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5 October 2021


Honestly, I have not even been on my blog since I last posted here on 1st May. The site could have been hacked, deleted and turned into a lonelyfans promotional hub and I'd have been none the wiser. It does seem that each time I have an extended period away from posting that the world descends further into chaos, it definitely feels like humans are on a particular trajectory.


On a personal level, I continue to find life challenging and slightly completely rudderless since my Mum departed in December. Obviously the Covid situation hasn't helped and is something most of us are finding challenging in one way or another, but aside from that I've had some health issues getting on top of me and actually ended up in hospital on the day I was supposed to get my first Covid jab. I'm not great with needles anyway, they don't mix well with anxiety and overthinking, but I did put my big boy pants on and went for my first jab a couple of weeks ago. I still hadn't been clear on it due to health issues but aside from a painful arm, a little nausea and tiredness for a couple of days after, it was fine, and I get those things fairly often anyway because of how I feel in general.


The other issue that's been keeping me away from here, and generally not engaging in much else, is that Ruby, the older of my two Irish Red Setters was involved in a freak accident on August 1st. Whilst out at her favourite walk, doing her favourite thing in chasing tennis balls, she experienced a Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE for short), which resulted in her being completely paralysed at the back end. Initially in a lot of pain, but then followed into no pain at all but no movement, no feeling and no control of bladder or bowel function. Long story short, following some very expensive vet involvement, we were told she would be unlikely to recover if there was no improvement after 48 hours and to consider euthanasia. After discussions with several people who understand the condition or have dealt with it themselves, we opted to give her a week to see if there was any improvement. There was improvement, but it was very, very minimal and the future remained uncertain. The vet wasn't very supportive or helpful, although the nursing team were great and minor improvements continued over the next week or so - once she regained better control of bowel and bladder, it was time to take her home. She has been home for around 7 weeks now - although she isn't walking unaided, she is getting there. She is given physio 4 times a day, she is walked in a field behind the house with the help of a sling although I can now drop the sling for short periods and she will attempt to walk herself (although it looks like she has drunk a litre of vodka), she can sit well, she can turn herself in her bed, there are hardly any toilet accidents now and she can stand and eat / drink. None of these were possible when we took her home. She is now attending hydrotherapy and also gets acupuncture once a week, so everything that can be done to help her recover is being done.


Ruby back home.


In between, I've occasionally been posting some records on to Discogs for sale, some mostly reluctantly, but I do need to raise funds and clear some space too. Free time has been very limited, and often that free time also finds me feeling exhausted, or perhaps dealing with pain / tiredness linked to health issues. When I have had a moment, I've been trying to get out and do little jobs in the garden to get some sunshine and fresh air. It doesn't feel like more than a few weeks since we breathed a sigh of relief at winter and snow disappearing over the horizon, and now it feels like it is knocking on the door again. What I haven't been doing is keeping myself active online and putting mixes together - in fact, I hadn't plugged my equipment in since the last mix I posted (Reflect guest mix) and had to try and ignore the accumulated dust on my gear to put this selection together. This is not normal for me.


In recent years I've been moving a bit more away from the 4/4 / house / tech music sound, don't get me wrong, there's lots I still love about it, but I feel more disconnected from it now, maybe age, maybe the way life has twisted and turned, but I gravitate towards music that connects to me in a deeper sense than just making me want to shake my hips to a rhythm (not that I don't still like that and indulge when nobody is looking 🤫 ). Probably not really describing any of this particularly well, but for me it's music the reflects a mood or a feeling or a moment in life. I suppose, if you know, you know, if you don't, no amount of poorly assembled words from me will make that any clearer.


I still have a few ideas for "mixes" in the back burner of my mind. When or whether they see the light of day, who knows. It's been in my thoughts as to whether it is worth me continuing to pay for a web domain and hosting mixes on the likes of Soundcloud. Play counts have dropped off hugely in recent years.... aside from a Mexican wedding company who seem to have my mixes on a loop for some reason. If Le Glam Marriage should venture on here, feel free to fly me over and put me up so I can play some tunes in person 😆 (yeah, as if that would happen).


Anyway, until the next time..... take care of yourself and those who you love and care about.




If you enjoy any of the music in this selection, please purchase / follow / support the artists and labels so they can continue to do what they are good at!



01. Luftrum - Dawn Chorus (Self Released)

02. Andrew Wasylyk - Blossomness #2 (Clay Pipe Music)

03. D. Rothon - The Ghost We Bring (Clay Pipe Music)

04. Trigg & Gusset - Blue Shades (Preserved Sound)

05. Amanda Whiting - After Dark (Jazzman)

06. Nat Birchall - Mirror Mind (Ancient Archive Of Sound)

07. Ishmael Ensemble - The River (Reprise) (Severn Songs)

08. Dwight Trible ft. Matthew Halsall - Deep River (Gondwana)

09. Yusef Lateef - Like It Is (Music On Vinyl)

10. Chip Wickham - Pushed Too Far (Lovemonk)

11. Katya Wonder - Mood (Meteron)

12. Arooj Aftab - Last Night (New Amsterdam Records)

13. Warren Hampshire - Eye Of The Deluge (Athens Of The North)

14. Luke Howard Trio - Phases (Hobbledehoy)

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