27 March 2022



For mix #40 I've gone down the route of Neo-Classical / Modern Classical / Ambient influenced sounds. It's an area that I have only really started exploring in the last few years. I like to keep exploring and experimenting with the music I listen to and play, never really stopping in one spot for too long. In terms of collecting music with one eye on putting mixes together it makes creating sets more challenging because it takes a while to build up a suitable and sizable enough collection for that. It keeps things interesting for me though and I don't think that approach will change. The thing I have found myself enjoying with this style of music is that it feels emotional, like it has some weight to it. A lot of music today does tend to feel formulaic, almost mathematical and lacking any emotional connection to the person behind it, I don't feel like that with a lot of this kind of music. Similarly with a lot of the ambient music I have been listening to, it feels like there is something of the person who made it is actually emotionally invested in there. I don't know if I am explaining my thoughts all that well there, but it's all I've got just now.

This past week has been another challenge through not feeling so good. I really didn't feel like I'd manage to put this together this week but I really am trying to keep to this challenge and pushed myself to get it done. A week at a time is all I can say.

At this point in this post I deleted 8 paragraphs of writing that I spent a good hour and a half writing, deleting, writing and deleting. It was really just a big rambling post of letting off steam. I'll cut that down to the following - I am no longer on Instagram as they kicked me off for not following their terms and conditions. I have no idea which terms and conditions they are referring to as they did not tell me, they simply locked me out of the account. All I had used it for was posting my cover images for the mixes I've been posting with each mix and within each post tagging the charity I'm trying to help, Just Giving and some of the featured labels and artists. I can only assume an artist or label felt aggrieved at that and flagged me, because other than that, I have no idea what it could be.

The other part of the ramble went down a rabbit hole relating to some unkind social media interactions directed towards me and the position I find myself in mentally, physically and socially - none of which could be described in a positive way. It was upsetting for me to write, upsetting to read it back, so rather than keep it here, I deleted it. It's not what I want the blog to be, but I know it often is a bit of a venting space because it's really the only space I do have.

On to the music. As ever, please support the artists and labels by buying the music if you hear something within that you enjoy. If you do happen to enjoy this selection, or any others I post, please consider a small donation to the charity I am trying to raise funds for - Sue Ryder. Every little helps. If you aren't able to donate, perhaps you could share the Just Giving link or the mix to your social media, I could really do with some traction - the more eyes and ears there are, the better chance of hitting the goal. 




Hania Rani - Journey - from xAbo: Father Boniecki (Gondwana Records)

Ben Woods - An Attempt To Fly (Self Released)

Olga Wojciechowska - Infinite Distances (A Strangely Isolated Place)

William Ryan Fritch - VII: In A Senseless Ether (Lost Tribe Sound)

Mario Verandi - Hazy Sun (Time Released Sound & Time Sensitive Materials)

Blurstem - Pickerel (Anthem Falls Music)

Levi Patel - Reflection (Self Released)

Bruno Sanfilippo - Spiral (DRONARIVM)

Robot Koch - Cousteau (ft. Julien Marchal) (Modern Recordings)

Jan Wagner - Kapitel 11 (Quiet Love Records)

Sam Liu - The Falcon & The Dove (Home Normal)

Thomas Newman w/ Hollywood Studio Symphony - Brooks Was Here (Late Night Tales)

Slow Meadow - A Tiny Ripple That Becomes A Giant Wave (Self Released)



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