For October I said I would be focussed on mixes that were ambient in nature. For #10 I'm pushing that boundary slightly and giving you a mix of what I think pulls together elements of ambient, neo-classical and electronica. I often struggle to pigeon hole music into a particular genre, so it may not be the best description but it's broadly there, or thereabouts.


Before I go further I need to put on record my thanks to my friend Matthew Foord for sharing my recent mixes and tagging others with them over on Twitter. I only occasionally tag and it's only ever artists or labels that feature in the specific mix I'm posting. I do it with the thought that if I put music out either as a producer or running a label I'd be interested to hear how they might be used. It's probably naive of me to think others would think that way but there you are, that's the thinking behind it. Generally I think I shouldn't be tagging people because who'd really want me doing that? So, I was really surprised and pleased that none other than Low Light Mixes followed me after Matthew tagging via Twitter and that led to a very big uptick in plays compared to usual and a few more followers too. I've been following Low Light Mixes for as long as I've used Mixcloud, I can't imagine how hectic notifications (and messages or tags) might get with 121,000+ followers, I'm not sure I could handle it really, but I send my thanks. Donations to the Just Giving page are no further forward but given where things are in the world that's no surprise.

Even with the positivity of the last weeks listener numbers I know that interest in the mixes I post aren't at levels they used to be, not by a long distance, and that due to the current climate there is unlikely to be any more uplift on my Just Giving page, I still need to bang the drum here. These weekly mixes are being put together and shared as a small effort on my part to raise some funds for the work done by the charity Sue Ryder. They do wonderful work for people with serious neurological conditions and helped care for my Mum during her final 3 years. Like many charities the covid pandemic caused massive shortfalls in funding for Sue Ryder and that is still having impacts now, but on top of that charitable organisations are also being hit by the cost of living impacts, particularly energy. For example, many people require equipment like specialist air beds which for people who have no choice but to spend prolonged periods in bed help prevent sores and skin breaking down. For people who can't go out because of their health will need to use more heating, power for lighting or tv's etc, not to mention other powered equipment like wheelchairs and hoists etc.


So, if you enjoy anything I post, and are in a position to do so, please consider a small donation to support the good work Sue Ryder does. Any donation is much appreciated and 100% of donations through my Just Giving page go to supporting their work.



Andy Rowe - Vienna, Aug 2015
Karen Vogt - I Know It Is Hard (Past Inside The Present)
Creation VI & Endless Melancholy - Winter Without Snow (Hidden Vibes)
Field Recording - Thunderstorm
Ben McElroy - Wolves Dance (Slow Music Movement)
Harry Towell & Guy Gelem - Sefad (Polar Seas Recodings)
Stefano Guzzetti - Aurora (Home Normal)
Olivia Belli - From Your Garden (Headphone Commute)
Rachel Grimes - Patsy (Instrumental) (Headphone Commute)
Ôlafur Arnalds ft Arnôr Dan - Say My Name (Late Night Tales)
Penguin Cafe - Coriolis (Erased Tapes)
Gläsbird - Greenhousing (Whitelabrecs)
Caught In The Wake Of Forever - Carousels (Archives)
Luke Howard Trio - Shame/Shame (Reprise) (Hobbledehoy)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Aqua (from Playing Piano For The Isolated) (Ahead Of Our Time)
WW Audio - Hammersmith Morning Ambience




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