21 August 2022


Continuing on the house music theme, this week we go down the path of jazzy, deep and soulful influenced sounds. Some new, some not and some re-imagined.

As ever you will find a linked tracklist below the player and I ask you support the artists and labels through buying their work if you find something you enjoy. I'd also ask, if you are in a position to do so, please consider a small donation to support the excellent work of the charity Sue Ryder who I am a supporter of. The year of music, posting a new mix every week through 2022, is my small effort to raise some much need funds. Any and every donation is much needed and hugely appreciated - details on my Just Giving fundraising page.


Soulstatejazz - The Ministry Of Universal Redemption (Banoffee Pies)

Crackazat - Nominee For Love (Freerange)

Lief - Dream Come Twice (Loop Recordings)

Max Marinacci - Tape Layer (Jazz In Da House)

Snips - Think About It (Barbershop Records)

Scruscru - Riders On The Calm (LTDBLBL)

Jehan - Good Place (Star Creature)

Goldboy - Game Show (Sofa Lounge Records)

Daniel Dexter - Work Your Body (Mother Recordings)

Danny Howells - Psychotic Bump (Andreas Saag Deep Mix) (Dig Deeper)

Fantastic Man - Subject To Decay (22Tracks)

Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa - Come On Baby (Moulton Music)

Delfonic & Kaptoe - Maison Rejam (Toy Tonics)

The Absolutes ft Suzanne Palmer - I Believe (Harry's Golden Era Dub) (Glitterbox Recordings)



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