1 May 2016

Chilled Spring - Part 4 - Matthew Foord (With Added Dusk Dubs)

I'm going to double up on this post. Not only am I posting the 4th instalment of the Chilled Spring series from Matthew Foord, but I'm going to share Matthews guest mix for the good people at Dusk Dubs which was released today.

First things first, here's the links you'll need to keep up with Matthew - 

So, first up I'm going to share todays Dusk Dubs selection that Matthew has put together. The concept of the Dusk Dubs mixtapes is that the tracks should be more of a 'Back to Mine' vibe and that they should carry some meaning to the selector. If you head over to the Dusk Dubs website you can read exactly what each track means for Matthew and why he included the track.


Moving on with what I'm really supposed to be sharing now; the 4th instalment of Chilled Spring. At the time of writing this, I don't have a tracklist for you, but if it comes I will add it in. What I will say about the mix is this - I'm a fan of the selections Matthew puts together normally but this selection is on another level. The track choices and the flow in particular make this my favourite mix to date from Matthew. Download the mix and play it at your leisure. You won't regret it.


01. This Mortal Coil - Velvet Belly
02. Vivaldi - Transition / Spring
03. Matt Coldrick - Throat Blue Unity
04. Larkin - Two Souls Dance
05. David Sylvian - The Song Which Gives The Key To Perfection
06. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma - Raag Pahadi
07. Natacha Atlas - Adam's Lullaby
08. Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda ft. Pharaoh Sanders
09. Pink Floyd - Grantchester Meadows
10. The Naturals - Babblin' Brooke
11. Alucidnation - Spring
12. Simon Peter - Arc Of Lark
13. Paul Hunter - Peaceful Morning
14. D-Note - The Garden Of Earthly Delights
15. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Steady State
16. Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - Life Story
17. Sensorama - Aspirin (Global Communication Remix)
18. A Man Called Adam - Easter Song

Chilled Spring - Part 3 - Andy Pye

The process of catching up with the Chilled Spring series continues with Part 3 courtesy of Andy Pye.

As most of the contributors for the Chilled Spring series remain the same as those from the Winter Chill series, I'll keep the intros short and just share the usual key links and important bits like upcoming shows etc.

As you will know already, Andy is the man behind the ever reliable Balearic Social brand. This includes the long standing and very popular radio show hosted on Purple Radio, music events in partnership with the fabulous Outlaws Yacht Club (which I visited last month), a long list of guest slots both online and out there in the real world and of course now also a record label which is preparing to drop a HUGE second release from Zmatsutsi on the world in June (see the video below).

You'll be able to order the record from all the usual places, but your best bet for getting a copy would be to go through Ed Davies either via his Facebook or his Discogs page. A word of advice though.... don't sleep on it. These are going to fly out.

If you want to keep up to date with what's going on with Andy and Balearic Social then follow via these links - 

Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Hearthis  //  Mixcloud  //  Soundcloud  //  Blog


01. David Axelrod – The Signs Pt 3
02. Dolphins Into The Future – Lone Voyager
03. Bill Wyman – Emerald Guitars
04. Dolphins Into The Future – On The High Seas
05. Nobuyoshi Ino – To Chi Ka
06. Boz Scaggs – Can I Make It Last
07. Edgar Froese – Scarlet Score for Mescalero
08. Tangerine Dream – Invisible Limits
09. Dan Siegal – Epilogue
10. Andrew Pekler – Samba De Cherbourg
11. Roedelius – Geradewohl
12. Paul Horn – Mumtaz Mahal
13. Suso Saiz – Ya Son Dos Los Cielos
14. Double Fantasy – Children Of The Universe
15. Steve Tibbetts – Wish
16. Daniel Lanois – Fisherman’s Daughter

30 April 2016

Chilled Spring - Part 2 - Woodzee

As you will see, I didn't get around to posting on the blog whilst I was away on my recent travels. Apart from enjoying some sunshine, beers, cocktails and poolside lounging, I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the Stephen King book 11.22.63, which I very much enjoyed. If you're thinking on watching the TV series of it that is currently running, I suggest you go with the book first... I've not been too impressed with the TV show in comparison. It's been good, but it doesn't do the book justice.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the music.

