Discogs Store Update - October 2021

13 October 2021


A year or two ago I decided I needed to filter out some records from my shelves. Not that I want to get rid of them, but I do need to free up some space and raise some funds too. It's also a shame for them to sit on a shelf and not be played, after all, that is their purpose.

The process I've gone through has been that I went through my shelves and pulled the ones I thought I'd be "okay" with letting go, putting them to one side. I've been listening to them as I list them on Discogs, if after listening to them I decide I'm still "okay" (I'm not really) with letting them go, it gives me a chance to grade them as well as I can. Not to say the odd thing won't slip through the net, but I think it's the best process, but also the slowest.

Having said that, I think I'm nearing the end of the process. I've sold some records over the last couple of years and I've got around 500 listed for sale as I type. I still have a pile of 20-30 that are almost certain to be added, but after that I'm going to start listening to the remaining records. It might be the case that the odd record here or there will be added, but there won't be a huge amount more getting added for now, although I do have a couple of dozen that are blocked from sale on Discogs, so I'll see if I can offload those on Ebay at some point.


If you are interested, you can find a link to my Discogs store on the right hand side of the page. Most records are less than £5, and the genres range from downtempo to techno, jazz to house, ambient to afrobeat. My music tastes are wide ranging, so the records reflect that.

If you happen to pick something up from me on Discogs after visiting the blog, please do let me know, it would be interesting to find out if any traffic from here ends up there. I strongly doubt it.... the blog is still hitting several thousand "views" a month but this doesn't feed through into plays on Soundcloud or Mixcloud, so any feedback would be welcome and appreciated.

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