Different Strokes - Show 6 - Ex Ex Ex & Mixamorphosis

3 August 2015

I'm going to start the process of moving things into this blog with a post that was originally made in January 2015. This post was for my Different Strokes Radio Show which was hosted on Box Frequency and this show was the first show of 2015 and the last show I posted to the station. It was also the first mix Nicole had put out for consumption for quite some time, so I was truly delighted to be able to put it out there.

I was really pleased to have been able to share the airwaves with the very talented Nicole J. Patten (aka Ex Ex Ex) for the final Different Strokes on Box Frequency. I've followed Nicole on Soundcloud and the usual Social Media spots for a few years now and had featured a few of her mixes on the first version of the Mixamorphosis blog. With Ex Ex Ex you are always guaranteed a good track selection with a great flow and the occasion classic track or unexpected curve ball thrown into the mix to keep you on your toes.

If you enjoy the Ex Ex Ex mix you can often find her playing alongside other great DJ's in and around New York City, having shared the stage with the likes of In Flagranti, Pixelife and Edit Murphy to name but a few. Although the Ex Ex Ex Soundcloud page hasn't been updated much of late, I'd still urge you to head over, give her a follow and check out the mixes on her page. If you like what you hear, perhaps you could Tweet to her and encourage her to give us some more mixes to enjoy, and hopefully I can share some more of her sounds on the blog too.

If you're familiar with the previous designs of my blog, you will know I like to link up the tracklist as best I can which will always be below the music player on each post. I'd urge you to buy any music you have enjoyed hearing via my blog and help support the artists!

Links for Ex Ex Ex -

Ex Ex Ex - Part 1 - Tracklist

Mixamorphosis - Part 2 - Tracklist

01. Tim Zawada - Can't Hide - (Tugboat Edits)
02. Disco Tech - Cover Me - (Discodat)
03. Discognosis - Step By Step (Belabouche Edit) - (AVI Records)
04. Backlash - Hang With The Gang (Gerd Edit) - (Strata Sphere Records)
05. Hot Toddy - Freekend - (Smoke 'n' Mirrors)
06. Janet - Come Lately (Bonar Bradberry Version) - (Free via Soundcloud)
07. Alkalino - Going On - (Audaz)
08. Petr Serkin - Dirty Hero - (Freedom Sessions Records)
09. Los Africanos - Do It (Mondo Disco Edit) - (Above Machine Edits)
10. The Black Madonna - Venus Requiem - (The Nite Owl Diner)
11. Frank Booker - Fall Out - (Sleazy Beats)
12. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Rollin' On - (Editorial)
13. Andy Hart - Epsilon Girls - (Heist)
14. The Emoticons - The Best Of My Love (V Loves To Do It Edit) - (Vehicle)
15. GQ - Make My Dreams A Reality (Cosmic Boogie Edit) - (Arista)
16. Kleeer - Tonights The Night (Joey Negro's Tonight It's Party Time Edit) - (Z Records)

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