6 March 2022


Another week passes, another mix to post. #43 takes in some deep spacey house, with some acid and tech into the mix. It's been a while since I went down this route, so bear that in mind. With 42 mixes / selections to go I'll need to jump across various genres to keep my own interest going, never mind anyone else.
It's not been a great week with all that is still going on in the world. The situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking to witness, and frustrating in the sense that the despotic regime in Russia has the hold over the rest of the world by threatening the use of weapons that should not exist or be held by any nation, or under the control of any individual. It's no more, nor less, heartbreaking and frustrating than the situations that exist elsewhere - Afghanistan, Yemen, the Uighurs in China, Sudan, Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Myanmar, Somalia, Ethiopia all have ongoing serious humanitarian issues. Climate, big business, oligarchs, corrupt politicians everywhere, an apathetic and distracted general population, the relentless march of the capitalist machine, the corruption in media circles, the damage to society by social media - all of these problems are interlinked one way or another. How do we get out of this? I spend too much time thinking and worrying about all of this and can never come to a conclusion as to how I can contribute something, be a part of the solution - something we all need to be. I'm back into rambling here, something I come up against often, so I'll move on before I get deeper into this rabbit hole.
Before I do move on though, it's been really encouraging to see others within the world of music, certainly in the world that the algorithms show me, doing what they can to raise funds for those stuck in the unfolding mess in Ukraine. The following Bandcamp links are a few of what is out there. Buy music, help people.

With all that is clearly going wrong and the hardships people are enduring I've felt like I'm swimming against the tide somewhat with this wee project I've undertaken. It has got me thinking though, this must be part of the ongoing challenge that organisations, like Sue Ryder, who rely a lot on public generosity and donations, face on a regular basis. So, despite feeling like I'm not getting much traction with this, I must push on. In "wealthy" countries we really shouldn't have a need for care provision issues to be part funded through the third sector, but the reality is we really do need it because the offering that comes via the political means is nowhere near meeting needs. Until you experience that, or find yourself in the midst of it you really have no idea of how bad the situation is in the social care sector. So I'm very grateful to the people who have donated to my wee endeavour so far and I will push onward as best I can. Let's see if I can reach my initial goal by the end of the month so I can set the target a wee bit higher.
On a personal level, it's not been a great week. I've been hit with a flare up of a health issue that has dogged me fairly regularly over the last 20 years. Not pleasant, quite painful, very uncomfortable. Nothing compared to what others are dealing with, but tiring and draining none the less. Fingers crossed that subsides so that I can find a bit of focus for a new mix this time next week. Expect something more chilled I think.

As always, I will post a linked up tracklist below the Soundcloud player and I encourage you to support the artists by purchasing their music. If you enjoy the mix, please consider a small donation to my Justgiving page, or if you aren't in a position to do that, perhaps you could share the music / Justgiving link on your social media. It all helps.



Al Calavicci - The Sun Is Setting On Us (Falk Recordings)   << couldn't find a link for this one

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