14 August 2022


20 mixes to go. I'm not sure I can believe we're so far into the year and I certainly can't believe I've managed to keep this weekly mix going to this point - yet here we are, and I have more lined up ready to go too!

This week continues with the month of various shades of House and if you'll allow me to say so, I think this one is a bit of a belter! I've really been enjoying this atmospheric side of House lately, along with what Beatport has coined as 'organic house'. To me it's just House music on the deep side of things, but I have to go with the labels to try and garner interest, which still isn't really happening, but I've been enjoying this lately so that's kept me going.

As always, the linked up tracklist is below the player, but if you enjoy the mix, or any of the mixes I've been posting this year, please consider a small donation to the brilliant work of Sue Ryder via my fundraising page on Just Giving. It's a charity worthy of your donation and your attention and any support is much needed and appreciated.



LP Giobbi ft. DJ Tennis & Joseph Ashworth - All In A Dream (Counter Records)

Rebelski & Madraas - Leaving Places (Erdi Irmak Remix) (Where The Shadow Ends)

K-os Theory - Hirayat (Kamai Music)

Nico de Andrea ft. Lola Melita & Cherry Lena - She Don't Love Me (Black Circle Remix) (Radiant.)

Sante & Re.you ft. Bishop - Road To Nowhere (Ae:ther Remix) (LSF21+)

Yotto ft. Sansa - Silohuette (Reflections)

Mattias Herrera - Naeza (-102°c)

Royskopp ft. Alison Goldfrapp - Impossible (&me Remix) (Dog Triumph Profound Mysteries)

Sebastien Leger & Tim Green - Duel (For A Memory)

Sina Bathaie - High Bridge (Hoomidaas)

Hidden Empire - Comoja (Stil Vor Talent)

Stimming - Alpe Lusia (Robag Wruhmes Troi Sdett) (Tulpa Ovi Records)




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