11 June 2022


For the most part I've been posting my 'year of music' mixes / selections on a Sunday morning. #29 isn't really Sunday morning music, it's more Saturday night music, so I thought I best post it when it would be best suited.

In all the years I've been messing about with turntables, mixers, vinyl, cd's, digital, controllers, I've never put together a mix of full on techno. So I decided to go down the rabbit hole. I went online and picked up some tracks, had a dig around my hard drive, hit the record button and this came out. Is it any good? Probably not, who am I to judge in any case? I'm posting it anyway, it was fun to put something different together and jump out of my comfort zone. It was done in one take, no planning and no practice either 😬. I'm still pretty rusty with the 4/4 stuff and probably don't have a clue what I'm doing for the most part anyway. For all the folk that will likely listen, I'm happy to stick it up in any case.

If you have a listen, and do happen to enjoy it, why not throw a couple of quid into my Just Giving fundraising page? The funds raised are going to Sue Ryder who do an excellent job providing care and support around the country. Some day you or someone you care about might need to lean upon their services, supporting them now makes sure they are around if that time should come.


The Burrell Connection - Acid Rapids (Craigie Knowes)

Confidential Recipe - BLP1 (RSPX)

Kontal - Discord (Setaoc Mass Rework) (Revolt)

Drunken Kong - Spark (Tronic)

Christian Smith - Turn The Lights  (Alessandro Grops Remix) (Tronic)

Danniie - Desordem (Primitive State Records)

Risa Taniguchi - This Guy (Kneaded Pains)

Drunken Kong - Ichi (Tronic)

Aiken - Drive Unit (Non Series)

Stefan Vincent - Renunciation (Symbolism)

Linear System - Static Position (Illegal Alien Recordings)

Keith Carnal - Ape Shit Crazy (Bpitch)

Laurent Garnier - Flashback (F Comms)

Flug - The Punisher (DCLTD)



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