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11 February 2019

Gideon Wolf - Replicas (Facture)

I had hoped to have a few more posts up on the blog by this point of 2019. The start of this year, like much of recent times, has been flung into uncertainty and more than a touch of disorganisation. If you know me, or have read any of my previous garbles, then you may be aware of the health issues surrounding my Mum who has Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis at a very advanced stage. Unfortunately her condition has continued to deteriorate over recent years, and she is now at the point of needing assistance in every aspect you could imagine.

The year for my Mum has so far been dominated by periods in and out of hospital (more in than out, sadly) through various infections, two different bouts of sepsis and the rediscovery of a kidney stone that looks like it will need operated on. I say rediscovery because it was known about two years ago, deemed to be of no concern and left to develop unchecked and looks to be the root issue of many health problems she has encountered since. To say I am disappointed is an understatement, but unfortunately that has generally been our experience of dealing with our health and care services since having to look after her and her care needs. Having M.S. is more than enough to contend with, without professionals failing her left, right and centre. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for our health service, and those that dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others, but patently it doesn't work for everyone in the way that we would hope, and that seems the way for us. Fingers crossed that changes going forward because we could do with an upturn in fortunes for my Mum and the family in general. Whilst on the topic of my Mum, the Sue Ryder facility that she resides in is currently expanding to provide much needed care for people with neurological conditions. If you are in a position to do so, and feel it is something you would like to support, you can donate HERE.

Having got that little update out of the way, how about I get on to share some music? As I've said before, I'm not really one for writing 'reviews'. It's something I don't really see the point in if truth be told. I don't mind giving recommendations. For me, words can't do justice to the sounds that people create, and how one person feels about those sounds, or conveys that feeling won't necessarily be felt in the same way as anyone else. I also feel that a lot of reviews are simply formed of loose descriptions stitched together by clichés, and that's something I really want to avoid being a part of. I get that labels and artists love a review, but it won't be from me; you have ears so I'm inviting you to use them here. 

Generally, if I'm recommending an album, it's for the journey provided by the listening experience and by sharing it I invite you to take that journey and hopefully you'll enjoy it as I have. I would urge you to have a read of the artists own description and background to their music which is available on the Bandcamp page, and of course if you enjoy the music, support the artist by making a purchase.

Links -

Gideon Wolf - Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Discogs

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