Mixamorphosis Discogs Store - Update #1

3 April 2019

I've collected music for most of my life, from cassettes to vinyl and cd's, and now also digital. I'm at a point where I think it would be wise to thin out my collection to make way for (and help fund) new additions. When I recently set about redesigning the blog I did so with this in the back of mind, and you will find a dedicated tab under the header graphic which will take you directly to my Discogs store. You can also click [HERE]. I'll post a few pictures amongst this post to give an idea of what is most recently and currently listed as well as a playlist of some things in the store currently at the bottom of the post.

I used to buy and sell vinyl for many years and was an early adopter of Ebay, having a store there for several years. I enjoyed the process of picking up collections from auctions, pulling out what I wanted for myself and selling the rest on, either individually or in bulk. As time progressed selling on Ebay became less enjoyable as it started ramping up its pricing and making things more difficult with swathes of red tape. I closed my Ebay store around the same time as Discogs opened their Marketplace.

I had used Discogs (and contributed to it regularly under a previous i.d.) as a reference and cataloguing tool, which was great. I was never overly convinced it would make a great venue for sales because I always felt it would struggle to find the right balance of being the music database that it was initially set up to be and a venue for sales. I do think the original concept has become a bi-product of the marketplace, but it obviously works very well in that sense, and despite the obvious price gouging that goes on (or sharks as some call it) it does reflect the supply and demand aspect of any marketplace and provide a reliable place to match up the buyer and seller.

So far I have listed a bundle of 7" and 10", but have a few hundred 12"s, LP's and CD's to list. If anyone reading this has listened to my mixes over the years then you will have a fair idea of how wide ranging the selection that will be for sale will be. It will range from downtempo to techno, soul to acid, house to funk, ambient to rock. I'm trying to add a few each day, so keep an eye out. In terms of pricing, I am going to try and be very competitive with the current and previous pricing of items that are graded similarly. I really don't like the way some vinyl pricing has gone, and how it is driven, but at the same time I can't afford to not take into account other prices. Many of my records will have lost value, so the ones that seem to have gone up will compensate that. That said, for the most part, I'll look to be the cheapest (at the time of listing) of similarly graded items.

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