8 May 2022


For number #34 I've taken things back to the world of Ambient, and this week it is very gentle and abstract ambient at that. Wonderful, gentle and calming music, which I think would sound very nice channeled through your earphones on a warm, sunny day, taking it easy outdoors in amongst nature.

No big long spiel this week. As always, the tracklist can be found below the player, linked up so you can buy some music and help support the artists and labels who treat you to new and interesting sounds. Of course, I'm also hoping that if some of you should enjoy any of the mixes I have been posting, then perhaps you might consider a small donation to my Just Giving page which is raising funds for the great work being done by the Sue Ryder charity here in the UK. If you want to find out more about the charity, or why I am trying to raise funds, have a read through some of the other blog post or visit my Just Giving page..... Many Thanks!



Melissa Pons - Around The Water (Self Release)

Jeff Bridges - Feeling Good (Self Release)

Padang Food Tigers - Rise Before The Rain (Under The Spire)

Part Timer - Myr (Home Normal)  << This release is supporting UNICEF >>

Hinako Omori - Cloud Painting (Headphone Commute)  << This release is supporting displace Ukrainian Families through rescue.org >>

anthéne - The Traveler (Distant Bloom)

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch - Ruby's Dance (Headphone Commute)  << Supporting rescue.org >>

Ben McElroy - Bed Down In The Murk (The Slow Music Movement Label)

High Skies - The World Forgotten (Self Release)

Hinako Omori - The Richest Garden In Your Memory (Houndstooth)

Jon Hopkins - Arriving (Domino Recording Co.)

Jonny Nash & Ana Stamp - For You I Am Missing..... (Melody As Truth)

Letna - Sava (Whitelabrecs)

Rose Riebl - Near Dark (Headphone Commute)  << Supporting rescue.org >>

Morimoto Naoki - Into (Whitelabrecs)

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