Whilst I've been away from things, I've missed a few of the Chilled Spring mixes that have been airing on the wonderful Balearic Social Radio Show on Purple Radio. My aim had been to post weekly as the shows aired, but that's gone out the window so far. You can expect a flurry of activity whilst I catch up, and hopefully I'll get back into posting weekly when I'm caught up.

The first show I missed was Part 2, which comes from Woodzee. I know some of the regular visitors to the blog will already be familiar with the name as in the previous life of the blog I had posted one or two of his mixes having listened to his shows on the Chillout Sessions on BoxFrequency.FM. For those of you not familiar with the name, I'd urge you to check out his shows, which you can keep tabs on by following Box Frequency on Facebook. You'll also find him over on the Sun Is Shining blog.

You can also follow Woodzee on Mixcloud  // Hearthis  //  Soundcloud


01. Futurology - Kodex
02. Woob - Intermission Transmission
03. Bersarin Quartett - Rot Und Schwarz
04. Subheim - Berlin
05. Astropilot - Millions Of Light Years Away (Story 02)
06. Liquid Stranger - Zeal
07. Tripswitch - Tachyon
08. Alpha Wave Movement - When We Roamed The Stars
09. Kaya Project - Deep Kaya (Zen Baboon Ambient Edit)
10. Animat - Lost In The Valley Of Scintalla Strings (Misled Convoy Remix)
11. Bardo State - Seneca

28 March 2016

Mixamorphosis - A Postcard From Reality

As those of you who have kept in the loop with my mixes and posts over the years will know, I tend to post a mix before I head off on a trip (see my On Vacation mixes on Hearthis).

At the end of this week I am heading off on my motorbike for a trip. I have no idea how far I am going, nor how long I am away for. I have a set of motorcycle panniers ready to pack, my passport and an International Driving Permit - but only one destination planned - Leeds. Yes, I know I don't need a passport for Leeds, but it's just my first stop off point. 

All being well, I'm going to be joining some friends to listen to some good music and have a few beers at The Outlaws Yacht Club for the Balearic Social 5th Birthday. The event flyer is below, and as you'll see, it takes place over the course of 3 days. I'm aiming to travel down on the Friday, and at the very least, make it along on the Saturday for my first night out in a very long time. If all goes well, I'll try get along for the Sunday too, so if you're in the area, I'll maybe catch you there!

As I was saying, I like to post a mix before I head off on a trip. This time I've changed things up and aborted the On Vacation series, and gone with 'A Postcard From Reality'. There are a few bits in the mix I'm not overly happy with, but that's normal for me.... most folk won't care two hoots, so I'm posting it up, warts and all. If you happen to listen, download and enjoy, then do feel free to share it around to anyone you think might also enjoy it.

Whilst I'm away, I will try and keep up with the Chilled Spring posts - but if it goes a little quiet on here, you'll know that I'll catch up on my return.

Hope you enjoy this little journey whilst I head off on mine.


08. Boule Noir - Aimes-tu a Vie Comme Moi (Noodleman Rework)
12. Jona Saucedo - Look At Me
13. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge (Dynamicron Edit)
14. Rhythm Heritage - Barettas Theme (Jack Sparrow Edit)

Chilled Spring - Part 1 - George Mihaly

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, Spring has arrived, and with it, a fresh series of mixes. 

The Chilled Spring series of mixes sees the 10 selectors that compiled the popular Winter Chill series return, with the addition of two fresh contributors. As you'll see from the schedule below, Woodzee and Marc Godin are joining in the fun... if you don't know the names, then I assure you that you'll be in for a treat.

Each mix will be aired on the excellent Balearic Social Radio Show each Sunday on Purple Radio, and will then be available to stream or download via the dedicated Chilled Spring page on Hearthis and Facebook.

This series is being curated by the fabulous George Mihaly, who has kicked off the series with the first part yesterday. George runs The Quality Music Lovers Society group on Facebook and has a regular show on Box Frequency, as well as featuring as a guest selector all over the place, like [HERE] and [HERE].

Next up in the series is Woodzee, who you may know from the Chill Out Sessions show on Box Frequency. Don't miss it!

