Chilled Spring - Part 3 - Andy Pye

1 May 2016

The process of catching up with the Chilled Spring series continues with Part 3 courtesy of Andy Pye.

As most of the contributors for the Chilled Spring series remain the same as those from the Winter Chill series, I'll keep the intros short and just share the usual key links and important bits like upcoming shows etc.

As you will know already, Andy is the man behind the ever reliable Balearic Social brand. This includes the long standing and very popular radio show hosted on Purple Radio, music events in partnership with the fabulous Outlaws Yacht Club (which I visited last month), a long list of guest slots both online and out there in the real world and of course now also a record label which is preparing to drop a HUGE second release from Zmatsutsi on the world in June (see the video below).

You'll be able to order the record from all the usual places, but your best bet for getting a copy would be to go through Ed Davies either via his Facebook or his Discogs page. A word of advice though.... don't sleep on it. These are going to fly out.

If you want to keep up to date with what's going on with Andy and Balearic Social then follow via these links - 

Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Hearthis  //  Mixcloud  //  Soundcloud  //  Blog


01. David Axelrod – The Signs Pt 3
02. Dolphins Into The Future – Lone Voyager
03. Bill Wyman – Emerald Guitars
04. Dolphins Into The Future – On The High Seas
05. Nobuyoshi Ino – To Chi Ka
06. Boz Scaggs – Can I Make It Last
07. Edgar Froese – Scarlet Score for Mescalero
08. Tangerine Dream – Invisible Limits
09. Dan Siegal – Epilogue
10. Andrew Pekler – Samba De Cherbourg
11. Roedelius – Geradewohl
12. Paul Horn – Mumtaz Mahal
13. Suso Saiz – Ya Son Dos Los Cielos
14. Double Fantasy – Children Of The Universe
15. Steve Tibbetts – Wish
16. Daniel Lanois – Fisherman’s Daughter

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