Thursday, 9 January 2014

Getting back to it

If you caught the last post I put up, you'll know my plans, and this is the first stage. Getting back to it.

So, from the outset of getting back to it, I want to make a few points, getting in before the trolls do -

  • I do this (blogging and making mixes) for my own enjoyment. 
  • I don't consider myself a great DJ, I just happen to do it as a means to make mixes of tracks I like.
  • I'm not interested in chasing numbers. I don't pester people to listen to the mixes I make, I don't pester people to like my page on Facebook, I'm not terribly bothered if people follow me online, or not. If people like the same music I do, and like the mixes I put up, then great, that's a bonus. If you don't like them, that's fine too - there are plenty people out there for you to enjoy.
  • Trolls pay note - trolling comments and messages will just be ignored completely. 

The future of the blog is going to be more aimed at being just a holding page for my mixes and somewhere for me to post up the tracklists, which I will try to link back to legal purchase points as often as possible.

I am still more than happy for people to send me tracks at - the caveat being that you are happy for them to be used in my mixes. I'm not planning on promoting tracks through blog posts, and any mixes I post that aren't my own will be one's I have enjoyed.

So, that's the basis of me carrying on with the blog, for the moment anyway. If you want to keep up with what is going on here then you can keep up to date on the new Facebook page or of course via Twitter and Soundcloud. The links are all on the left of the page.

I have a couple of things in the pipeline and I'll update the blog as and when I can. In the meantime, here is the latest mix I put together.



Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Does this thing still work

I'm a terrible, terrible blogger. No, I am. Don't try to persuade me otherwise, I know it, and the fact that this is the first post on the blog since April illustrates that.

Life has got in the way of me doing the things I have wanted to be doing and the blog has really taken a hit as a result.

I also deleted the Mixamorphosis Facebook page; you may have noticed. The reason for this was two-fold. First, I had been receiving a lot of trolling in Private Messages - from who, I do not know as they hid behind an account with a generic name of "Facebook User" with a long number behind it. The trolling was mostly to tell me how rubbish my mixes were, which is fine, I am not terribly bothered about that because I do it for my own pleasure, not for making money or to make a name for myself. I would let a couple these messages slide, then block the user and a day or two later I'd get more messages from an account that had a different number - and that process of message, block, new troll account continued for a couple of months.

Because I was never really interested in numbers of 'likes', 'plays', 'followers' etc, it wasn't a hard decision to just shut the page down, and the second reason behind shutting the Facebook page was that it would also be a good thing to do whilst I had a think about whether I wanted to continue with the blog, without the distraction of being trolled on Facebook every other day.

The decision I have come to is that I will be keeping the blog on. I may or may not open a new Facebook page, if I do it won't be until some time in the new year. If I do it will be linked up on the blog and of course Soundcloud etc.If people troll, they will be ignored, as they were before.... but I won't even bother blocking this time. If it were to happen again, then I'll be letting it slide entirely - I am sure they'd get bored soon enough.

I had kind of made my mind up a long while back that I was going to posting less in terms of promoting other people, which the blog had evolved into, and go back to why I started it and mostly use it as a place for my own things. Not to say that I will limit the blog entirely to my own mixes, but it'll mostly be about that.

I have a busy start to 2014 planned, but I have a couple of exciting things in the pipeline that I'll be able to speak about soon. In the meantime, I am going to have a wee holiday and leave these couple of mixes here in the meantime.

The first mix is one I recorded a couple of years ago, the second is one I recorded just a couple of weeks back.

Catch you in the New Year, if not sooner.


1. Chris Carter - Moonlight (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)
2. Zoo Look - Early Doors
3. DJ Steef - Simply Beautiful
4. Heion - Off
5. Domes - Who Are You? [Free via Soundcloud]
6. Matthew Kyle - Ain't No Love [Free via Soundcloud]
7. Curtis Mayfield - Gimme your Love (78 Edits 'Gimme Some Dub' Remix)
8. Kastil - Baltimore Thunder
9. DJ Steef - Knucklebeat
10. SE62 - Wax Pencils
11. Duff Disco - Return Of The Duff [Currently free - see link for info]
12. The Glue - Our Love Is An Edit [Free via Soundcloud]
13. Carly Simon - Why? (Le Sale Dub Edit) [Free via Soundcloud]
14. Sister Sledge - Let's Go On Vacation

1. Bon Iver - Wolves (Kll Thm Wth Clr Remix)
2. 12TTB - Untitled
3. Bjork - Come To Me (PhoenixRe-Work)
4. Jona Saucedo - Just Kickin' It
5. Marti Caine - Love The Way (Micamino Edit)
6. Gil Scott Heron - Angel Dust (Karim's Mixamorphosis Edit)
7. The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 (Out Of The Basement Edit)
8. Bobby Womack - Nobody Want's You When You're Down And Out (Matthew Kyle Edit)
9. Boule Noire - Aimes-tu La Vie Comme Moi (The Noodleman Dub)
10. Brendon P - Mo' Lovin'
11. Chante Moore - Love's Taken Over (Bydesign Edit)
12. Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away (Edit)

Friday, 12 April 2013

Vitalic - Live in Inverness: A Review

Review by Johnny Wilson (aka Jay_Dub)

Last Saturday saw the arrival in the Highlands of Pascal Arbez, better known as electronic artist, Vitalic.

