Be Kind

10 April 2019

March was a little quieter on here than I'd intended. It's been another turbulent and hectic month (and April is the same too) dealing with care and health related issues around my Mum, and as is often the case there's been no end of hassle because things in our health service just don't seem to click together as well as you'd hope. Aside from her usual issues related to her M.S, she also has to contend with a kidney stone and many problems that have come along with it, including a serious and risky operation that has now been postponed twice. I'm not going to post too much more on it just now, but suffice to say, it's been challenging for her and for myself and my other half who have to juggle so much in dealing with everything on her behalf.

I'd been intending on posting something a little more uptempo, probably House of some sorts, but I've found myself going through more and more ambient / chillout stuff of late, so that's what I'm sharing this time. I'd been thinking of putting together something that felt emotive and I think a lot of the tracks on this selection are just that, for one reason or another and I felt the cover tied in quite nicely to that theme. You'll find the linked up tracklist below, if you enjoy any of the tracks in the mix, support the artists and purchase their music.

Fingers crossed the rest of April is a bit gentler and kinder than last month was.



01. Slow Meadow - Palemote
02. Fumio Miyashita - See The Light (Abridged)
03. A conversation with Rickie Lee Jones
04. Umber - All The Ships
05. Birds Of Passage - On Our Hands
06. Caught In The Wake Of Forever - Faultless Youth Declined
07. Weyes Blood - Everybody's Talking
08. The Green Kingdom - Bell Garden (ambimix)
09. candysomething - Sellotape
10. Levi Patel - Her Angled Beauty
11. Evan Bartholomew - Medicine / Healing
12. Good Weather For An Airstrike - Breathing (ft Inachus)
13. William S. Fischer - Chains
14. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Believe
15. Hampshire & Foat - The Solitude Of Certitudes (Parts 1 & 2)
16. Man Watching The Stars - Fields
17. Charles Bukowski on life
18. Agnes Obel - Poem About Death
19. Endless Melancholy - In Transition From Anxiety To Acceptance
20. Jonathan Fitoussi - Aquarius
21. Katarzyna Borek - Uranus for Craig Armstrong (Weather Storm)

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