16 October 2022


Still going with the general theme of ambience and inspired music for my mixes through October and seeing as this has been put together and is being typed whilst I am still in September (the wonders of setting up scheduled posts) it's probably best I don't blether on too much.... Putler might well have nuked us by then, or perhaps he'll save himself the hassle and just leave Liz Truss to it, she's doing a good job of destroying what the other disasters have left in their wake.

In the hope that we are still here, I may as well bang the drum for my efforts to raise some much needed funds for Sue Ryder. Each mix I post every week is in the hope that listeners may enjoy what they listen to enough to feel it worth chipping in a small donation to my Just Giving page which is 100% in aid of the wonderful work done by Sue Ryder. More details can be found and donations can be made over on my Just Giving and as always, please do your bit to support the artists too, buy their work, follow their socials etc. Every little helps.


Roger Eno & Brian Eno - Cerulean Blue (Deutsche Grammophon)
Abstract Aprils - Playing Records On Sunday
Good Weather For An Airstrike - Two Miles Of Uncertainty (Rural Colours)
Julianna Barwick - Safe (Ninja Tune)
Alex Bober - Friendly Raindrops (Hidden Vibes)
Brambles - In The Androgynous Dark (Nest Version) (Serein)
Lauge - Pine Trees Covered In Fog (Echoes In The Valley)
MLO - Shadows Of Life & Thought (Music From Memory)
WW Audio - Deep Woodland Ambience
Mondkopf - The Call (Tigersushi Records)
Aisha Burns & Jake Woodruff - The Reservoir (Headphone Commute)
Daniel Pemberton & FSOL - Behind The Eyes (Ahead Of Our Time)
Sun Electric - Love To Love (Music From Memory)
Pawel Pruski - The Sound Of Oars (Krysalisound)



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