Autumn Chillin' - Parts 7 & 8 - Andy Hickford / Marc Godin

23 October 2016

This is the penultimate week for the Autumn Chillin' mix series, and also the penultimate week for the seasonal themed mixes which have run from December last year.

This week pairs Marc Godin and Andy Hickford, both of whom have featured elsewhere this past week, with Marc playing guest on the Back and To The Left show on Box Frequency midweek, and Andy providing a selection for Dusk Dubs earlier today.

With the final selection due next weekend, we'll have gone full circle. It started with myself and Andy Pye and that's how things will finish up. Join us if you can, but if you can't make it, you'll get the catch up on here, as usual.

Part 7 - Andy Hickford


01. Belbury Poly - Warm Air
02. Bart Davenport - Girl Gotta Way (Peaking Lights Remix)
03. Krater - Labyrint
04. Hintermass - The Rituals Of Reversal
05. Siriusmo - Liu
06. Air - Dirty Trip
07. Steau De Mare - 1 Septembrie (Khidja Remix)
08. Modaji - Belle Epoque (Ambience)
09. David Crosby - Orleans
10. Tom Furse - The Ocean Is Teacher
11. The Children Of Sunshine - It's A Long Way To Heaven
12. William Shatner - It Hasn't Happened Yet
13. Mike Garry & Joe Duddell - St Anthony: An Ode To Anthony H Wilson

Part 8 - Marc Godin


01. Solar Quest - The Open Path
02. Autechre - Lowride
03. Akotcha - We Have The Technology
04. Shur-i-kan - The Dayz
05. Another Fine Day - Chasing Tornados
06. Ulrich Schnauss - Between Us And Them
07. Beaumont Hannant - A Summer Spent
08. Claro Intelecto - Heart
09. Steve Cobby - Phatic Communion
10. Another Fine Day - So Blue

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