01. Rooks in the Tree Tops (Intro)
02. Washed Out - Entrance
03. Chris Coco - Portmerion Tide Flow (instrumental)
04. Kaya Project - The Flow (Ambient Mix)
05. Bent - On The Lake
06. Zero 7 - The Colour Of Spring
07. Fuxa - Cool Breeze
08. Mandrax - Melting
09. Kuniyuki Takahashi - My Dear Friend
10. Blank & Jones - Interstellar (Marc-George Infinite Reprise Mix)
11. J.Viewz - Prelude
12. Troels Hammer - Father Space
13. Carlos Nino And Friends feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Mezame (Awakening)
14. Jean-Pierre Mirouze - Tandoori Dance
15. William Orbit - Drift so Far
16. Visage - Fade to Grey (Cinematic Mix)
17. Finis Africae - Luna
18. Land of Light - Higher Love
19. Troels Hammer - Azur
20. Water Running in Brook North Beach Park Seattle (Outro)

22 February 2016

Vide Cor Meum

It feels like forever since I last posted. Probably because there was a glut of posts for the wonderful series of Winter Chill mixes (which I'm still listening to by the way). Whilst I'm on the topic, a reminder that there will be a new series starting in the coming weeks which will be curated by George Mihaly of the Quality Music Lovers Society group. Keep an eye out for it.

As for this mix, it was an impromptu mix where I hit the record button and played music. Nothing planned, no idea where I was going with it, and this was the result. I offered it up on my Facebook for any of my podcast / radio show hosting friends who may need a mix to plug a gap in their schedule, and Simon Cox from Saturo Sounds spoke up first, so that's where it went.

I've got a few other mixes to sort out in the coming weeks, so hopefully it won't be as long until the next post. In the meantime, here is the mix and linked up tracklist.... if you enjoy any of the tracks, support the artists and labels and buy the music!


06. Mark E - Horn Jam  --  (Merc)

24 January 2016

Mixamorphosis - Winter Chill: Peractio

Peractio Definitions:
last act (of drama)

Officially speaking, the Winter Chill series ended at mix #10 from Another Fine Day. However, I had prepared a mix to fit into the Winter Chill series as a back up, just in case one of the other contributions fell through. It seems like a bit of a shame to waste the mix, and as a means to put the series to bed, at least for now, I'm sharing it with you here.

Keep an ear open for a new series towards the tail end of March which is going to be curated by George Mihaly from the Quality Music Lovers Society.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this selection and if you enjoy any of the tracks from this, or any of the other mixes, please buy the music and support the artists and labels.


01. Robert Burns - Winter Dirge (Poem read by David Anderson)
02. Thunderstorm Sound Effect
03. Jon Hopkins - Luna Moth  --  (Just Music)
04. The Phantom - Across The River, Beneath The Trees  --  (Emotional Response)
05. UNKLE - Glow  --  (Mo Wax)
06. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Requiem For The Static King Pt 1  --  (Erased Tapes Records)
07. That Black - Ocean 1  --  (Citadel Records)
08. Zoe - Scarlet, Red & Blue (Untitled Remix)  --  (Not On Label)
09. Steve Moore - Arp 188  --  (Throne Of Blood)
10. Cass. - From Bay To Meadow  --  (Shhhh)
11. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra - Daan Park  --  (Gondwana Records)
12. Snow Storm Sound Effect
13. Tempelhof & Gigi Masin - Session One  --  (Hell Yeah Recordings)
14. Labi Siffre - Down  --  (Mr Bongo)
15. Funki Porcini - Last Night Over Norway  --  (Ninja Tune)
16. Commodity Place - Soils  --  (Pocket Panther Records)
17. Jose Manuel - Summer Wind (Jonny Nash Remix)  --  (Above Machine Records)
18. Seconds - Another Day (Slo Remix)  --  (Above Machine Records)
19. Jokers Of The Scene - A Night On The Town  --  (Throne Of Blood)
20. Olan Mill - Cultivator (Live)  --  (Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support)
21. Lord Of The Isles - Rising Sun  --  (Ene Records)
22. Heights Of Abraham - Love Flows Down  --  (Pork Recordings)
23. Koji Kondo - Song Of The Storms (Tim Sane Ambient Mix)  << Free via Soundcloud
24. Alexander Aultman - Today, One Year Ago  --  (Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support)
25. Nigo - Too Much (Reprise)  --  (Toy's Factory)
26. Rain Into Spring Birds Sound Effect
27. Nohelani Cypriano - You Are So Beautiful  --  (Be With Records)

21 January 2016

Winter Chill Part X - Another Fine Day

Before I go on to post the 10th and final mix in the Winter Chill series, I'd like to just say how much I've enjoyed being a part of the project. I've never been involved in anything quite like it, and the quality and uniqueness  from everyone that has contributed has been something to behold. I think it's been a real showcase for the ambient genre.

