Summer Slowdown

21 September 2015

Update - I really tried to push the jump to Hearthis, and it should have happened because it remains a far better / more functional website than Soundcloud which despite having seriosly lost its way over recent years, still generates more traffic than it's competitors, or at least in my own experience.

With that in mind, my eggs are now reluctantly in the basket of Mixcloud.


I've been championing the cause of for a good while now. Mainly because I've been keeping a close eye on events surrounding Soundcloud and I felt that this clampdown on DJ mixes and Edits was coming. In all honesty, I'm surprised it's taken this long for the shit to really hit the fan. Until the most recent batch of Sony strikes and subsequent account deletions over on Soundcloud, it was pretty slow over on Hearthis. Things are really beginning to pick up now though, and in future I will be embedding the Hearthis player on the blog, rather than the Soundcloud player.

If I'm being totally honest, I do still prefer the Soundcloud interface, although I still wish we had 'Classic Soundcloud', and I will likely keep my feet in both camps (as well as Mixcloud) for as long as my Soundcloud account remains open. I'm sure like many others, it's a matter of time before I am forced to jump fully into the other hosting sites, and who knows how long those will last?

As a way of kick-starting the new focus on Hearthis, I put together a wee chillout mix at the weekend, and as is the way of things, it was unplanned and played live. Please support the artists by picking up any of the music you may enjoy from the mix.




01. Scrimshire ft Matthew Halsall - Saltwater  -  (Wah Wah 45's) <<< Free via Bandcamp>>>
02. Stateless - Bloodstream  -  (Studio !K7)
03. Fila Brazillia - In The Kingdom Of Sound  -  (Twentythree)
04. Nic2Birilli - Il Mio Brano 14
05. Handsome Boy Modelling School - Sunshine (Groove Armada Sunset Dub)  -  (Tommy Boy)
06. St Germain - Montego Bay Spleen  -  (Blue Note)
07. Tim 'Love' Lee - Everybody Loves The Jungle  -  (Tummy Touch)
08. Turquoise Summers - Cuando Tocamos  -  (Omega Supreme Records)
09. La Vogue - Eternal  -  (Shiny Disco Club)  <<<Free via Soundcloud>>>
10. Dust Brothers - Searchin'  -  (Mo Wax)
11. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Dadamn Traffic  -  (Combination Records)
12. Hexstatic - Telemetron  -  (Ninja Tune)

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