30 October 2022


Seeing out October with another ambient based mix, slightly looser in the genre description than the last few mixes, this one was done with a bit of an "otherworldly" or sci-fi feeling in mind, it's up to you to decide if that fits.

As I'm approaching the end of this year and this series of mixes in an attempt to raise funds for Sue Ryder, I've already accepted that there's not much point in me carrying on beyond this. As much as I like to think I can pick a good tune and put together a mix in a way I enjoy listening to mixes, it's clearly not hitting the spot for other people in that way. I do get the odd bit of positive feedback but I'm full of self doubt and empty on confidence so I don't take praise or positivity well and more often than not I doubt whether it's genuine. That's on me, I accept that and I probably don't have the correct mindset through the longstanding and exhausting combination of depression and anxiety to be putting myself through this process, and worse if there should be some scathing criticism which isn't unknown.


Although I've still to switch the most recent posts over, I've changed all the players on the blog to Mixcloud and will be allowing my Soundcloud subscription to lapse, something I should have done years ago. I can't justify the cost and eventually I'll be on the free level of service for Mixcloud too which still allows all the mixes to remain online. Whether anymore get posted after this year, I don't know, but at the moment it feels pretty pointless. I just wanted to mention that because there are a small handful of regular listeners on Soundcloud that do still play older mixes quite regularly.

As ever, I try and link a tracklist below the player so you can support artists and labels if you are so inclined and of course my Just Giving page for Sue Ryder remains open and will do until they expire it.



Brian Eno - A Clearing (Editions EG) (We Are On The Fucking Moon Version) (via The Onion)
Ben Woods - Space & Time (Not On Label)
Okada + duenn - Hana To Midori To Hikari (UP-04) (Newhere Music)
Michael Stearns - In The Beginning... (Emotional Rescue)
Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres - Relent (Headphone Commute)
Lord Of The Isles - Zub (Emotional Response)
Cicely Irvine - Organ & Buchla Duet (eilean recs)
Seabuckthorn - The Observatory (eilean recs)
Karamika - Ton 2 (ESP Institute)
Billow Observatory - In A Stream (Felte)
Jo Johnson - Ancestral Footsteps (Further Records)
High Skies - Au Debut Du Voyage (Microscopics)
Anzano - Movements II (Throne Of Blood)
duenn - Hal (Past Inside The Present)
Joel Mull - Alden Plateau (Parabel)
Jonathan Fitoussi - Andromede (Further Records)
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Metrosat 4 (Leffield Records)
Findthings - Curio
A Positive Life - The Calling (Loved 'Ub Mix) (Music From Memory)


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