4 December 2022


If you caught last weeks post [here] you'll know that this mix is a continuation from last week and sits in the sphere of electronica and ambient by my reckoning. Assigning genre tags has never been a strong suit of mine and I think constantly narrowing genres to this narrowest margins is counter productive to opening music up to people who might otherwise skip by and disregard. For me, it's much more helpful to give a general idea or feeling about a track, album or mix than the narrowest definition possible. So any disagreement on the genre tags I may use are fair and fine by me, but this is my approach and I'll stand by it.

Once more, I'm going to be a little lazy when it comes to pointing out why I'm posting weekly mixes through 2022 and just copy and paste what I posted last time around. I set out at the start of the year to post a new mix every week as a challenge to myself and also as a way to try and raise some funds for Sue Ryder, a charitable organisation that helped provide care for my Mum in her final 3 years. The hope being that if listeners enjoyed what I posted that they might find it worthy of a small donation to Sue Ryder via my Just Giving page, where they receive 100% of all funds raised. Sue Ryder provide care and a home for people in Aberdeen with extremely challenging neurological conditions like MS, MND (ALS) and Huntingtons to name a few, as well as respite and palliative care centres elsewhere in the country. All too often these services are the kind that you don't realise the importance of until you find yourself in the position of needing to use them, and sadly there is a considerable waiting list for that. Like most people and businesses, the pandemic and cost of living has had a huge impact and support is very much needed to make sure these services can continue. So, if you have listened and enjoyed any of the posts this year, please consider a small donation. Find out more on my Just Giving page, or via the Sue Ryder website.


As usual, I will post a linked up tracklist below the player so you can find any particular track you may want to pick up, but it also gives a chance to follow and support the artists and labels by digging a little deeper yourself, something I very much encourage and hope you will do.




Brian Case - DCIN (Hands In The Dark)

Karima Walker - For Heddi (Keeled Scales / Ordinal Records)

More Eaze - Better (Past Inside The Present)

Stellardome - I Don't Belong Here (Hidden Vibes)

David Cordero - El elogio de la sombra (DRONARIVM)

Cold Womb Descent - Colony Of The Remnants (Hidden Vibes)

Steve Moore - You're Making A Big Mistake (Relapse Records)

Reinis Ramans - Luminosity (Growing Bin Records)

Matthias Puech - Badalisic (Hands In The Dark)

Takashi Kokubo - Fluctuation #2 (Glossy Mistakes)

Lucy Liyou - How To Build An Automaton (Full Spectrum Records)

Porya Hatami - Restless (Tomotsugu Nakamura Remix) (DRONARIVM)

Max Würden - Exothermic Reaction (A Strangely Isolated Place)

Slow Meadow - A Light Without Flame (Self Released)

Sachi Kobayashi - Communication (Hush Hush)

Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourriere - Instants Ephemeres (Versatile Records)




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