The Drifter - A Guest Selection for Sequenchill

11 July 2019

In recent posts I've alluded to a couple of guest selections I've been asked to put together of late. To be honest, it was a pleasant surprise to be asked as it's almost 3 years since the last time I was invited to do something for someone, that being the mix I put together for Woodzee on the now defunct Box Frequency.

The first selection I've got to share with you is one I've put together for Sequenchill, who is very prolific and very popular on the Mixcloud platform. He recently became one of the early adopters of the 'Mixcloud Select' service which is a means to support not only the musical artists but those who invest their own time and money into creative means of sharing the music. My first encounter with Salvatore was from the seasonal series of mixes that myself and Andy Pye of Balearic Social curated and we've kept in contact since, and it's fair to say he is a man with a wide range of tastes and an in depth knowledge when it comes to music.

The mix I provided for this had a couple of boundaries; that it should be around 80 minutes and in the realms of downtempo / chillout music. You can have a listen and decide if I met that remit yourself... hopefully you'll feel I did and that it was an enjoyable journey. As always, the mix is completely unplanned. I hit record and this is what has emerged. I should throw in a small caveat here - I think there is a small and hard to notice glitch late in the mix. Over the last year or so I have found that my iMac and Traktor S4 haven't been as happy a combination as they used to be. The mix I gave to Salvatore was actually the 4th mix I'd recorded - the first 3 were consigned to the bin because there were a lot of glitches. I've tried researching the causes, and not being the most technically minded doesn't help too much, but the conclusion I've arrived at is that the software and hardware, through recent updates, have became slightly less compatible. I can only hope that future updates iron out these issues or else I'll have to look at changing my set up slightly. It's really frustrating to create a mix that you are happy with only to find glitches along the way that are caused by the technology. Hopefully you won't even notice and it doesn't spoil your enjoyment... and fingers crossed it doesn't impede my efforts to do the next contribution I've been asked to provide. More details on that in due course, what I will say is that it takes the form of two 45 minute mixes of differing styles with a feel of the traditional mixtape about it. As I say, more on that down the line. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this mix, you will find a linked up tracklist at the foot of this post below you will also find some links to where you can find Sequenchill on the usual places.

Links to Sequenchill -

Mixcloud // Facebook Group // Soundcloud // Twitter


01. Soundstory - Rainstorm
02. Max Ananyev - Laurel Forest
03. Slow Meadow - Ghosts In The Brazos
04. Seabuckthorn - The Observatory
05. Tess Said So - Black Light
06. Scrimshire - Won't Get Better (Rebecca Vasmant Remix)
07. Kryshe - Queen's Court
08. Ishmael Ensemble - Song For Knotty
09. Greg Foat - Drifting
10. Brambles - Are te
11. Colorlist - When Will You Go?
12. Copenema - Some Di Some Day
13. Mammal Hands - Three Good Things
14. Lowercase Noises & Blurstem - Ochre
15. Foundsounds - Relaxing Rain & Loud Thunder
16. Kettenkarussell - Drift

If you want a download of the mix, you can find it [[HERE]]

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