If you've clicked on the 'About' page, you must be here to find out what this blog is about. Well, truth be told, I'm not 100% sure myself, so let's just say it's my own little evolving corner of the internet. 

Where should I start? Well, that's me on the left there.  My name is Mark Mcleod, I'm from Aberdeen in Scotland and I live in a small village in the countryside of Aberdeenshire but I would really love to have a space in warmer climes to escape to, especially during our cold, grey winter months.

Obviously, music is a big part of my life. I don't just listen to one genre, I like to listen to lots of styles and artists. The only things I don't really listen to is pop, metal, and harder dance music, although I became interested in electronic music initially through hardcore / rave music in very early 90's. I feel like I'm constantly learning and understanding more about each genre as time goes by. I certainly don't feel qualified to write about music, nor to be a "DJ". I have always just enjoyed the discovery of music that resonates with me, in one way or another, and from a young age, I enjoyed sharing that with friends / family.

The First Mixamorphosis Logo - 2009
I started this blog, in its original form, at the tail end of 2009. It originally started because I needed somewhere to post music other than Facebook because I think some of my Facebook friends were finding my constant music sharing a little bit tedious. It had never been in my thoughts to run a blog. I had no knowledge of how to go about this other than from being an avid reader of actual music blogs. It started with me sharing some mixes, which were originally hosted on a now defunct site called Postbocks. Although I've never really been bothered by play counts, page likes or worrying about popularity, I'd been getting a lot of plays on Postbocks so I started to think about developing the blog a little more. Then Postbocks closed and it was a case of starting over with Soundcloud........

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