtyeight remix of a Thom Yorke track in my most recent mixtape 'Is Anybody Listening?'.

This is a real nice track which takes a real Blues sound and fuses it into what I'd class as a Trip Hop beat. It's more than that though, it got a bassline that has hypnotic qualities and the use of effects are subtle and effective. What makes this even more special - it was apparently a live jam that was uploaded to Soundcloud without even being listened to.

Links to eleventhirtyeight: Soundcloud / Facebook / Blog


GQ - Lies (Fingermanedit) by FINGERMANEDIT

FINGERMANEDITS - Chic Chairs! (Fingermanedit) by FINGERMANEDIT

It's been a while since I've posted anything from Fingerman and if you've visited any of my previous Soundcloud Sunday posts, you'll know I like to post some funk and disco edits. We've had a fantastic run of good weather here in Aberdeenshire, so it seems like an even more appropriate time to be posting music of this style.

Links for Fingerman: Soundcloud / Facebook


Bill Withers - The Same Love That Made Me Laugh (scratchandsniffs extended re-rub) by scratchandsniff

Unfortunately there is no download available on this at the moment. I'm a massssssssive Bill Withers fan and would love a copy myself.

I'm pretty sure I've posted edits from scratchandsniff before. The thing I love about the scratchandsniff edits is that there aren't vast changes made to the originals, often a simple extension to intros, breaks and outros. This kind of edit is often frowned upon because many people view it as too simplistic, but for me, extending these great tracks skilfully and subtly is often just what is required because the originals are often just too short, and this Bill Withers track is a great example of this. Check the original [HERE] to compare it with this edit, I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

Links to scratchandsniff: Soundcloud / Mixcloud / Blog


Slomo sundance - Baresi nice n slow mix by Baresi

There isn't a huge amount of info I can give you on this. In fact, there is almost no info at all. I know this track, I'm sure I know it, but for the life of me I can't put my finger on it. Annoying when that happens, but best to move on because I could spend half a day racking my brains and still not get anywhere - probably a result of being a teen through the 90's ;)

Sadly I can't give much info on Baresi either, but you can keep tabs on him at his Soundcloud page. Oh, and there are limited downloads on this, so if you like it, jump on it. Once it hits 100, you've had it.


Matthew Kyle - I Want (Hotbox Dub) [128 Low Bitrate] by Parallax Music Group

I've not posted much from MK/Matthew Kyle this past few weeks. There was a point where I was posting something from him every week, so I forced myself into having a break. However, he is back with a great new EP on the excellent Audio Parallax label that I have been pushing a lot. They are steadily gathering a fan base and are really beginning to pick up pace with the releases. This is both great and annoying - great because it's consistently good tunes, annoying because I'm skint at the moment and I still end up buying.

You can pick up this EP from Matthew Kyle either on the Audio Parallax site or over at Juno. Just to sweeten that deal though, Matthew Kyle has posted a really nice track up on Soundcloud that you can pick up for free either via Soundcloud or by clicking [HERE]....

Make Me Crazy by Matthew Kyle


I'm going to close off this weeks Soundcloud Sunday with 2 great DJ mixes. Unfortunately I've not got tracklists for either of them, but assuming you know your stuff, when you see the names behind them, that should be enough to encourage you to click that play button. These two mixes are great for a Sunday afternoon out in the garden with a few cocktails...... do it and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mark E - Melbourne Deepcast 038 - April 2011 by R_co

DiskUnion Mix Vol.3 by cole medina