Winter Chill Part V - Original Gidman (Dusk Dubs)

2 January 2016

The Winter Chill series continues, and in absolutely fine form too. The fifth instalment see's Original Gidman, aka Jon Brent, join in the fun. 

My connection with Jon came about through a chat we had on a social media post about the self destruct mission that Soundcloud appears to have embarked upon, and the subsequent movement of people that love to listen to, and create DJ mixes, over to Hearthis. Through this conversation, Jon asked if I'd be interested in contributing a mixtape to the fabulous Dusk Dubs podcast that he is a co-founder of (which you can find here). I was already aware of, and a keen listener to the Dusk Dubs podcast, having listened to them via Soundcloud so was delighted and honoured to be asked.

I've come to realise that Jon's knowledge of music, producers, labels, DJ's, events and everything else linked in to this broadest of topics is truly encyclopaedic. I had wanted to ask him for a contribution to the Winter Chill series for this reason, but knowing how busy he is with other projects and life in general, I didn't think I should bother him. So I was delighted when Jon sent me a message, having listened to the first couple of mixes in the series, to ask if I'd like a contribution from him. Funny how the universe works sometimes.

As well as being a co-founder of the Dusk Dubs collective, Jon also hosts his own regular show on Mixlr called 'The Full Spectrum', which as the name suggests, takes in the full spectrum of music and is a real journey each time. As well as that, Jon has a blog of his own which goes by the name 'Treasure & Nuggets' and he is the curator of the 'Black Crack (Addicted To Vinyl)' group on Facebook.

I'd urge you to check out Jon and the various projects he is involved with via the following links, but not until you listen to the amazing journey he created for the Winter Chill series.

Links to Original Gidman / Jon Brent:

Dusk Dubs Website  //  Dusk Dubs Facebook  //  Hearthis  //  Soundcloud  //  Mixlr  //  Mixcloud  //  Twitter  //  Black Crack Group  //  Blog

Next up in the series is going to be the wonderful Richard Tovey aka Less Fences with some further contributions lined up from some genuinely excellent selectors.


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