From The Vault - Smoking (No Smoking Mix)

30 June 2019

First things first, I'll post the player for the above mix which is one from the vaults and one I've not shared for a while. This mix was originally posted back in 2011, and having given up smoking after 20 years this was my first mix that I had done without smoking my way through recording it. For the record, I'm still smoke free and still think on starting as the most stupid moment of my life to date. I've recently updated the cover from the previous terrible amateur version :) 


Things have slowed down a little bit around these parts over the past couple of months. I've had a lot going on in the real world which has taken my attention away from trying to rebuild the blog. Aside from the fact I've not been doing great over the past couple of months, I've had a lot going on with my Mum, her care and many hospital visits / stays as well as a serious operation. So far, as I think I've mentioned before, she's spent more time in hospital this year than she has been at home. Most of that has been down to infections caused by a very large kidney stone, and she recently had an operation to remove it. I'm happy to say that the operation went much better than I anticipated, despite a short period in the High Dependancy Unit in Aberdeen, she went on to recover from the operation quickly and was discharged after a few days. Considering her ongoing and long term health issues, it's fair to say she is a tough cookie and a real fighter. Of course, the difficulties around her care and M.S continue, but it's one less thing to worry about and hopefully means less hospital stays going forward.

I'm not going to make any firm promises about how active I will be here, and if I'm honest, I'm still not sure if there's much benefit to keeping this blog going and rebuilding it other than the cathartic benefit of writing about some of the up's (very rare) and down's (disappointingly regular) of life. Having said that, I've been asked to do a couple of guest mixes which I really need to on with, and I'll post about them as and when the time comes. For the meantime I may throw up the odd post with older mixes and updates on my Discogs sales.


01. Jospeh Terruel - Hot Pants
02. Matthew Kyle - Vaguely Vogue
03. Duff Disco - Just In
04. Erdbeerschnitzel - To An End
05. Mark E - White Skyway
06. Shit Robot - Take Em Up (Mark E's Black Country Dub)
07. Ooft! - Mazin'
08. The Owl - Streetman
09. James Brown - The Boss (The Owl Edit) << Not 100% sure the edit is from The Owl, could be wrong.
10. 78 Edits - Easy To Love
11. Eric Clapton & Sting - It's Probably Me (Rayko Edit)
12. Unknown
13. The Features - Lions (Bydesign Rework)
14. Tim Zawada - Summetime Strut

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