Winter Chill Pt IV - George Mihaly (Quality Music Lovers Society)

30 December 2015

The Winter Chill train just keeps on runnin'. Following on from the past couple of days posts, and my own earlier mix for this series, we welcome the excellent George Mihaly into the fold.

For those of you who do not know, George is the Budapest based curator of the Quality Music Lovers Society group on Facebook. He has been a contributor to the ever reliable Balearic Social radio show on Purple Radio, played at the Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds, been a contributor to the Network show on Box Frequency and now hosts his own monthly show on the station where he spins some choice music, accompanied by some fabulous guest DJ's.

This mix from George truly is a wonderful journey with some genuinely breathtaking tracks within. As I've said with previous contributions, the best way to judge this is to sit back and click play, and listen for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

If you've missed the previous Winter Chill posts you can catch the growing setlist [HERE] or each post individually -

This is the fourth mix in the series so far, with one more confirmed which will come from Jon Brent aka Original Gidman from the Dusk Dubs crew. Who knows where the series will end?

Links for George Mihaly:


01. Glyn Ceriog - Knaresborough Bird
02. DJ Food - Intermission a New Language
03. Masayoshi Fujita - Tears Of Unicorn
04. Odi Me - I'm 22
05. The Fragile Fate - Configuration
06. Patrick O'Hearn - Magnificent River
07. Fatima Yamaha - Migratory Floozy
08. DFRNT - El Spirito (Beatless Version)
09. Hiroshi Watanabe - Your Smile Tears (Beatless Version)
10. David Holmes - Bedroom
11. Chassol - Wersailles (Planeur)
12. Johann Johannson - Melancholia (Sicario OST)
13. Rings Around Saturn - Portion 22 (Albrecht La'Broy Bathtime Arrangement)
14. GMO vs Dense - Another View
15. Troels Hammer - Cold Hawaii
16. Troels Hammer - Azur
17. Chassol - Music Is God My Love

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