It started with me posting a simple 'off the cuff' comment to my Facebook page about thinking on doing a really deep chillout / ambient mix. Andy Pye from Balearic Social replied to the status suggesting that he'd like to do a Part 2 and for us to aim to go down the 'beatless' road. 

I asked Matthew Foord and George Mihaly if they would like to be involved and they contributed Parts 3 & 4 respectively. Following that, Jon Brent aka Original Gidman sent me a message to say he'd love the opportunity to be a part of the project, and with that, a series was born.

I was really happy to get Richard Tovey (Less Fences) and Andy Hickford (Downtown Science) involved, and delighted that George Mihaly was able to get Sequenchill on board while Matthew Foord lined up Faction and Another Fine Day. I'd like to thank George and Matthew for their extra efforts in securing these contributions.

I'd also like to thank Andy Pye for kindly taking the series to his popular Balearic Social radio show on the excellent online station Purple Radio. I've been a big fan of his show for quite a while now, so it is truly an honour to have had a mix of my own featured on his show, alongside these other fabulous contributors.

Now to wrap up the series, and we do it in style with a contribution from Tom Green, aka Another Fine Day. I've pored over Tom's bio on his own website, wondering how to condense it for the purpose of my own blog post, but it's so well done and full of interesting details on the various projects he has been involved in, it's really worth sharing in full, so I hope you (and Tom) don't mind me doing some copy & paste action here.


Tom Green first appeared playing synths and a battered Vox organ for cult punk act Dum Dum Dum in 1979, then performed with African guitarist Abdul Tee Jay, during the 1980s, while also fooling about with early computer music systems. These experiments led directly into working on ‘Dr’ Alex Paterson‘s seminal downtempo album of the early ‘90s, The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld. Tom went on to contribute tunes, beats, and various odd noises to a further four albums by the group, including the No 1 album UF ORB.

During this period Tom took time out to work on his own project another fine day, first released in 1993 on ambient dub label Beyond Records, the project taking the ear of Big Chill founder Pete Lawrence, who booked him 15 times in a row for the festival. Tom remains one of the few artists who played at every single Big Chill, up to 2010.

Fans of ambient music voted the first AFD album Life Before Land to No 3 in The Independent’s chart of ‘Greatest Ambient Albums’, and a second AFD album Salvage was released on the San Francisco label Six Degrees in 2000, the EP Chasing Tornados in 2004. Commissions followed, including Music for MRI Scanners, for installation in a new MRI scanner complex in the Royal Infirmary, Bristol, UK.

For the next few years Tom worked mostly on TV and film music, but in 2011 AFD reappeared with the ‘Christmas card’ EP Firelight , followed in short order by another commission, Music for Tai Chi in 2012, then a collection of short pieces from the Apollo Music cinematic archive, Low Tide.The latest AFD album A Good Place To Be is now out on Interchill.

As well as further collaborations with The Orb, Tom has co-produced tunes for Baka Beyond, and is also a member of nascent world music project Newanderthal, playing a rare ‘array mbira‘. He has remixed artists as diverse as Natacha Atlas, Kitten & The Hip, and Alucidnation.

In the meantime Tom continues to compose music for the media via his music production company Apollo Music, his TV clients including the BBC,Channel 4, RTE, Cineflix, and Zigzag, and contributes tracks to quality music libraries on Universal Music and EMI Production Music, No Sheet Music, and Altitude Music. 2007 brought him his first full length feature score, the comedy horror Botched – winner of 2 awards at the NYC Horror Film Festival. The album Erebus & Terror (with David Bickley) was recently featured on the soundtrack of Layke Anderson’s film Dylan’s Room, long listed for a BAFTA and winner of 7 awards. He has also scored Layke’s Happy Thoughts (2015, 5 awards) and the forthcoming Shopping. His most recent score is for Magnetism, co-directed by Curzon CEO Philip Knatchbull and due for release shortly.

