Winter Chill Pt VII - Sequenchill

9 January 2016

The Winter Chill series returns, with a slight change to the schedule that I had previously mentioned. The original plan was to have Andy Hickford from Downtown Science offer up the seventh part to the series, however Andy experienced a technical hitch during his recording and didn't have enough time to do a re-run. Not to worry though as Andy will be back and looks like he will be set to contribute the eighth mix to the series.

Originally scheduled to provide mix number eight, the fabulous Salvatore Muscat, also known as 'Sequenchill', has stepped forward to provide the seventh mix in this series instead. Based in St. Paul's Bay, Malta, it's fair to say that Salvatore really knows his ambient music, and 'chillout' music in a wider sense. For a taste of Sequenchill, outwith this wonderful two hour journey, I'd urge you to check out his fabulous 'This Is Simply Beautiful' mix series over on Mixcloud, where he has generated a huge number of followers and regular listeners. Aside from this, Salvatore also curates the wonderful Sequenchill group page over on Facebook, which I suggest you join to keep tabs on some fabulous music that is posted there.

As usual, it would be great if you could check out the tracklist below, and  if you enjoy any particular tracks, purchase the music and support the artists/labels in the process. Next up for the Winter Chill series is the excellent Andy Hickford of Downtown Science.

Links for Sequenchill - 

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01. Damon Beail - SFO Downtown
02. Yusuke Tsutsumi - Eaten By The Crowd
03. Pete Namlook - Mermaids & Angels
04. Jan Bang - The Drug Mule
05. New Composers ft. Brian Eno - Long SQ
06. Zero Ohms / Brannan Lane - The Dream Garden
07. Bing Satellites  & Daniel Land - Of North Wales
08. Echoculture - Luminous 
09. Sven Weisemann - The Swan Of Desire
10. Workbench - Twilight Of Life
11. Aphex Twin - Parallel Stripes
12. Marcus Fischer - Mossbank
13. Andrew Lahiff - Unexplained Stillness
14. Brambles - To Speak Of Solitude
15. Ishq - Shoreline Rain
16. Frozen Thoughts - Eternity Without Time
17. Jon Hopkins - Small Memory
18. Pan American - Both Ends Fixed

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