Mixamorphosis - Down The Rabbit Hole (April '14)

24 August 2015

I'm hoping to have a few fresh mixes to share with those who are interested in the coming weeks, possibly one or two guest mixes in the pipeline too, but in the meantime, I'll keep moving older things on to the blog as and when I can.

Today I'm posting a mix which was originally intended for airing on Box Frequency back in April 2014, but due to a technical hitch, it never actually went out as intended. It's been on the rotation list for the Automatic DJ that runs the station when there aren't any live shows on, so you may have caught it there. If not, then it's a worthwhile post for me to be sharing. As a side note, this mix was cobbled together the day before I moved house. My CDJ's and mixer were the last things to be packed.... not something I'll do again in a hurry!

As always, I'd encourage you to buy the music legally should you enjoy any of the music featured and support the artists.


01. Forgotten Corner & Khidja - Tatooine Moons (Cassini Division Remix) - (Forgotten Corner Records)
02. Khidja - Mustafa - ( [Emotional] Especial )
03. Commodity Place - Multifrequency Behaviour Of High Energy Cosmic Sources (Electronique.it)
04. Eden Ahbez - Full Moon - (Del-Fi Records)
05. Negra Branca - Duro - (Ono Tesla)
06. Kauf - Relocate (Psychemagik Remix) - (Cutters)
07. Frederick - Episode Of Love - (Fifty Fathoms Deep)
08. Casino Royale - Vivi (Johnny Paguro Bootleg Mix) - (Not On Label)
09. Last Waltz - Tipping The Gulf (Jamie Blanco Remix) - (Tusk Wax)
10. Frederick - An Artists Struggle - (Fifty Fathoms Deep)
11. Wild Beasts - Wanderlust (The Field Remix) - (Domino)
12. Dr Beat From San Sebastian - Acid Water - (Jolly Jams)
13. Desert Dwellers - Union (Whitebears Groove Mix) - (Self Release)
14. Chimes & Bells - The Mole (Trentemøller Remix) - (In My Room)
15. London Grammar - Interlude - (Metal & Dust Recordings)
16. Darkside - A1 - (Clown & Sunset)
17. Almunia - Meaning Of Time (Coyote Sunset Mix) - (Is It Balearic? Recordings)
18. Amidis - Überflieger (Extended Remix) - (Self Released)
19. Maurice & Charles - I, Carpenter (Piers Harrison Remix) - ( [Emotional] Especial] )
20. Vermont - Cocos - (Kompakt)
21. Applescal & Ryan Davis - Creatures (Ambient Version) - (Atomnation)
22. Flying White Dots - There Is Hope - (Self Released)

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