2 April 2022


Yet another week has gone by where it's been a 'not feeling great' kind of week. 4 in a row. To be honest, it's been the case for a lot longer but perhaps just not as impacting in the earlier stages of this challenge as it has been of late. With that in mind, I'm going to try and bank some mixes/selections so that I have one or two in reserve, just in case I'm really not up to the recording / cover designing / shit-posting on the blog at any point.

This week I had a couple of positive comments on my mix from last week. A positive comment is always a nice thing to receive and my friend Matt Foord is very supportive in that regard - otherwise it's something that's generally in short supply, but not something I look for or expect. I don't think what I'm doing is worthy of praise, it's the artists that have the talent and I just try and bring sounds to peoples ears that they may otherwise have missed, and I try to do it in a way that flows nicely from track to track. That's it, and I'm not sure I even get that right, but I try. 

Of course, it's always been important for me that I encourage people to support artists and labels and the vast majority of times I provide links so people can do that and buy the music. I wish there was a way to gauge how much traffic goes from here to the links I post but I don't think there is a way, or not for my tech-limited brain in any case. Perhaps one day I'll find a way.

What is most important for me this year though is trying to raise some much needed funds for Sue Ryder and I seem to have hit a bit of a wall with it. I honestly don't have much in the way of contact with people in the real world (damn you mental health and rural living). Aside from a couple of 5 minute chats with a couple of neighbours, I've only spoken to a handful of shop clerks and the Covid vaccinator. That's since October last year. So I always knew it was going to be hard going and limited to really trying to find ways to drum up some interest and hope for the odd small donation here and there - hence setting quite a modest target (or at least I thought so). I'll keep going, but I don't know what else to do - whether online or in the real world. Any suggestions most welcome.

You can find out more about these numbers mixes I've been posting by digging back through recent posts, or of course you can check out the Just Giving page I set up.

Onto the music...




Jon Hopkins with Ram Dass & East Forest - Sit Around The Fire (Domino Recordings)

Amara - Psychedelic Potato (Sola Terra)

part timer - The Runner (Orla Wren Remix) (Lost Tribe Sound)  << Proceeds go to UNICEF

Time Rival - East Wind (Binaural Space)  << Proceeds go to 'People In Need - Ukraine'

Bark Psychosis - Pendulum Man (Fire Records)

Biosphere - Birds Fly By Flapping (Biophon)

Hinako Omori - Snow (Houndstooth)

Early Fern - Seratonin Cascade (Metron)

Harry Towell & Guy Gelem - Montague's Creek (Polar Seas)

Louisahhh - Here Is Hoping (Tiger Sushi)

Patricia Wolf - The Culmination Of (Past Inside The Present)

Keeley Forsyth - I Stand Alone (Leaf)

Polaroid Notes - Sleepless Nights (Büro für Erdrotation)

Shards & Isolation Choir ft. Douglas Dare, Luke Howard & Jófríður Ákadóttir - Inside I'll Sing (Erased Tapes)

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