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4 January 2019

Well, this is a good start - it's January, and I'm posting on the blog. Let's see if I can keep that up! I'm thinking there will be at least another couple of posts before this month is out, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. One post at a time. Oh, and before I go on, I should say, HNY - to those who visit, read and follow me / the blog - I wish you health and happiness for 2019!

If you've visited the blog, or listened to any of my mixes over the past couple of years, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's all about chilled vibes and ambient music. I've definitely found a greater appreciation for those genres / styles over recent times, but I also listen and love and wide range of other genres and I do listen to a lot of funk / soul / disco.

I follow the label Athens of The North on various social platforms, if you don't know the name, they are a great reissue label based in Edinburgh. This LP is a new one to me, although I was aware of the 7" that contains the track 'World Full Of People' - something you could expect to pay anywhere from £500 upwards. There's a nice story behind the AOTN release, so check that on the Bandcamp page for the release. Needless to say, this LP will be in serious demand. Pre-Order it, or you may miss out.

AOTN Links - Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Instagram

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