25 September 2022


The final week of September and another edit themed mix for you. There may be a glitch in here, as there has been with one or two of the other mixes I've posted this year. Unfortunately my desktop is near 10 years old, and although it performs well, my Traktor software has moments where it will freeze, sometimes for as long as 30 seconds at a time. I've tried to get to the bottom of the issue and to fix it but no matter what I do the issue keeps cropping up, so not ideal but it is what it is.

Interest in the posts here, Twitter, Soundcloud, Mixcloud etc are as sluggish as ever. Things just haven't been the same since I jumped off the Facebook ship a couple of years back. As much as I'd love to drive up interest in order to try and boost my total a wee bit I just can't put aside the harm and damage the platform has done and continues to do. That said, if anyone visiting here is on Facebook (or any other social media) a share of my efforts is much appreciated.

As always, I will try and link up the tracklist as best I can but the nature of edits means they don't often hang around online for very long. I'd encourage you to seek out the original artists if possible though and perhaps pick up some of their catalogue. Also, I'm still banging this drum - these weekly mixes are posted in the hope that if listeners like what they hear enough, perhaps they may feel a small donation to the charity I am trying to raise a little funds for would be in order. All donations are much needed and hugely appreciated. 100% of funds goes directly to the charity - you can find out more on my Just Giving page [HERE].


Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Rollin' On (& On) (Editorial)

James Brown - Rapp Payback (Unknown Edit)

It's A Small World Disco - Heartbeat

Al Green - That's The Way It Is (Dave Allison Edit)

George Benson - The Ghetto (Rocknrolla Soundsystem Edit) (Alpaca Edits)

Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around (Deep & Disco Version)

Sweet Pea Atkinson - Girls Fall For Me (The Reflex Dub Edit)

Charles Earland - Live & Let Live (Otherlover Edit) (Disco Deviance)

Columbus Circle - If You Read My Mind (The Reflex Edit)

Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Edit) (Tirk)

Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More (Man Power Edit) (Stamp)

Prince - Wanna Be Your Lover (Tim Zawada Edit) (Tugboat Edits)

War - Youngblood (Cosmic Boogie's You Don't Know Me Edit) (Cosmic Boogie)

Who's Who - Hypnodance (Love Creation Edit) (Love Creation)

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