The show, brought to you by local DJ's 'Filth' (Ross Lyall & Andrew McGibbon), was a bit of a coup. Vitalic was to be dropping the DJ set he has performed at so many other venues, and was taking a three-piece band to Inverness with him instead. A live act he usually saves for festivals!
It's safe to say there had been a bit of a buzz created around this event ever since it was announced back in December.

On to the night itself, and support came in the form of local DJ & producer, Alan Grant and the Filth boys, Ross Lyall and Andrew McGibbon.

First up was Inverness DJ, Alan Grant. Playing a nice blend of Techno & Tech House, he was the ideal choice to build some momentum towards Vitalic, and the reaction of the ever-increasing crowd, proves it. Alan is definitely a DJ i'll be keeping more of an eye on in the future. Check him out HERE.

Next, the Frenchman himself, Vitalic. Armed with his artillery of three vastly different studio albums (OK Cowboy, Flashmob & Rave Age), Vitalic is sub- genre defying and was born for nights like this.

With the support of  a drummer & keyboardist, Vitalic enters the stage and opens with the short but intense 'Vigipirate', bracing the crowd for what's to come.
Never holding back, he dives in with more from his latest album, including 'La Mort Sur Le Dancefloor' (my personal album favourite), 'Your Disco Song' and 'Rave Kids Go', like a man on a mission. The crowd already adore Vitalic, and he's just getting started!

His earlier tracks are also on offer - 'No Fun' ,'Terminator Benelux' & 'Wooo' are complimented brilliantly by the Frenchman's live wing-men, especially on a new live version of 'Valletta Fanfares'. The percussionist in particular has the Inverness faithful hypnotised!
More tracks from 'Rave Age' follow and the more the set goes on the more you realise Vitalic's latest work was created for the ultimate live experience.

The standout track from his latest album, 'Stamina' has the crowd bouncing in unison. The set is now in full swing. 'One Above One' is next and during it there are teasers of what was to be 'La Rock 01' - THE electronic anthem of the noughties. The track, in my opinion, was years ahead of it's time - you still get the same reaction to the track you did back in 2001. Bedlam! In 2013 the Ironworks crowd dance like their lives depend on it, whilst chanting to the sample.
'Poison Lips', 'No More Sleep', 'Under Your Sun', and crowd pleaser 'My Friend Dario' all follow, and after a very quick but action-packed hour & a half, Vitalic & his band walk off the stage to rapturous applause.

The chant in unison of "one more tune" goes out & before you know it, Vitalic returns to the stage to belt out another rendition of 'Stamina' to mass appreciation from the Highland crowd.
Finally, Pascal Arbez & his band take a well deserved bow & walk off the stage to a chorus of cheers.

You'd have forgiven the masses if they had gone straight home after that spectacular show, but the Filth boys get stuck right in with their set, reigniting the dancefloor with some pounding techno beats.
Ross Lyall & Andrew Mcgibbon were on top form,  reminding the Inverness crowd what the majority already knew - the Filth boys are an Inverness act at the top of their game.
Renowned in the Highlands for putting on great events & bringing some top names in the business up north (Erol Alkan & Green Velvet to name but two) , Filth produced the goods again on a freezing cold April night.
Many people that I spoke to during & after the event said that it was one of, if not the best night the Ironworks had produced for many a year. I wouldn't disagree with that at all!
Take a bow Ross, Andrew & crew!

For more about Filth & what they're all about, check their website HERE.


You can buy Vitalic tracks over on Junodownload

Friday, 5 April 2013

Vitalic @ Ironworks, Inverness - A Preview

Tomorrow night see's Electronic artist Vitalic, play in Inverness! This is definitely not one to be missed, as he's bringing his 3 man live show to town, a show usually only kept for the festival arena.

This is just a sample of what we can expect ....

To say I'm looking forward to this is an understatement, one of my favourite acts coming to my doorstep (well 26 miles away, but hey). Support comes from local dj's & event organisers, Filth DJ's, aka Ross Lyall & Andrew McGibbon, and also Inverness DJ, Alan Grant! Check out the Filth boys here -
Tickets are still available from the Inverness Ironworks box office & also from Ross Lyall himself!
Watch this space as I'll be reviewing this gig and posting it as soon as possible!

I'll leave you with this free download from Vitalic's Soundcloud, a nice tune to get you set up for the weekend ...

- Jay

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Mark Mcleod - Whatever Comes To Hand

As I'm currently in the middle of re-organising my music collection, most of my discs are bundled away into boxes. A few nights ago I came across a handful of random discs that I'd missed out by mistake and decided to see what would come out of a wee mix; and this is the result.

The mixing isn't my best, but, what the hell...... it's as live as a mix can get, and the limited choice I had made it a bit of a fun challenge. Hope you can see past the odd bit of dodgy mixing and enjoy it for the tunes.




01. Jeremy Glenn - New Life (Perseus Summer of Eighty Three Remix) 
02. Nick Turner - Love Is Reel 
03. Drou Fiorotto - Flying Tribute To The Music  <<< Free Download
04. Marcello Giordani - Chubby Rain 
05. Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework)   <<< Discogs link
06. Deadly Sins - My Love Is (Hot Tonight) 
07. Kongas - Why Can't We Live Together? (Alkalino Edit) 
08. Cottam - Badustylee 2 <<< Free Download 
09. dbo - M.U.S.I.C 
10. Joseph Terruel - Untitled A1 
11. Pional - In Another Room 
12. John Clements - Cosmic Love (Nobuddy Remix) 
13. JockTalk - I Still Love You <<< Discogs link