17 April 2022


Week 16, selection #37, and it is another selection rather than a mix. This week it sounds like Soul, Funk and Northern Soul.... all the good stuff!


It's been a bit of an overwhelming week with what felt like more crammed into the last 7 days than during the previous 4 months. After lots of hesitating and research before taking the leap I have a new bike waiting to be picked up from Norfolk, team McLeod started planning a bike trip to Europe later in the year with Ferries and some hotels booked and dates locked in. I've still not been feeling great but still pushing on through and have been chipping away at some jobs that have been on my 'to do' list for a while, and I'm very nearly at the end of the process to get my vinyl all recorded and backed up to my hard drive... a process I started around 2.5 years ago, recording on average 3 to 5 LP's every day!


For the most part, it's been positive, although I'm still not feeling positive about the fundraising effort, which this is a part of. The numbers are still not good. I have that scene from 'I'm Alan Partridge' where Lyn, his personal assistant, is role playing as the commissioner for the BBC and in giving a reason as to why Alan Partridge won't be securing a second series she says "well Alan, the numbers started off badly and got worse from there". I've honestly been considered refunding the donations received so far out of my own pocket, adding to the total to hit the goal and then just calling it a day. I'm going to keep going, but it really is a struggle to motivate yourself when 60% of the terrible play counts come from within your own household (of 2). I've put it out there (without reply), several times and on several platforms, that if anyone could give me some ideas or pointers on how to gain some traction with this, it would be very welcome and much appreciated. 


That's the news of the week out of the way, so now onto the music. As ever, if you enjoy the selection, please buy the music and support the artists and labels. The links in the tracklist this week will directing you to Discogs as I doubt most will be available digitally unless you go to Amazon. As ever, any donations to my Just Giving page (in aid of Sue Ryder) or any shares to your social media are appreciated.




Darondo - Do You Really Love Me (Kent Dance)

Marvin Gaye - Woman Of The World (Blue Note)

The Deirdre Wilson Tabac - I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes (Be With Records)

Willie Hutch - You Can't Miss Something You Never (Be With Records)

Esther Williams - Last Night Changed It All (Jazzman)

Lyn Collins - Wheels Of Life (Get On Down People / Universal)

Inell Young - What Do You See In Her (Soul Jazz)

Mike James Kirkland - What Have We Done (Luv N Haight)

Curtis Mayfield - Beautiful Brother Of Mine (Curtom)

Gloria Ann Taylor - Jolene (Luv N Haight)

Pearl Dowdell - Good Things (Mukatsuku)

Little Gregory & The Concepts - Get Away (Tramp Records)

Marlena Shaw - I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) (Cadet)

Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Feeling Free (Timmion Records)

Edwin Starr - Time (Motown)

Carrie Cleveland - Love Will Set You Free (Funky Planet)

Billy Butler - Right On Track (Okeh / Epic)

Don Thomas - Come On Train (NUVJ)

Betty Davis - My Soul Is Tired (Light In The Attic)

Alice Clark - You Hit Me (Right Where It Hurt Me) (BGP)

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - The Night (Motown)

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