3 July 2022


I wasn't intending on posting much in the way of words this week and in fact I had already scheduled my post, tweet and Soundcloud post in advance. I have had to edit my post in account of the fact that inexplicably I pushed through my Just Giving goal of £250.

Granted, a chunk of the total has come out of my own pocket. That's come from me selling some of my records on Discogs, and any orders over a certain amount, I've put a percentage over to my fundraising. But this week, and really it's been a bit out of the blue, I've had 2 donations come in that pushed the total up. If the donors happen to read this, thank you. I've really been struggling this year, not just with this mix per week thing, but generally, so hitting the total and occasional kind word has given me a rare lift of spirits and I appreciate it a lot. More importantly though, Sue Ryder will appreciate your support and believe me when I say this - it really is needed. There is truly not enough support for people with neurological conditions, there are lengthy waiting lists for the services they provide and not enough funding from taxation finds its way through. So, on behalf of Sue Ryder, thank you too.

Another wee thing I'd like to mention is a project that a friend of mine has undertaken. I've never met David Kenney in person, we struck up a friendship after I had stumbled across an early release on his label Audio Parallax and shared it on my blog, probably around 10 years ago now. In the time since we've both had a similar dislike and an 'arms length' approach to social media, so we keep in touch with a wee email back and forth now and then. Recently he has been dabbling in the world of blogging (a link is on the side menu), so not just a canny label head honcho, a clever website dabbler, an artist and architect, but also a writer... and of course, a good guy too! During this foray into the writing world he has written a short story - The Post-it Note Man. It's a story about grief, loss and the fragility of memory. These are issues none of us can avoid in our life time, so we can all identify with the subject matter. This is a very limited run (9 left at time of typing this) with all of the funds being given to the NHS. Click the image below to find out more or buy a copy.

Finally, back on the topic of the mix / future mixes. This week I put together a mic of house / tech house kind of stuff. The first couple of mixes might be a bit ropey, but keep in mind I'm using a temperamental Traktor software (it freezes and glitches quite often) and I'm a bit rusty with the 4/4 stuff. Also, even though I've hit the target, I'm still carrying on with this for as long as I can. The mix per week thing was a bit of a personal challenge and I'd like to complete it. No promises but I am trying. I already have the next 3 weeks lined up and set to auto post - the next 3 weeks look something like this - 1) A Reggae selection, 2) an ambient mix and 3) a mix of what Beatport calls Organic House / Melodic Techno - whatever they are. I won't be posting much in the way of words - but as usual I will have linked tracklists and really hope that I can add to my total on Just Giving, it would be amazing to keep that moving up!


Caribou - Never Come Back (Morgan Geist Remix) (City Slang)

KH (aka Four Tet) - Only Human (Text Records)

Radiohead - Reckoner (Chambord Remix) (Around Midnight)

Orbital - Belfast (Yotto Remix) (London Music Stream)

Bicep - Closing Sequence (50WEAPONS)

Ahmed Spins - Anchor Point (MoBlack Records)

Axel Boman - Eyes Of My Mind (Studio Barnhus)

FYI Chris - Pizza Dust (Black Acre Records)

Phran - Transformen (Hivern Discs)

DJ Koze ft Sophia Kennedy - Drone Me Up, Flashy (&me Remix) (Pampa Records)

Dr. Feel ft Philasande - ITHONGO (Hanna Hais Donkela Remix) (Bosom)

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