18 December 2022


Well, it's the penultimate mix of the year and I'll save my summary of that until next week. What I will say is that there's a narrative and a feeling from this weeks mix; sometimes the title, sometimes the vibe of the track, often both, that sums up how I feel and where I'm at. Not just now, but for quite a long time. That's not a grumble, it's just how it is. Today isn't the first time my eyes have welled up thinking about things whilst I'm putting a post together. Whether it be the purpose behind this year of mixes, the person behind the point of it all, the position I find myself in, the fact it hasn't quite panned out as I hoped. If I can summon the energy / will to build on that in next weeks post, then I will but I'm finding energy and focus and motivation in short supply, so we'll leave it at 'see what next week brings'.

Of course, I have to mention that the 51 mixes (well there's a handful of "selections" in there) that I have posted so far this year have been about one thing for me - trying to raise some funds for the work done by the people at Sue Ryder. They help people with serious neurological conditions live their life, you can find out more via their website, or on my Just Giving page if you feel like a small donation is something you can manage, or you can probably pick up a few bits of understanding what this is about by digging through some of the pages on this blog.

Of course, I always try to provide a linked up tracklist to the mixes I post, you'll find it below and please support the artists / labels where you can. Buy their music, follow their socials, share their posts etc. It's what keeps things going, you know?


Good Weather For An Airstrike - Frozen In Thought (Hibernate)

Blurstem - Far Too Long, Far Too Lost (Anthem Falls Music)

Myosotis - Small Existence (Hidden Vibes)

So, I'm An Islander - O Di Haij Ret (... And They Were Right) (Hidden Vibes)

Thomas Méreur - A Steady And Sad Process (Preserved Sound)

Dag Rosenqvist - To Not Forget (Hidden Vibes)

Kieldfel - And The Tide That Takes Us Away (Echoes In The Valley)

Hania Rani - Ghosts (Gondwana Records)

Olga Wojciechowska - Walk In My Shadow (Time Released Sound)

Matthieu Karsenti - Resilience (Slowcraft Records)

Trigg & Gusset - Ominous Clouds (Preserved Sound)

Andrew Wasylyk - The Life Of Time (Claypipe Music)

Kenneth James Gibson - Unblinded (Kompakt)

Visionary Hours - No One To Be Seen (Preserved Sound)

The Echelon Effect - Nobility In Loneliness (Good Weather For An Airstrike Remix) (Self Released)

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