Chilled Spring - Part 7 - Sequenchill

10 May 2016

I had intended on getting this post up before now, but sometimes plans go awry, and that was the case here. It's given me the opportunity to re-listen to Part 7 of the Chilled Spring series, this time from the fabulous Sequenchill. So every cloud has a silver lining.

I have to say, I hadn't come across Sequenchill's mixes until George invited him to get involved with the Winter Chill series, and I'm very grateful to George for that, and to Salvatore for getting involved and embracing the idea so warmly. If you didn't catch his Winter Chill mix click [HERE] and you can catch up! 

As usual, the tracklist is below the player and I link it up as best as I can. You can also keep tabs on Sequenchill via the following links; his Mixcloud is a particularly good treasure trove!

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01. Ernest Hood - Saturday Morning Doze
02. Liquid Mind - The Joy Of Quiet Rain
03. Anthony Hopkins - The Lake Isle Of Innisfree (by W.B. Yeats)
04. Gert Blokzijl - In Sequence
05. Coco, Steel and Lovebomb - Ice Cream We All Scream For (Mark Archer Remix)
06. Danielle de Picciotto - Home Sweet Home
07. Sutekh - Unstabile
08. Spoken word - Solace
09. Saffron Keira - Gregueria (with Siavash Amini and Idlefon)
10. Dasha Rush - Life Time Poem
11. Mkwaju Ensemble - Ki Motion
12. Bliss (Spoken Word) - Wish You Were Here
13. Yosi Horikawa and Daisuke Tanabe - Calinawan
14. Sigur Ros - Se Lest
15. Kat - Feeling Underwater (Surfae Isn't What Used To Be Remix)
16. Roger Waters - Outside The Wall
17. Andre Rieu & his Orchestra - And The Waltz Goes On

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