Tom's mix is entirely comprised of his own work (alongside David Bickley for the 'Erebus & Terror' tracks). Most of the tracks come from the commissioned album 'Elements', which is a Spotify exclusive. It goes without saying, we are very fortunate and privileged to share this mix with you. There will be no downloads available on this mix, so if you enjoy what you hear, please pick it up via Spotify and support the artist.
I'd also urge you to check out the following links for Tom's existing and future works - 
Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Website  //  Bandcamp  //  Soundcloud  //  Mixcloud  //  Hearthis  //  Discogs


01 - Magnetoception (Elements)
02 - Frozen Ship (Erebus & Terror)
03 - Ice Melt (Elements)
04 - North West (Erebus & Terror)
05 - Between Stars (Elements)
06 - Polar Sirens (Erebus & Terror)
07 - Starsilver (Elements)
08 - The wind is singing (Elements)
09 - Bald Hills (Unreleased)
10 - If stones could dream (Elements)
11 - Cloud over Mountain (Elements)

Before I close this post I'll take this opportunity to let you know I will be posting one mix to close the door on this series and hand the reigns over to George Mihaly who will be starting a Spring series in late March. Keep an eye on his Quality Music Lovers Society group for more info.

The mix I will post was done as a back up mix, just in case any of the contributors dropped out at last minute, so it's along the same lines. No sense it going to waste and unheard.... look out for that late on Sunday evening.

Previously on Winter Chill - (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI) (VII) (VIII) (IX)

Winter Chill Pt IX - Faction

The final two parts of the Winter Chill series have arrived in quick succession, so I best get on with the posts. Before I do though, I must offer thanks to Matthew Foord for organising the final two parts of the series. 

The penultimate mix in the series comes from Benji Selbatron aka Faction. If you're not familiar with the name, let me tell you, he's a seriously talented individual that clearly does what he does for the love of it. You won't find him chasing about for easy 'likes' and 'shares' on social media; I like that.

Faction has contributed to the excellent 'My Favorite Things' and 'Network' shows on Box Frequency alongside Johnny Eyeball and Matthew Foord, and those shows can be found on the 'House Of The Flying Eyeball' Hearthis page. Once you've digested this Winter Chill mix, I'd urge you to take a wander over to check out Factions contributions to the Box Freq crew, and follow that with a visit to his Mixcloud page. There is a real variety to be found within his mixes, ranging from Hip Hop to Dubstep, Funk to Trip Hop and Ambient to Reggae and other genres in between, so something to suit a wide range of tastes.

Next up is the fabulous Tom Green aka Another Fine Day with the final contribution to the Winter Chill series  - you're in for a treat.

Links to Faction:


01. Intro (To The Moon)
02. Long Arm & Ruslan Gadzhimuradov - This Is The Beginning Of Life
03. Massive Attack - Red Light Means Go
04. Bjork - Headphones (Acapella)
05. Lostep - 6am Sedna
06. Jon Brammer - Last Stellar Remnants
07. Future Sound Of London - Slider 
08. Ishq section
09. Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow - X Machina
10. Stars Of The Lid - Tippy’s Demise (Alan Watts: Peaks and Valleys Go Together)
11. Thomáš Dvořák - The Sea

12. Access To Arasaka - inc[tumbler]
13. Meat Beat Manifesto - The Thumb (End Section)
14. Nest - Lodge
15. Nils Frahm - Corn
16. Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes
17. David Bowie - Sound & Vision (Sonjay Prabhakar Remix) 
18. Matthew Halsall - Wee Lan (Bowie snippets) 
19. Emiliano Torrini - Birds
20. John Brammer - Lost To The Void
21. Agnes Obel - Run Cried & Crawling (Live)
22. Aes Dana - ? (Live)
23. Christ - Always To Play
24. Massive Attack - Confused Images
25. Forss - In Paradisum
26. Forss - Lost Through Inversion
27. Bladerunner - You Play Beautifully (Outro)

Previously on Winter Chill - (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI) (VII) (VIII)