12 February 2022


This week I've been reflecting on the decision I made at the start of this process where I planned to not add any words to my posts. I've come to the conclusion that I'm dropping that. The blog in its original form was purely about sharing music and mixes that I loved or had made myself and I had grand plans for it with the aim of perhaps being able to make a small income out of it. Prior to the hacking, I would take a lot of time in finding music and sharing information and links to try and help build connections for the artists and label I shared, often writing a little on each of them too. Life takes twists and turns and thoughts, plans and goals change with it, and the blog, for various reasons, really became a space where I'd post my own mixes and share some thoughts and feelings, and I think that's where I want to keep it for now; it's helpful for me to have this space.

So, if the urge should strike, I'll be sharing some words with my posts. I hope those of you who do visit the blog don't mind.

I generally intend on posting my selections on a Sunday. Those of you who visited many moons ago may remember Soundcloud Sunday. Consider it to be Sue Ryder Sunday. That said, it might not always be possible, like this week. I'm not feeling great just now so I'm posting this on Saturday, just in case I feel even less like doing this by the time tomorrow comes around.

Next week I may post a little about a wonderful book I recently finished 'Edith Eger - The Gift' and the book I am currently really enjoying 'Johann Hari - Stolen Focus'. I'm trying to read more, and read things that will be beneficial to my feeling better, these are both very much in that sphere. All being well I may share a few words on those.

Anyway, on to #46 - week 7.



Terry Callier - Cotton Eyed Joe (Craft Recordings)

Bobby Wright - Blood Of An American (Melodies International) (Also on Floating Points - LNT)

Bobbie Gentry - God Bless The Child (UMC)

Aukai - Fled Away (Aukaimusic)

Hoover - Absolute Zero (Anthology Recordings)

WW Audio - Spanish Cafe Ambience

The Gentleman Losers - Ballad Of Sparrow Young (City Centre Offices)

Field Recording - Thunderstorm

Lady Of The Sunshine - Lady Sunshine (Flock / PIAS)

Arooj Aftab - Mohabbat (New Amsterdam Records)

Field Recording - Thunderstorm

Irena & Vojtêch Havlovi - She Is Dissolving (Melody As Truth)

Beach Wizards - Midnight Waves (Tracy Island)

Jesse Aycock - First To Last (Scissor Tail)

Ane Brun - All My Tears (Balloon Ranger Recordings)

The Breath - Carry Your Kin (Acoustic Version) (Real World Records)

Karima Walker - Window I (Keeled Scales / Orindal)

Nina Simone - Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Music On Vinyl) (Also on Nils Frahm - LNT)


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