From The Vaults - Chillout Sessions Guest Mix (2016)

26 April 2019

This past few days I've been working on recording some of my collection to FLAC and ripping some CD's. During that process, whilst I've got my music on in the background I've been looking at updating tag lists and links on my mixes over on Soundcloud and I noticed that I hadn't posted this to the blog.

This mix is from December 2016 and was the last time I'd been asked to do a guest mix, until last week that is - more details on that down the line. It was put together for Woodzee's Chillout Sessions show on Box Frequency which is sadly no longer with us. I don't think it's my greatest mix, nor do I think it's my worst ever. I don't plan my mixes in any way, I have a rough idea of what I want to do in my mind, I hit the record button and what comes out at the end is what I post online. Perhaps that's the reason nobody has been asking for guest mixes 😂.

Anyway, this was aired on Christmas Day of 2016 and it was a welcome break from all that goes on at that time of year. If you prefer to use Mixcloud you can find it [HERE], or you can find it on Hearhis where there is also a download option over [HERE].


01. Tongues Of Light - Awakening (Ending only)
02. 55 Cancri e - Alltid Du
03. Samo DJ & Maxxxbass - Free Yourself From The Misery Of Existence
04. 36 - Room 5
05. Fuga Ronto - Daydreams
06. Klaus Lunde - Goodbye
07. Samo & Maxxxbass - Transfer To Nangijala
08. Dreems - In The Desert (Album Version)
09. Karamika - Ton 5
10. Darkside - Metatron
11. Vakula - For Jim
12. Aktuala - Dejanira
13. Kettenkarussell - Of Course
14. Tongues Of Light - Healing (Ending Only)

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