19 February 2022



#45 finds me going into House music territory. I last posted a House mix a couple of years ago, but that mix had been sat on my hard drive for a year or two, so I think the last time I actually put together a House mix is almost 4 years ago now. I vaguely remember stepping back from it because there was a period of being targeted by a troll(s) who used anonymous accounts calling me all the names under the sun and letting me know in no uncertain terms how rubbish my mixes were and that I should pack it in. I think this one turned out okay, definitely not perfect, but considering it's been so long since I went with 4/4 mixing and it's an unplanned, one take mix, I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out. Fingers crossed for no return of the troll 😂

This past week has been a bit of a mixed bag. I've had a couple of wee donations to my Justgiving (thank you to those who have chipped in - it's very, very much appreciated), I've had a couple of odd exchanges on social media and happily I've been able to make inroads with my current book which I'm enjoying. 


On the social media side, it's something that has never sat easily with me. I feel very much on the periphery in the real world and the online world kind of compounds that. Aside from that though, I've always felt it devalues life. We should all know by now about the damaging impact the constant feed of people we know, and often people we don't, sharing the highlight reels of their lives, often cleverly edited or elaborated on. It's hard to not compare yourself to that and feel less because of it - it's a widespread problem. It's not just that though, I've spoken about it before - the damage to our mental health is obvious, but it's also damaging to our attention and focus. That's really what the book I'm currently reading is about.



It's something I can identify with, I'm sure most of us can. Johann Hari speaks about how he could feel his focus was diminished in recent years and wanted to understand why that was, so he sets about finding out. I'm only halfway through the book and a lot of the focus has been the impact of screen time and social media. I think that it's just reinforced my own thinking about these issues, but that's no bad thing. I've read some reviews that suggest he loses his way slightly in the second half of the book, so we'll see, but it wouldn't be a bad way to illustrate the issue at hand if that is the case, would it? Anyway, it's a good read so far, if you want to read it yourself you can find it here [AMAZON].


Back on to the music. Here's this weeks selection. As usual, you will find links to where you can buy the tunes in the tracklist. Please support the artists and labels if you can. If you enjoy the mix, perhaps you'd consider chipping in the price of a rubbish hipster coffee to my Justgiving page which is raising funds for the great work that Sue Ryder do.



Kapote - Jaas Func Haus (Art Of Tones Remix) (Toy Tonics)

Homework - Kenny's Strut (Wolf Music)  >>> this was a free download, not sure if that's still the case.

Linkwood & Foat - Push It (Athens Of The North)

Lady Blackbird - Blackbird (Foremost Poets Remix) (Foundation Music)

Soulstatejazz - Rebels On The Way (Banoffee Pies Records)

Norma Jean Bell - I'm The Baddest Bitch (Bargrooves)

St Germain - Rose Rouge (Blaze Early Shelter Remix) (Blue Note)

House Of Jazz - Hold Your Head Up (Urgent Music Works)   >>> available on MCDE - Selectors

Joel Holmes - Pose (Toy Tonics)

Tenderlonious - Still Flute (22A)

Eddy & Dus - A From B (Yoruba Soul Remix) (Freerange Records)


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