On Vacation III

22 November 2015

At the start of November I managed to get the opportunity to have a much needed week away in the sun. A week wasn't really enough, but then I guess that is a normal sentiment considering how grey, cold and damp it often is in my neck of the woods.

The two previous 'On Vacation' mixes were made just prior to going to the USA, hence the title. Even though this holiday wasn't to the States, I think the title will stick for all mixes I make around a trip away.

I promised before I left that I'd post up a tracklist for anyone that is interested so apologies for just getting round to it now. 

There's a good chance the next mix I put out will be a very chilled out vibe, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, keep your eyes out for it in the usual places.

In the meantime, here's On Vacation III and that linked up list.


01. Unknown - I Can Dub Anything You Like (Trent Edit)  -  (CockTail d'Amore Music)
02. Unouzbeck & Venturi - Manjula Doll  -  (Ostra Discos)
03. Funkyjaws - World Spin  -  (Diggin' Disco Deep)
04. Takuya Matsumoto - Filo  -  (Fina Records)
05. Luvless - Algier Ego  -  (Diggin' Disco Deep)
06. Junktion - Hot + Bothered  -  (Razor N Tape Reserve)
06. Closed Paradise - You Got It Goin' On  -  (Long Weekend Records)
07. Four Walls & Funkyjaws - Bring Me To Space  -  (Shadeleaf Music)
08. Unknown - Eros 01x (Track 3)  -  (Eros)
09. Lyn Christopher - Take Me With You (Out Of The Basement Edit)  -  (To Rack & Ruin)
10. Tim Zawada - Do Me Like  -  (Tugboat Edits)
11. Deadly Sins - Shave A Pair  -  (KAT)
12. Selvy - Pięć Minut Łez  -  (The Very Polish Cut-outs)
13. Eddie C & Seahawks - Say Hello To My Love  -  (Red Motorbike)
14. Fouk - Ken Sent Me  -  (Heist)
15. Thatmanmonkz - Got 2 Get  -  (Shadeleaf Music)
16. Axel S - Riesenglied 95 (Fur Nano)  - (Box Aus Holz)
17. Saine - Daze  -  (Shadeleaf Music)

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