Mixamorphosis - Off The Cuff 3

5 August 2015

Taking a break from 'Different Strokes' posts today and re-posting a mix of my own (there will be a lot more reposts/tracklists to come), I'm posting up the 3rd mix from my own 'Off The Cuff' series. This series is pretty much what it says on the tin; an off the cuff mix, unplanned, usually with a few records I'd just picked up and was keen to play. The mixing isn't the best in parts, but the tunes are the important thing, and they all do it for me. Hopefully you'll approve of the selection too! If so, be sure to buy the music and support the artists!


01. Mannmademusic – If You Don’t Do It - (Shadeleaf Music)
02. Frank Booker – Skin (FB’s Godfather Edit) - (Razor n Tape)
03. Norma Jean Bell – I’m The Baddest Bitch - (F Comms)
04. Harvey Sutherland – Oscillate - (Voyage Recordings)
05. Jack J – Something On My Mind - (Mood Hut)
06. Session Victim – The Most Beautiful Divorce Ever - (Delusions Of Grandeur)
07. Breakfast Lunch And Dinner – Tonight - (Whiskey Disco)
08. Johnick vs First Choice – The Player (Remix) (Not On Label)
09. Pezzner – Mesh - (8Bit Records)
10. Kon – Runaway - (Soul Clap Records)
11. Art Of Tones – So Worried (Re-edit) - (Shadeleaf Music)
12. Space Ranger – Metropolis - (Unknown)
13. Mental – Unikaj Zdjęć - (The Very Polish Cutouts)
14. The Black Madonna – Stay 
- (The Nite Owl Diner)

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